Easter & Jesus? Why Do Many Christians Celebrate The Resurrection Of Jesus On Easter?

Easter & Jesus? Why Do Many Christians Celebrate The Resurrection Of Jesus On Easter? As I woke up this morning (Easter Morning) I hopped on Facebook, just to see hundreds, and hundreds of posts of people saying things like “Happy Easter, He Has Risen!”  and “It’s Not About The Bunny, It’s About The Lamb” and things like “Happy Resurrection Day”   I immediately get very confused, not because I don’t know what is right, or what is wrong, because I do not see why there are so many people who are blind or just do not care to know the truth.
[AdsenseImage] Do I celebrate Easter?  Yes… and No….  What do I celebrate Easter?  I do not specifically celebrate anything on easter, except for it is time with family to eat a good, home cooked meal, and see the happiness in kids who are hunting for easter eggs full of candy, as I did when I was little. Do I celebrate Jesus being Resurrected on Easter? NOPE!  Am I a Christian?  YUP!

So what do I know, that you do not know? I only choose to know the truth because I do not just go with the flow, just because everyone else does something, does not mean I think the same way or believe something just because they do. First of all, if you do simple research on the holiday of Easter, It is actually a pagan holiday. If Jesus were alive today, would he celebrate Easter? No, he would not, but how do I know this? Hebrews 13:8 tells us “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” If he did not celebrate or tell us to celebrate Easter, why would he do it now, or why should we? So, today, as any other Sunday, we are to observe his death, as he DID command us to do every Sunday with the Lord’s Supper.


It is not acceptable to God to just assume things, such as people assume Jesus was resurrected on Easter and the same thing as Christmas – Christmas is also a pagan holiday, and he did not tell us to celebrate his birthday anyway, nor his resurrection, but to remember his death! Enough of my thoughts, let’s get the thoughts of some other people around the world and what they have to say on this subject.

An office manager from Australia wrote:

“I don’t observe Easter because it has nothing to do with Christ, His sacrifice or the Bible. It derives its origins from pagan celebrations and rituals God tells us not to learn: ‘Learn not the way of the heathen’ (Jeremiah 10:2, KJV).

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“God does not want us to learn the way of the heathen lest we start to do as the heathen do. What do the Easter bunny and colored eggs have to do with Christ and His dying for the sins of the world and being resurrected on the third day? They don’t have anything to do with it at all. Christianity has adopted pagan festivals and called them Christian and, in doing so, has disobeyed God.”

—A.H., Australia

A California high school principal shared the reasons he doesn’t celebrate Easter:

“My wife and I, many years ago, discovered that Easter is a pagan custom and has nothing to do with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter was never observed by the early New Testament Church. Once we found out about its pagan origin, we stopped observing it.

“The Easter bunny, Easter eggs, Easter parade and all the customs of this holiday are not in the Bible and should not be observed. We do believe, however, in the New Testament Passover, as observed by the New Testament Church, and directed by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 11, and we also believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

—D.S., California

An editor gave her feelings about Easter:

“As a wife and mother, I don’t observe Easter because I realize that dressing up for Easter Sunday service in the latest fashion, sometimes including a hat, for myself and children has absolutely nothing to do with the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In fact, it appears to make a mockery of it.

“And to allow and teach youngsters to hide and hunt colored eggs and have stuffed rabbits or bunnies is not instructing them in the right principles God expects them to live by. There are so many marvelous godly principles that do that. I do not desire to mislead or deceive them.”

—M.A., Texas

A university professor from Georgia gave several reasons that Easter shouldn’t be celebrated:

“The only time the term Easter is mentioned in the Bible, it is a mistranslation of the godly ordained Passover (Acts 12:4). The term Easter is not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible. Its observance is not commanded elsewhere in the Bible and yet many other days are commanded and described as being kept.

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“The events surrounding Christ’s resurrection do not indicate that Christ rose at sunrise or even close to it. For example, John indicates that by the time Mary Magdalene arrived at the tomb it was still dark—Christ had already risen. The etymology of the term Easter is traceable back to a false god of fertility and not the Bible.”

P.A., Georgia


A North Carolina businessman offered his reasons as to why he doesn’t participate in the Easter celebration:

“First of all, the holiday or celebration of Easter by the world’s Christian community, is not an event, a celebration, or a worship service that can be found anywhere in the Bible. In fact, the name Easter is really the name of an ancient pagan goddess that has roots from ancient Babylonian times dating before the birth of Christ.

“Secondly, there is no teaching in the New Testament by either Christ or His apostles about Easter or any related specifics. The practice and observance of Easter came into the Church of Rome well after all the apostles were dead and the church that Christ established had been scattered.

“Thirdly, if Christ wanted us to observe and honor His resurrection through Easter, why didn’t He give specific instructions to His disciples and Church leaders? You can’t find any teaching anywhere in the New Testament to observe or honor His resurrection. There’s no festival or ceremonies given or outlined.

“However, there are plenty of instructions and examples of Christ teaching us to honor, remember and observe His death by what we call the Passover. The Bible clearly gives such evidence of Christ being the Passover and the symbolism of this event. Then, following His death, the New Testament apostles and Church continued with the observance of the Passover, not Easter.”

—J.B., North Carolina

A Texas businessman, and farmer shared his view:

“There is no biblical command to observe Easter. Conversely, there is a command to memorialize Christ’s death and sacrifice for all of mankind. The biblical command to keep the symbols of His sacrifice was given by Jesus himself and reiterated by the apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 11.

“To get wrapped up in the symbols of Easter—bunnies, eggs, etc.—is a throwback to ancient pagan gods of fertility, as any good encyclopedia will clearly show. In several places, the Scriptures teach us to not learn the way of the heathen or to partake in the rudiments of this world.”

—D.B., Texas