Physiology Quiz 1

The atomic number represents the number of:

protons in an atom.

Determine the number of protons in an isotope of nitrogen with an atomic number of 7 and a mass number of 14.


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The formation of a cation and an anion is indicative of a(n):

ionic bond

Hydrogen bonds may occur between:

polar molecules

Enzymes bind with substrates at their active sites and are permanently altered by the binding process.


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Water is most likely to dissolve a solute that is:


On the pH scale, which number has the highest concentration of hydrogen ions?

pH 1

A long-lasting high fever is a concern for denaturation of:


Carbon dioxide is a small molecule that moves through the phospholipid bilayer with its concentration gradient by:

simple diffusion

During osmosis, water moves toward:

the highest solute concentration.

Which organelle modifies, sorts, and packages proteins and lipids for export from the cell?

Golgi apparatus

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