Very Cool Mind Blowing Pictures That Will Make You Question Your Own Life!

Check out these things that will blow your mind!!!

Very Cool Pictures! Must See!

First thing is first…. I personally did not know this! Fire will not give off a shadow!





Take out boxes can easily be turned into a on the go plate! How cool!




My whole life is a lie!!!  🙁   LOL




The icon for the click app on IOS  (iphones & Ipads)  actually moves!!




You like chips and dip?  Of course, we all do!! Look closely at the two T’s in the logo…
you will notice the two T’s are two people dipping a chip in salsa as well!




Oh…. Interesting…



hmmm…. so that is why they are so darn cheap!



This is a good idea – otherwise I have to use 20 of these little cups just to get enough ketchup for one french fry! HAHA!  This is a good idea to unfold these cups the idea I use is take a lid for a cup and then fill it with ketchup.. that works too!


Oh.. I get it now……. SWEET!


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