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South on Interstate 95 Exit 38 to Merritt Parkway. From Interstate 55 (St. Louis & Missouri): Take I-55 S toward Memphis. Interstate 49 through Lafayette received initial approval on January 8, 2003 by the Federal Highway Administration. Hopefully, he’s grown out of it. See * below. Here are a few items that I highly recommend keeping in your car for emergencies or small inconveniences. 3. Take I-55/I-69 South toward Jackson, MS. Take exit #238 to merge onto to I-69 South toward Tunica. US-71 S to Interstate 49/US 71 S. 2. Keeping Kids Entertained and Adults Deafened. or AAA for roadside assistance, they will ask you where you are. Download Foursquare for your smart phone and start exploring the world around you! For example, I-410 is a loop around San Antonio and intersects with both I-35 and I-10. If you're traveling by car, Walt Disney World Resort is easy to find. If it starts increasing, you are heading east. The sound of a burbling stream, the view of wildlife playing in the distance, and the power of a roaring waterfall. It heads east for a time. Directions from the Hotel Staff. Approximately 4-5 miles you will come to Hwy. At exit 19 (Hayti), take US 412 West to Kennett. Look at the sky. You can exit Belt Line Road on I-75 and be in downtown Richardson. I know people who’ve stuck that sticky note to their car dashboard, to a paper map, or even to the interior windshield (be careful with that one) just so that they remember the basics. Merge onto Columbia Road heading south. Plus use our free tools to find new customers. From the west — Take Interstate 20 east to Vicksburg, Mississippi. It’s just a good idea to keep one with you in case your phone or GPS battery dies, loses its signal, or takes you to a closed-off road (hello, Niagara Falls). Turn left onto MO 7 S/E275 Street. Griffin Hall. If you are leaving Dallas towards Oklahoma City and you see mile marker 115 on I-35, you’re really, really lost. Turn left onto Interstate 49 South Service Rd; Our dealership will be on your left. The Fencorp building is on the right, about a half mile west of the intersection on Detroit Road. FROM CHARLOTTE, NC: Take I-77 South to Rock Hill You will be taking Exit 82-C to York. Going from San Antonio to New Orleans this summer? Let’s look at what Google Maps gives you. Take Interstate 20 west to Vicksburg, Mississippi, (approximately 40 miles). As always, I highly recommend buying a paper atlas and keeping it with you as a backup to your smartphone or GPS device. If you see a big sign up ahead that says Gas, take exit 217, and you see that you are heading West on I-64 at Mile 219, your exit is about two miles ahead. Not sure? See * below. Interstate 49 connects with I-20 to the north in Shreveport and I-10 in Lafayette. Travel Artsy is a travel and nature blog dedicated to finding such inspiration by exploring North America’s national and state park (or historical site) at a time. If you know what direction you are facing, it’s a good trick for remembering how to find the other directions. Exit 1, 77 North. It’s also important to know what mile marker (or exit) you are near in case of a roadside emergency. Get on US-90 W/Hwy 90 E in Broussard from LA-182 N. Follow US-90 W/Hwy 90 E and I-49 N to Harry Guilbeau Rd in Opelousas. When driving, you may zone out and your GPS may lose its signal. Your GPS may work fine, but it’s usually best with roadside assistance to just state that you are near mile marker 500 on I-35 in Texas. 76. Once on Interstate-26 (I-26), take exit 49-B toward Hendersonville. How is this relevant you ask? If the mile marker starts decreasing on an east-west route, you are heading West. FROM KANSAS CITY: (APPROX. It’s 504 miles from the Texas/Oklahoma border to the Texas/Mexico border near Laredo where I-35 ends. So, if it is early or later in the day, you can look for the sun to orientate yourself. From Interstate I-49: Take Exit 85 Rogers/Bentonville. 1, just south of Natchitoches. In Stockton you will take Highway 4 east for about 55 miles until you come to Highway 49 just north of Angels Camp. It starts back over and will continue all the way to the Oklahoma/Kansas line. Directions from Downtown Cleveland (aprox.15 minutes) Take Interstate 90 west to the Columbia Road Exit. Let’s take that exit, turn around, and get back on I-35 heading North into Oklahoma. 6 exit 138, 5 miles to Natchitoches. Travel south ¾ mile to the park entrance. I have taken the liberty of writing in the directions, just to give an idea of what you are looking at. interstate 49 shreveport • interstate 49 shreveport photos • interstate 49 shreveport location • interstate 49 shreveport address • interstate 49 shreveport • i-49 north shreveport • i49 north shreveport • i49 s shreveport • interstate 49 shreveport • interstate 49 caddo heights-south highlands shreveport When I was little, my father taught me the old mnemonic device for remembering the four directions. As of 2010, Porter County had 164,348 people, mainly along a strip from Chesterton down to Valparaiso and from Chesterton westward along Interstate 94/U.S. Just get your bearings and don’t panic. Follow Interstate 95 North to Hwy. Perspective from U.S. 9; U.S. 9 separates into the West and East Service Roads to connect with the respective directions of Interstate 87. A. Walt Disney World Resort is located southwest of Orlando, off Interstate 4, west of the Florida Turnpike. Turn left onto Parrotts Ferry Road. Chicago is north of Dallas (northeast, technically). North of their concurrence, I-29 is west of I-35, but south of Kansas City Interstate 35 and Interstate 45 are to the west of the proposed route, and Interstate 55 is to the east. You will see an Outback Steakhouse to your left and a Starbucks in front of the exit. North of Route 15 (Merritt Parkway) Exit 49N. Start paying attention to mile markers and exit signs (they match). Even numbers (such as I-10) are east-west routes. You are heading North, but you are at the southern part of the state. Find nearby businesses, restaurants and hotels. I’m not suggesting that you memorize every street or country road on your map. The mile marker will restart and start counting again at the border. In this example, you want to take a road trip from Dallas to Chicago. Exit #72 to HWY 412. Or, at least only does it internally like I do. The Rand McNally Road Atlas is one of the best on the market, but others are available. 6. Indiana 49 is the primary north-south highway within Porter County, the fastest growing county in Northwest Indiana with a growing suburban population based out of Chicago. Continue straight ahead to Council of Churches building. It sounds confusing at first, but you will get the hang of it if you start paying attention to those mile markers and to the road. This was long before cars came equipped with movies and wi-fi. In general, mile markers increase moving West to East and South to North. From Alexandria and points North. Your smartphone or car probably comes with one built in. In general, most interstates that start with a 4XX are loops. Turn right off the exit. Get your meal started with delicious margaritas. Drive under the Interstate 10 (I-10) overpass. Route shields framed in blue indicate Exit List continuations (click on the shield to continue). One with an even starting digit (I-410) means that the auxiliary road meets an interstate at both ends, or as a loop. Interstate 75 is the main freeway that goes through town. It’s a similar mind game with learning your highways of where you are going. From Sacramento, go south on Highway 99 to Stockton. For example, this sign says that you are heading West on I-64 and are at Mile Marker 219 in Virginia. Interstate 10 (I-10) is another West to East that takes you across the southern part of the state from Lake Charles over to New Orleans. The lowest numbered freeways are on the west coast and in the south and the highest numbered ones are on the east coast and the north. Sometimes the main trick is just figuring out what direction you are facing. Mapping out your route is one of the most important steps, especially for those who seem to have no internal compass whatsoever. See attached map. Claim your business. Interstate 49 connects with I-20 to the north in Shreveport and I-10 in Lafayette. Mexican cuisine is a must-order one at this restaurant.

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