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Feeling Down? In Debt? Lost? Need Money?



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Right?  That is what you might be telling thinking to yourself right now – feeling very discouraged that you may not be able to pay your bills, may be in a bunch of debt, Maybe you just scrape by month to month and do not think you will ever have the chance to really have the life that you want to have and not have to worry about money.

Maybe you just want to be able to travel, maybe you want to buy that nice hot tub to enjoy in the evening after a long day of work, possibly you just would like to own a new car for the first time in your life?    So many possibilities but still, HOW DO I FIX MY PROBLEM?!

Although I cannot directly tell you how to fix your problem, there is many simple but though approaches you can take to becoming successful so you can do better than just live month to month hardly able to pay your bills…

Want this car below? Only in your dreams right? Stop worrying about trying to get this car NOW and do better for yourself NOW instead so then one day you can have the choice to buy something really nice. Piece Of Cake!


Why do the poor stay poor?

Because they usually accept having low income and just deal with it. Now some of you may say, hold on, are you crazy?!!!! I work my butt off working 2 jobs and I am still behind! How do you say I am just accepting having low income.

Not at all am I stating that you are not working hard enough, but you are working to “catch up” right? So therefore you are already behind, so for a second lets open up a new mind set….

What if I maybe fall just a little bit more behind just enough to where I can change my life, or maybe you make enough money and you just feel like you don’t because you are not spending your money correctly… One of my favorite sayings is “Don’t keep all of your eggs in one basket”   But also you must know which eggs are bad, if you are running a business and you see no clear path no matter how you work out the math, know that that one “egg” could be bad and its time to trash that egg and starting looking at the “fresh” eggs. So what if I do not have more than “one egg”?

take a peek at the image below… this is what we are going to use for our illustration… You want to keep a decent amount of “opportunities” in the basket (your life) and make sure when its time you throw the bad eggs out that are causing your to (fall behind, lose, come short of what you need)




For example you have two eggs (two businesses, or maybe a paying job and a small computer business)  Lets say you are making $600.00 dollars a month and your job is making you $1,250 a month. Most would say that is a no brainer, keep working the job because it makes the most each month right?  Lets look closer at what the facts could actually be….

You are only spending 22 hours a month with the computer business and you are busy constantly and actually losing a decent amount of business because you spend 40 hours per WEEK at your normal job…… So your making a little over $300.00 a week from your normal job using 40 hours a week for that job where with your small computer business your making about $150.00 per week but only spending a little over 5 hours a week with the computer business…. so now lets do some simple math even you can figure out…. If you worked your computer business the same amount of time you did with your “normal job” you could make a little over 4k a month with your computer business and quit your day time hourly job…. but this is something you should do after you could provide yourself some kind of saftey net to fall back on to allow you to live for a couple of months incase your computer business does not make enough to pay your bills… also think this situation could be COMPLETELY flipped the other way around to where if you put in maybe 10 more hours per week at your job and stopped running your small business or only do it in the extra spare time, you may end up making more if your computer business or other business is not making enough and you are just losing money and time for nothing….. I know that is alot to wrap your head around but it is something to seriously think about…. it all comes down to HOW YOU USE YOUR TIME…… now… lets get back to the basket of eggs, now we have decided to throw out the normal job and go full time with our small computer business lets say and we make about 3k in per month instead of about 1,800 a month when we was doing the normal job and small business….  our bills are 1,600 a month so before we were barely making it and now we have near double what we need to make it each month…..


So lets use about 1,000 dollars extra a month that we have and put it to use instead of just letting it sit around doing nothing but making your bank money for loaning it out to other people….. Now making money, investing, making cash online and many other ways you can find here on my website www.noxad.org or you can do a google search…. but you want to spend minimal time but make as much as you can from that small amount of time…. So lets say you can operate or hire someone to operate a few other businesses, websites, or anything and you can pay them for doing so, but make sure that your profit is going to be higher than your total cost, soon you will be building up your “eggs” in your basket so that if one thing fails, its okay, because you have 4 other things that are making your great money so you do not need to worry so much about the one you lost, but just take that extra time to find something else that could make you even MORE money that the one you just lost did… think about it… you could go from barely making it by month to month like we started here to making thousands upon thousands a month, but that part is solely on you and how you spend to use your time and your money, you must think outside of the box… but as long as your sitting inside the box seeing what the rest of the world is doing, the longer your in the box the more time you have wasted, time to hop outside of the box and do something different! Lets say you just are not making enough period, well below I have made an example of all the money Billy Bob is spending each month compared to what he is bringing in…


So…. Now it is your turn to see what is wrong, and many people do the same thing as above but claim that they these are all NEEDS… Think again…..

The first thing I would do is stop going to the movie theater which would save Billy Bob about $50.00 dollars per month!  And he owes $200.00 left on his credit card but is paying $50 a month and the interest is eating up hi 50 dollar payment…. If he stopped going to the movies for about 4 months, he could use that extra money and knock out the credit card payment, therefor saving Billy Bob a total of $100.00 dollars a month now because he no longer goes to the movies he just watches free movies on TV and he no longer has a credit card payment because he paid off his credit card…. So now he is bringing in $1,000 a month and total he is spending is $900.00 a month so he is left over with 100 dollars… most would just spend the money, but Billy Bob is now going to be smart…. He no longer needs to take the gamble to win a bit of extra money on scratch lottery tickets because he now has 100 dollars extra a month, so now if he stops buying the lottery tickets he now has $150 leftover each month!   Spring comes around and Billy is spending most of his time now going for a walk and spending his time with friends and family outside, he no longer needs the big $50.00 dollar TV package and can downgrade to the $25 dollar a month plan….  Now Billy has $175 a month more to spare!   I know I am making this sound so easy but its the mindset you need to be in, you need to get rid the extras that are taking most of your money first, and then work your way down the list to the rest that is not costing as much….

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Now your money coming in is now larger than your money going out…. Now you are doing better find ways you can use the money you have to make more money in the future with – only what you can afford though because you want a safety net incase something happens to the income you are relying on right now… you can search here on my website or contact me via my facebook page “noxad.org” and I can tell you many ways you can spend some money to make more money online, maybe you want to invest in something,  hire someone and have them make your money with stocks, maybe open another small business that can earn your more income… use your time and money that you do have extra to turn it into more money… Remember you only live once, so go and live!

Stop being so stressed with bills adding up and start taking action because you are the only one that can make a change, no one else can do it for you….


As I close this I will share one of my favorite images below and It is what I think about everyday and I am making sure I earn as much money as I can daily for myself, not someone else…Pyramid-Schemeee

Once last thing…. Remember “the good Lord gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers”……  He woke you up this morning because your story is not over… DO NOT GIVE UP, KEEP GOING AND ALWAYS GIVE YOUR BEST! YOU CAN DO IT!



Okay.. So your SELF EMPLOYED what deductions can you use?

Okay.. So your SELF EMPLOYED what deductions can you use to make the amount you owe in taxes lower…. Well to start it depends on if you have an office in your home, or if you have a building you operate out of.. So both of those can change a few things.. For example if your house in 1,000 square foot and your office is 200 square foot which is 20% of your house.  Lets say your electric bills for the year cost your 2,000 dollars… 20% of 2,000 dollars is $400 dollars – that right there is a large deduction for your taxes.


There are to many things to list that you can take off of your self employed taxes so far as deductions go… Remember I am not a pro on taxes and this is not legal advice, just some tips from someone that wanted to save money on my taxes myself and found as many of the deductions possible that help cut down what you owe on taxes because of your expenses.

Dues and Fees:

  • Dues to a professional organization for people in your profession
  • Union dues, initiation fees, and assessments for benefit payments to unemployed union members.
  • Regulatory fees for your profession
  • Dues to chambers of commerce and similar organizations if the membership helps you carry out your job duties (see exceptions).
  • Licenses paid to state or local governments


Maybe you own a computer business like I do currently, If i bought a new computer and use it for business I can take that as an expense as have it as a deduction on my taxes. download

Books and Publications

  • Books, trade journals, newspapers and publications for your trade or profession


  • Education and Research
    • Educational expenses related to your present work that maintains or improves your skills.
    • Research expenses


  • Equipment and Supplies
    • Business use of computer.  Employees:  Must be for the convenience of your employer and required as a condition of your employment.
    • Supplies and tools you use in your work



This could be a big one that could save you alot – ask your tax professional
Self-Employed (Schedule C):
You are allowed to deduct most business expenses in full.  Meals are deducted at 50%.


Below information from jamesdance.com


Many clients ask me what they can deduct, so I am providing the following lists of possible deductions.  The lists are only meant to give you ideas, or steer you in the right direction.  They are not all-inclusive and not all items are deductible all the time.  Many are subject to limitations, may only apply in certain situations or are governed by other rules.  Please keep careful records and save your receipts for 3 years in case of audit.

Schedule A Expenses

Taxes You Paid

  • State and local income taxes or general sales tax
  • Foreign income tax
  • Estimated tax payments
  • Prior year’s state and local income tax you paid during the tax year (do not include penalties).
  • Disability insurance tax (some states)
  • Occupational taxes
  • Real estate tax (state, local or foreign). 
  • Portion of condo and coop maintenance that includes real estate tax.
  • Personal property taxes based on value.  This includes auto registration or licensing fees, but only the portion based on value, and only if charged on a yearly basis.  Varies by state.

Interest You Paid

  • Mortgage interest
  • Late payment charge on mortgage payment
  • Mortgage prepayment penalties
  • Points on principal residence financing
  • Mortgage insurance premiums


Gifts to Charity

  • Charitable contributions (cash and non-cash) made to qualified U.S. charities and certain charities in Mexico, Canada and Israel.
  • Mileage to donate goods to charity or to perform charitable services.


Other Expenses

  • Casualty and theft Losses
  • Investment expenses:
    Fees for tax return preparation
    Investment counsel and advisory fees
    Certain legal fees
    Safe deposit box rental
    Interest on margin accounts



Maybe you run two small businesses… but did not really make money from the new one since you spent the year building it – you can take those as losses for the year and it will count as an expense and save your money on your current self employed taxes…



good luck and happy money saving!




Above information is for the U.S.A.


MAKE MONEY ONLINE with Triple Threat!


right now tier 1 ad pack shares are paying out in only THREE DAYS!!!


I put in 40 dollars to start and now about 20 hours later my balance shows almost 15 dollars back WOW!

this website moves fast… it is an awesome rev share website and is pretty easy to use over all and like I said… it is FAST!

here is a nice little chart that will come in handy for each tier or “level” of ad pack shares that you buy.



you can see ONE three dollar tier one ad pack pays .05 cents PER HOUR! you will make 3.60 back in just 3 days!!! now do the math…. you can also compound so before that full $3.60 is back you can use it when it hits 3 dollars to buy another pack! Now… just think when you get to like 100 ad packs… that is 60 dollars PROFIT in only THREE DAYS! for doing NOTHING AT ALL…..

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in this website step one once you get signed up and logged in is to go ahead and do your subscription… which is only 10 dollars per month… BUT for each referral under you, you will get 5 dollars.. so if you get 2 people to sign up under you…. you will not longer have to pay that 10 dollars a month that makes it free for you… then the next step is to go in and start off by buying as many tier one ad packs as you can and you are ready to rock and roll!!

small payment proof! IT WORKS!!!


each hour from then on your will see your balance go up… each time you balance hits 3 or more dollars.. the closer to 3 dollars the better… you want to COMPOUND and hurry and get ANOTHER ad pack share… and keep doing that over an over and grow your account as big as you want and move up to the next tiers which pay out more over longer time and you are on your way to making a TON of money…




HQ Rev Share Withdraw Calculator


HQ REV SHARE BECAME A SCAM TODAY – 12/16/15 so no need for this calculator anymore!



I took a little bit of my free time and with the help of my friend with some of the math I came up with and made this simple, fun, little lightweight calculator application for HQ Rev Share that will tell you ABOUT how much money you can withdraw each day with X amount of ad packs… This calculator cannot give you exact amounts so when we did the math we made it to where when you cash out what this calculator says you can cash out you will still have money left over to reinvest into more ad packs and keep your account growing while knowing how much money you can withdraw daily to put into your pocket!

Sorry – But this app is for ANDROID devices ONLY! 





screenshots below….

2015-10-29 04.48.50 2015-10-29 04.48.55 2015-10-29 04.49.02 2015-10-29 04.49.19 2015-10-29 04.49.26

traffic monsoon TON OF CASH screenshot

Account Progress – TRAFFIC MONSOON – TM

Here i am going to show you the progress over time with screenshots of how and when my account is growing and how much it is worth!


– DAY 1 –


Below is a screenshot on day 1. My account was about 23 hours old when this screenshot was taken. My balance would be higher normally but i started with 2 ad packs, and just 30 minutes ago bought 2 more. As soon as my balance hits 50 dollars in ABOUT 12 days I will then buy another add pack and will have 5 total, then i will post another screen shot on that day!
day 1


– DAY #2 (VIDEO) – 

– DAY #3 –

as of now at day 3. I decided to buy another ad pack sooner than most people do normally. I use some of the money from my balance a few dollars and paid the rest from my paypal.
now my account is starting to grow faster!

day 3


– DAY #4 –

I loved the idea of this so much – i bought more shares out of pocket so now i have 10 shares which brings my account 10 dollars a day plus 10 more cents per day from the free ads i can click. In about 4 more days ill be able to buy another ad pack and have 11!

day 4


– DAY #6 –

I was just able to use about 17 dollars out of pocket and the rest from my account balance and went on up to ad pack number 11! Now i have 11 active ad packs! Woot Woot! 11 dollars a day now!



– DAY #7 –

Today’s date (10//7/15) This is the last screenshot i am going to take for a while as I am now 1 week into traffic monsoon and you can see how fast I have already came on this journey and I must say I LOVE IT SO MUCH – it is for sure a life changer! From now on I will try to start posting screenshots of my account once a week or so instead of everyday. As you can see I still have 11 ad packs on day #7 but in about 3 days from now I will have made enough to get yet another ad pack and then I will have 12 ad packs. I will take a screenshot on the day I get ad pack #12



– DAY #9 – 

now on 12 ad packs on day 9 and total earned is getting near 90 dollars and will pass 90 by later today




 – DAY #13 –



– DAY #15 –

Today is day 15 everyone and I now have 14 shares! That is giving me 14 dollars PER day! This is starting to grow fast… the way to speed things up is for example once you have made back like 35 or 40 dollars don’t wait an extra day or two to hit 50 dollars for an ad pack, use that 35 or 40 from your balance and pay like 10 dollars from your pocket to go ahead and advance to the next ad pack!



– DAY #17 –



– DAY #19 –

todays date 10/19/2015

– DAY #22 –  (Oct-22-2015)



– DAY #23 – 




– DAY #27 – (10/27/2015)

– DAY #30 – (10/30/2015) 



– DAY #37 – (11-6-15)

I just hit the big 25 ad packs!! now exactly every 2 days i will be able to buy another ad pack!!!! heck yes!! here we go!!!


– DAY #44 –

I am still going strong and my account is starting to grow faster and faster each day!  A little under every 2 days I am able to buy a new ad pack share…  I cannot wait until I hit the big 50, that gives me a new ad pack everyday!!



As of now I am about 2.5 months into Traffic monsoon….. Still only have 1 referral.. but I am moving along just great!!
The date today is 12/26/15    Almost to hit 50 ad packs! The beast is GROWING!



Swagbucks – Prizes and $$$$ – Tips & Tricks

you can use your computer, smart phone or tablet for this one, use their website on your computer or you can download the swagbucks app on your smart phone or tablet.


Swagbucks is the best one if you get bored really easily, they have many easy and fun ways to get points “swagbucks” and you can then get gift cards, money, or prizes by spending your swagbucks, its pretty simple. You can use their search engine, fill out surveys, and even play games against other people to win swagbucks, with swagbucks you will not make all that much money fast, but it is super easy and only requires a few minutes to day and then your done.


First off 1,000 swagbucks is equal to about 10 dollars. This site will by no means make you rich, and sometimes it takes a while to get alot of swagbucks worth you time, but once you are to the amount you need for the prize you want, it is awesome, get paid with paypal, amazon gift card, get free electronics and much more!

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the main way to earn swagbucks is by using their search, make their search engine your default search engine on your computer. The more you search the more chances you have of winning, you will randomly win random amounts of swagbucks just by your average search.

You can also fill out surverys, play games, and watch Swagbucks TV! You can watch fun videos and make up to 30 swagbucks per day just by watching videos that are actually entertaining! Every 10 videos you watch you will get a few swagbucks. If you have a smart phone you can download the swagbucks application as well as the app called SBTV “swagbucks tv” and the videos will play on their own and you can rack up points fast this way!

2 things you want to make sure to do everyday on swagbucks is the NOSO “no obligation special offers” you will get 3 swagbucks just for looking at a bunch of ads, just click next multiple times and you will be awarded swagbucks. Also the MOST EASY THING you can do on the website, and you can do ONE each day is the DAILY POLL! There is a new question each day and you can choose your own answer, and no answer is wrong, no matter what you pick you will get 1 swagbuck! So search, play games, watch videos, do the NOSO and do the daily poll and you will be cashing out on cool prizes before you know it!



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