4 Types Of Earphones

If you are looking, did you know that there are Very many types of headphones in the market you could buy? The most common types are:

4 Types Of Earphones


These Are huge circles which press against your ear. When you wear them, they rest on the outer. This feature allows them to flow sound from the outside environment to get into the ear.

Many people love the earphones as they are Compact and easy to carry around. While they’re great, their main flaw is that they allow noise to put in your ear thus you do not get decent quality music that you deserve. They also tend to damage the ear when you wear them for quite a long time.


In-ear earphones

Some This isn’t true, although folks argue that these units are just like the earbuds. These pieces get inside your ear canal blocking noises from the outside. Along with this, they are comfortable as they are often made from materials. The bits are light thus it is easy to travel with them.

Just like any other bits Come with their drawbacks. Their flaw is that they are delicate they easily get damaged. This requires you to be cautious when handling them.


On-ear Headphones sit right on your outer ear. They cover your earbuds as opposed to the whole ear when you wear them. Their most identifying feature is a closed back thus. The components are lightweight you can easily travel with them. In actuality, they are packed by some of the manufacturers with packing bags making it even easier to go with them.

While they are great units to have, They often feature a foam padding on the ear-cups that tends to get moist when your ears sweat. They supply poor sound isolation when you use them outdoors while you may use them both indoors and outside. Should you use them, ear irritation is caused by them.



From Their name, these components cover the entire ear. Due to this, they reduce noise pollution. They keep the sound you are listening to in. Thus you’re able to get maximum results. In addition to maintaining the music in the ear, they are very comfortable. In fact, some versions feature cups made of velvet that doesn’t crunch against your ears.

The principal flaw is that they’re usually heavier than most of the versions on the marketplace. When you wear them for extended periods, they cause fatigue.

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