Computer System is not Turning ON while Pressing the Power Button

Computer System is not Turning ON while Pressing the Power Button….

Nowadays, the computers have become
an essential part of everyday life.
But this electronic gadget also starts giving some trouble after some time. Most
of the time its software related problem
or sometimes it may be hardware related. Let’s
talk about a computer Related problem
and How to Fix It. Do you know, some of the problems need professional help
and others can be easily resolved by the users?


The very first thing that one should have to do before
solving any problem is to restart the system. Actually, rebooting a system can
solve a lot of problems. Another thing to
make sure is that the computer must be up to date. This is because the old
version of some files can also be liable for a few issues. Hence, the windows
update feature must be active as it aid in improving individuals computer
problem. In this article, individuals can find some reasons why the system does
not turn ON while pressing the power button and how to fix it.

Reason Why the System 
Does Not Turn On

It’s really disturbing if your press the power button and your
computer do not respond. In case you are facing turn ON issue and want to talk about a computer related problem and
how to Fix It, then here is the solution. One of the common reasons is hardware causing
some problems. Actually, when you turn ON your computer, then it runs
the Power on Self Test. If any hardware component fails
in this test, then the system does not turn ON. Additionally, the problem can
also be with the power system. In fact, the battery that the portable computer
or laptop uses for the mobility may be the reason behind the system is not turning ON. These problems are
not big issues; one should try to fix these problems themselves.


Computer System is not Turning ON while Pressing the Power Button

Methods to fix the 
problem in Desktop System:

1. The first step while troubleshooting
the problem yourself is to check all the power cord to make sure that it is
plugged properly into the computer and
the power outlet too. You should also try the different power cord.

2. You can also talk about a computer Related problem and How to Fix with the technicians for
any kind of assistance. Or individuals can also replace the cabinet of the system
for locating the power supply with the help of computer manual. If the computer
is not Turn On then plug one by one each component into the power supply
in order to check which hardware device is creating a problem.

Methods to fix problems 
in Laptop: 

1. If an individual
is using the laptop, then the problem can be with the battery. There may be a chance that battery is not charged. Hence, it is
advisable to connect the laptop to the AC adapter and try to Turn ON the system
after few minutes.

2. Actually, if the laptop still does not
start after charging then remove the battery. After this, connect the power cable
and press the power button. If your system turns ON without the battery,
then there is a need to buy a new one.

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