Ebay – RiP OFF

Take one dodgy buyer and a honest seller… Dodgy buyer damages item on receipt…wants full refund…Honest seller contest dispute with EBay…Ebay ignores any explanation from honest seller and awards full refund including postage to dodgy buyer….EBay takes money out of honest sellers paypal acount without any notification and gives it to dodgy buyer. Then EBay in there great wisdom invoices honest seller, seller fees and value fee for postage claimimg seller had sold the item..!!!!! Honest seller receives damaged item back from dodgy buyer..SO…summing up….Dodgy buyer gets all his money back…Honest seller, now has damaged item and is also charged seller fees and postage rip off fees…for something that was NOT sold….Fraud and illegal usage of accounts springs to mind…an absolute disgrace…and RIP OFF…!!!!!!!

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