10 Scariest Places On Earth

Have you ever wondered what some of the most scary, creepy, terrifying places are on planet earth? Well here is our list…. We all see the most rich places, nicest places, beautiful places on earth from the beautiful rain forests, to New York City towers, to the big blue oceans, and to the big, mind chilling mountains…. But now it is time to change it up and show you the top 10 scariest places on earth… We prepared to get some chills…


Lets kick it off with #1

Riddle House


The Riddle House in Palm Beach County, Florida, was originally a funeral parlor. The Victorian house was dismantled and rebuilt in Yesteryear Village at the South Florida fair grounds. In the 1920’s the house became privately owned by Karl Riddle.

The Terror

Joseph, one of Riddle’s former employees, committed suicide by hanging himself in the attic of the house. Joseph, for whatever reason, hated men, and displays this hatred by attacking men who enter the attic. One man had a lid flung at his head, and men are now no longer allowed in the attic. Other places in the house are haunted as well, with furniture being frequently moved…..


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