How To Dock Puppy Tails & Dew Claws

How To Dock Puppy Tails & Dew Claws.

In this video Shayla & I, show you how to properly dock puppies dew claws and puppy tails, depending on the breed, in this example, we raise poodles on a very small scale and you want to cut just a little bit more than half of the tail off of them. I am very much against animal cruelty, and this has to be done, so please do not waste your time posting stupid comments, if you want to ask questions you are more than welcome to and I will try my best to answer your question. If you do not understand what to use or how to do it after watching this video, PLEASE seek professionals help like your local vet to make sure you do this the proper way!


Also, PLEASE do this within 3 days of your puppies being born as long as they are all doing good and healthy! Puppies/Dog health is always #1 for me!


Thanks for watching, hopefully, this helped you out a little bit, please like, share, subscribe and comment on youtube if you have questions.

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