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EUR 56.14. Ravage soon attacked again, Scorponok this time grabbing him, and throwing him hard at the opposite wall. or Best Offer. Ginrai (who was on the planet at the time to be appointed Supreme Commander of the Autobots) was able to win the battle by defeating Scramble 7, but after the fight, BlackZarak made his first appearance before the Autobots, carrying Hydra, Buster and the Decepticon Headmasters, who announced that they were returning to Earth. ... Transformers G1 Headmaster Scorponok Fasttrack With Arms ; Out of Stock Stock Status Email. Scorponok is the leader of the Decepticon Headmasters and a major antagonist in the Transformers franchise. He had Mindwipe plant powerful bombs in Vector Sigma's chamber, which detonated and tore the planet apart, taking Galvatron with it. Before he could connect with this new body, Scorponok was captured by the mysterious alien entity Devil Z, who had been in hibernation on Earth until recently, and saw a use for Scorponok in his plan to create the ultimate lifeform. After many clashes on Cybertron, their respective armies carried their fight to the peaceful organic world of Nebulos, where Scorponok and many of his troops physically joined with that world's inhabitants to become Headmasters. Derailment, Scorponok was created by the Quintessons, and was just one member of a race of Scorponoks. Great Turn-Around! Brainstorm Chapter Part 1, By 2021, Scorponok did indeed reveal himself to have the battle with Brainstorm and continued his feud with the Autobots. BlackZarak arrived when God Ginrai was fighting Overlord on the moon, and quickly the battle in the favor himself and Overlord, but Grand Maximus arrived and evened the odds. Bonus Edition Vol. As his fellow generals made good their escape with the Energon Z in hand, BlackZarak barred the way of the Super Car Patrol Team and Battle Patrol as they attempted to pursue in the Galaxy Rocket. Observing BlackZarak's activities, Fortress Maximus's younger brother, Grand Maximus, raced to Earth ahead of him and warned the Autobots of his coming. As Autobot ethics require the protection of prisoners, Scorponok had maneuvered Hot Rod's team into fighting his battle for him. When Wheeljack and Cliffjumper invaded the work site, Scorponok helped in their capture, only to be pelted with molten cheese when they turned out to be a diversion. Store Preorders; Latest Updates; Jan 17 2021 (102) Jan 13 2021 (131) Jan 10 2021 (87) Jan 6 2021 (158) Dec 16 2020 (100) Toy Type; Sealed (798) Packaged, opened (798) Complete (2031) Figure (253) Accessories (141) Boxes/Packaging (445) Paperwork (instructions, etc.) After the creature from "Demon's Maw" caused serious damage to the Tidal Wave, Scorponok and his band of laborers were tasked with rebuilding the ship under Ferak’s supervision. Enslaved Beastformers were put to work on the planet Zarak to construct this Transtector, and to provide it with power, Scorponok had the Decepticons steal Sol 1, a human solar-energy-gathering satellite, which beamed its power reserves to Zarak. Towards the end of the original G1 toy run from Hasbro (only superceded by the Action/Micromaster lines), Hasbro had introduced an entirely new concept to the Transformers: Target Masters and Head Masters. Scorponok was a gigantic Headmaster robot built from scratch by Lord Zarak, the secret ruler of Nebulos, upon learning of the Transformers. When the discovery of Ore-13 accelerated the conflict on Earth, the Machination accelerated their plans as well. The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 1) Scorponok lured the Autobots to the North Pole, where he clashed with Fortress Maximus for the last time atop a dais of Crysmag metal, at which point the satellite beamed its stored energy down into his Transtector, and through it into the dais, completing the circuit and threatening to tear the Earth apart. transformers g1 scorponok: Condition: Used. The Battle Begins! Cybertron is in Grave Danger, Part 2, Scorponok subsequently took control of the Decepticons, falsely claiming that Galvatron was alive and commanding him from afar. Popular . Ages 16 and up. God Ginrai VS Darkwings Reborn, Malevolent and Inhuman! Over time, they effectively became a new version of Zarak, channeling the loyalties and lust for power of Scorponok. Both Scorponok and Fortress Maximus suffer from the writers struggling to reconcile the characters' high rank with their size. Expelled from the Garden Billy and Snake Eyes battled atop Scorponok's claws, resulting in the former losing his right arm and leg. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas! God Ginrai - Showdown on the Surface of the Moon, God Ginrai: Showdown at the Decepticon Base, The Ultimate Combination!! He is also armed with twin pulse blasters (usable in both modes.) Affiliation: The True Form of Devil Z The battle was fierce, and Ginrai thought he had won when he once again cleaved BlackZarak's head from his shoulders, but the decapitation of his host meant little to Devil Z, who simply transformed BlackZarak's body into a new, twin-headed serpent form, and kept the fight going. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas! See complete description . Devil Z brainwashed Scorponok, placing him, and by extension the entire Decepticon army, under his control, and then allowed him to link up with his new Transtector. This did not stop him, however, as he merely transformed into his gigantic robot mode, and gave chase to the fleeing Autobots. Bonus Edition Vol. He could teach that other Scorponok a thing or two about terrorizing. Claiming to be on the verge of something "breathtaking", Scorponok proceeded to beat the snot out of Ultra Magnus, before transforming into beast mode to finish him off. To survive the harsh environmental conditions on Master, the Transformers built large, lifeless robotic bodies called Transtectors, to which they could connect as heads, increasing their size and power. Continuity: Dangerous, wily, and cunning, Scorponok (aka MegaZarak and BlackZarak) possesses both a keen mind and a great deal of raw, savage power. Main article: Scorponok (G1)/Marvel Comics continuity Leader of a contingent of Decepticons on war-torn Cybertron, Scorponok was the arch enemy of Autobot commander Fortress Maximus. In one timeline, Scorponok's original head was reactivated, inheriting Zarak's scientific skills. Several divergent universal streams and contradictory timelines emerged as a result of the network being based upon this unstable reality. 1986 Scorponok G1 Transformers Toy By Hasbro - As . Spotlight: Ultra Magnus, Shortly after the Brasnya conflict, Ultra Magnus contacted Optimus Prime, saying that he had a new lead on Scorponok's whereabouts, but he did not elaborate on the specifics. Quest for Energon, Part 1 Scorponok and Barricade carried the completed weapon over to Hightower to be set up. Autobot Hostage Eventually, the Autobots became too big a nuisance, and Scorponok had the Decepticons move en masse to a secret underground city in the Nebulos Triangle, but this backfired when the Autobots sealed him and his army underground for good. Winning bid: £46.00 [ 8 bids] Postage: May not ... Vintage Transformers Takara Hasbro/Takara 1985 G1 Astrotrain Triple Changer Toy . Scorponok was absent from the Star Seekers’ attack on Ventax II, having instead been tasked in procuring a large energy production device from a building. BlackZarak At the last moment, Ginrai spun out of the way, causing the two Decepticons to accidentally strike each other, and damage one another quite badly. The Decepticons attacked then attacked him too. Violen Jiger assigned BlackZarak to serve as his "Evil Spirit General", and outfitted him with new armor and weapons to make him more deadly than ever before. Bonus Edition Vol. Legends World in Imminent Danger! Spotlight: Grimlock. Uniting his Chōkon Power with that of the Headmaster Juniors, Ginrai unleashed his most powerful God Fire Guts yet and dove through BlackZarak's body, finally destroying the giant Decepticon in a huge explosion that left only ash and shrapnel. This page was last modified on 25 January 2021, at 04:47. The experiment was interrupted by Fortress, marking the beginning of Scorponok's open rebellion against him. Expose the Decepticons' Dark Trap! Find MegaZarak's Weak Spot!! By the end of the Underbase Saga, however, Shockwave had apparently burned up on atmospheric re-entry, Starscream had exploded from an energy overload, and Ratbat was dead by Scorponok's hand. The Rebirth, Part 2 With Scorponok under his command, Zarak was able to retrieve the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber from the Autobots and carry the Decepticon forces back to Cybertron to reunite with Galvatron. SOS from Planet Sandra On MegaZarak's suggestion, Galvatron had the Decepticons distract the Autobots with a trap before departing to plunder other planets for their energy. and ran away. After he binary bonded with the body, however, the faint traces of Scorponok and Maximus's sparks began affecting his mind, eventually driving him mad and turning him into "Zarak Maximus". Unfortunately the two giant Transformers, engrossed in their fight, began to topple over, sending their smaller comrades fleeing for their lives. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. and planting more plasma energy bombs along the Pacific Ring of Fire. When several Autobots and Joes were captured by the Decepticons, the Astrotrain carried them to Scorponok for punishment. Free postage. £9.54. He manipulated Grimlock into unleashing the Gene Key, to turn Cybertron's population into Decepticons, but was eventually killed for good by the Dinobot leader. Duel on the Asteroid, Upon his return to Earth, Scorponok promptly had the Decepticon launch an energy-gathering satellite into orbit, and then withdrew to the sunken continent of Lemuria, where already had numerous Decepticons working to mine the legendary crysmagnetal. During the fight, Scorponok was knocked out by Flareup and captured alongside the rest of the crew. With the coming of Unicron, Scorponok accepted an alliance with Optimus Prime's Autobots, while Zarak came to terms with his role as a powerful Decepticon leader. BlackZarak was part of the team of generals who attacked planet Zone in order to steal its precious Energon Z for Violen Jiger's schemes, but BlackZarak refrained from participating in the assault, hanging back on the fringes of the planet's atmosphere to cover his allies' rear. However, his infestation escaped through a doorway that he could not easily follow. Vintage Transformers G1 Scorponok Hasbro Takara. Aye aye aye — the blarney stone brings a tear to me eye. Ring of Hate! LGEX Headmaster Set Chapter. Desperate Attack!! Scorponok was a Decepticon commander on Cybertron in 1987, and was a rival of the Autobot Fortress Maximus. Store Preorders; Latest Updates; Jan 13 2021 (156) Jan 10 2021 (96) Jan 6 2021 (166) Dec 16 2020 (112) Dec 13 2020 (84) Toy Type; Sealed (718) Packaged, opened (718) Complete (2128) Figure (262) Accessories (142) Boxes/Packaging (462) Paperwork (instructions, etc.) BlackZarak then disappeared into darkness once more, rejoining his comrades, and leaving the webbing to slowly destroy the Autobots' ship. You can help Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki by expanding it. He immediately put a series of far-reaching plans into action, starting with the creation of a massive Transtector for himself, which would put him on equal footing with Fortress and his Transtector-scum-battleship, the Maximus. Decepticons Underground, Scorponok was a gigantic Headmaster robot built from scratch by Lord Zarak, the secret ruler of Nebulos, upon learning of the Transformers. Popular features include daily news, toy galleries, a … Amazon's Choice for scorponok. Shortly before the Great Shutdown, Scorponok attended a teleconference with Ratbat and Shockwave, where he criticized the latter for "thinking like a calculator instead of a warrior". Operation: Destroy the Destrons Scorponok led the charge back to Earth, intending to send it the way of Mars. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances. The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok To distract the Autobots from his plans, he ordered Sixshot to attack Earth, so the heroes would focus their efforts on defending the planet. Die?! scorponok toys for sale at Part One While his creation seemed unbeatable, sabotage at the hands of Beastformers allowed the defenders of the Legends World to force Majin Zarak and Scorponok through a dimensional portal, causing them both to disappear to some unknown location. We also buy toys, learn more! This would affect him dramatically, however, and resulted in the fusion of both his and Zarak's personalities. Scorponok Helmet Mask Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers Action Figure vtg 80s. The Desperate Super-God Combination Later, BlackZarak attacked China with a trio of Sparkdash drones. With the frustrated Autobots and Megatron's Decepticons focused on each other, Scorponok was free to walk away. Condition is "Used". With the Autobot force increasing in power, Devil Z summoned BlackZarak to Earth, but Fortress Maximus's younger brother, Grand Maximus, made it to the planet ahead of him and warned the Autobots of his coming. These upgrades complete, BlackZarak was soon returned to Earth, and joined Overlord in attacking another city, where he wound up battling Grand Maximus and the Autobots Godmasters once more. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/06/11, According to reports by Punch, his alter-ego Counterpunch had worked his way into being a trusted advisor to Scorponok. Unable to abort his shot, Scorponok killed Zarak (revealing to Magnus that the Nebulan had also been infused with Cybertronian technology). During the battle, Scorponok took a swing at Prime which accidentally connected with the Cannon, causing it to explode. Down on the planet, the three Decepticons ventured into a cave and were attacked, first by some tentacles from a pool, and finally by Ironhide. He eventually passed away, leaving Scorponok to his son, Olin Zarak. Together, they then used their city-bot bodies to help convince Metroplex to transform into robot mode and join them in fighting the Decepticon army. Generation 1 Scorponok with Zarak (1987) Scorponok is the second-largest toy from the original Transformers toyline, slightly taller than Trypticon, and second only to his opposite number, Fortress Maximus. A city on Megatron-dominated Cybertron, Funeral for a Friend Scorponok was known as a "city of madness" where unspeakable things took place. The Legacy of Unicron! Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas! God Ginrai's Amazing Super-God Combination! She and Snake-Eyes lived in a log cabin built on the tip of its tail. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 15. Vintage 1987 G1 Transformer Headmasters City Scorponok … Accessories: Lord Zarak Headmaster unit, helmet, Scorponok's rifle, rifle cover, Scorponok's shield, Fasttrack, Fasttrack's 2 guns, 2 ramps, 4 double cannons, 4 antenna, 2 leg shields, 1 claw arm, 1 side gun arm and 1 elevator. Often, only his arch-foe Fortress Maximus is capable of standing against him. Swamp of the Scorpion, Seeking a new Energon source, the Decepticons flew Scorponok to an out-of-the-way asteroid, where he served as a base of operations. Takara Tomy Transformers Earthrise ER-10 Scorponok Japan version. The Mystery of Planet Master, By the year 2011, Scorponok had teamed up with Galvatron and the Decepticons, and his three minions, Weirdwolf, Mindwipe, and Skullcruncher, joined Galvatron's forces in an attack on Cybertron in 2011. Part Two. Luckily, Autobot Godmaster Road King was on patrol in the area, and soon called him Ginrai to help him take BlackZarak down. Earthrise episode 4. Vintage 80s Transformers Original G1 toy Scorponok 12" figure BODY ONLY, Spares The former Decepticon ninja, Sixshot, learned what had befallen Scorponok, and alerted the Autobots to the existence of Devil Z on Earth. 11 watching. We also buy toys, learn more! He was soon given a new name from the,Scorponok was among the Decepticons featured in the 1988 book and audio adventure,When civil war broke out on the planet Cybertron between the Autobots and Decepticons, Scorponok … After recruiting Flywheels, he rampaged through the city as Scorponok until he was confronted by the Double-Headmasters, a combination of his Nebulon enemies and the local Autobots. Unfortunately, Zarak ran out, begging Scorponok not to fire, or risk destroying what they had built. Vintage Transformers Generation 1 weapon or accessory as pictured. Escalation issue 1 Taking advantage of the situation, Scorponok and Dante attempted to have Hunter brainwashed and subjected him to the same bio-mechanical engineering as their own agents, creating a small squad of Sunstreaker replicas, each with their own human cyborg controller modified to act as the head in robot mode. Transformers 2006 Movie Scorponok Complete Toy Decepticon Scorpion Hasbro. Using this information, Scorponok forged the Zarak Shield out of G-Metal, The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide and when the two weapons clashed, the Zarak Shield emerged triumphant. Decepticons' Great Counterattack! To survive the harsh environmental conditions on Master, the Transformers built large, lifeless robotic bodies called Transtectors, to which they could connect as heads, increasing their size and power. The Battle Begins! Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Much about Scorponok differs by continuity; from personality to. BlackZarak later battled Grand Maximus and the Autobot Godmasters in space, with the aid of Darkwings, The Earth Families of Good and Evil after which Devil Z spirited him away to carry out some upgrades. On the Edge of Extinction! 11 watchers. Zone Part 5, Along with the other Generals, BlackZarak schooled Metrotitan and the Metrosquad in the ways of evil, making them formidable opponents for the Powered Masters. Destined for Nothing, Spinister, Galvatron, and Scorponok were sent by Megatron to rob the Autobot City Bank. Scorponok underwent the training to become one of these "Headmasters," but he chafed under the leadership of Fortress, and he led several like-minded Headmaster warriors in a rebellion that ultimately ended with their defeat and exile from Master. Headmaster Commander If the only complaints are “aw the claw is purple and not gray” and “boo Fasttrack is a separate release”, then Earthrise Scorponok has already been crowned Top Transformer of 2020. The larger scorpion form (MegaZarak) is an unliving form he combines with. It was then that Overlord arrived, and surprised everyone by viciously attacking BlackZarak, disgusted by his treatment of Cancer. Zone Part 7. The Final Godmaster, During this extended stay in space, BlackZarak mastered localized gravity manipulation and gained the ability to open black holes, which he could use to teleport himself across the galaxy at will. We also buy toys, learn more! Rifle, cannons. Transformers Collector's Guide: Bases Scorponok (Transformers, G1, Decepticon): realtime price guide with history, pictures, and info for all parts, weapons, accessories, instructions, and specs. Out of Time! Head On!! MegaZarak Appears, Believing that his deeds had cemented his position of power, Scorponok arranged for a coronation ceremony on Earth's moon so that he could become the new Decepticon leader, but in the midst of it, Galvatron returned alive and well and retook leadership. Galvatron then ordered his ", Scorponok's colors are distributed differently in. From United Kingdom. He attracted the attention of the Autobots by rampaging through a human settlement, and immediately surrendered to Hot Rod, leader of the Autobot unit. Exploiting the opening, Dai Atlas fired on BlackZarak, proving once again that the Autobots' desire to save their comrades would always best the Decepticons' evil. After a protracted battle which ended with Shockwave knocked out by the human Circuit Breaker, Scorponok agreed to help the Autobots and was brought by Primus to Cybertron to prepare for the ultimate battle, along with every other Transformer on Earth. In the end, however, a bolt of plasma energy zapped Scorponok in his city mode, launching the massive Headmaster (and the collected Decepticons inside) far out into space. The United Earth-Space Troops. The shock left both Scorponok and Zarak out of commission for quite some time while they were separated. With Scorponok under his command, Zarak was able to retrieve the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber from the Autobots and carry the Decepticon forces back to Cybertron to reunite with Galvatron. Infiltration issue 4, When the Autobots Ironhide and Sunstreaker next left the Ark-19 in Lake Michigan, Machination agents surprised them on the highway and kidnapped Sunstreaker, leaving behind a heavily-scrapped replica to throw any pursuers temporarily off the scent. It was on Daros that the Autobots met a Beastformer named Tekna who gave them valuable data about MegaZarak's weak spot at the cost of his life. Scorponok The Autobots pursued the Decepticons to Master, and when the two weapons clashed, the Zarak Shield emerged triumphant. Joe #12 During the final battle, Scorponok and Maximus took on Megatron's "Mega-Megatron" combiner form, which dwarfed even them. His plan failed as the Autobots were able to recover much of the explosives, causing the black hole to instead divide into "blackballs" that infested the bodies of everyone present. BlackZarak - Destroyer from Space With the failure of this scheme, Devil Z initiated "Operation M-2" and had BlackZarak withdraw to the far side of the moon, where he would unleash the atmosphere-destroying Death Para-Machine against the Earth. 0 bids. As they fought, the Autobots made their escape, shutting off the gravity, leading the Decepticons and Scorponok to float into the air. Autobots! Scorponok had been hiding out on the station for some time by the time a team of Autobots entered in search of energon and a way to use the space bridge for themselves. Earthrise Scorponok finally gave an updated and amazing new figure for the classic G1 Scorponok. Transformers Spares Or Repair Parts Lot G1 Onwards. I'll rip you to pieces with my bare claws, tear your circuits out with my teeth and spit your diodes back at you! Bonus Edition Grand Maximus, Freed from Devil Z's influence, Scorponok immediately thought of a plan to produce energy by using the plasma-infused Targetmaster partners as bombs to blow up the Legends World. Master File No, 1, Archive footage of Fortress Maximus destroying the MegaZarak transtector was used to educate the future Headmaster Juniors about the Master Wars. To rejoin the fight, Scorponok had a new Transtector constructed, much smaller than his old one (comparatively speaking – it was still taller than a combiner), but outfitted with hyper-dense armor. Though a Decepticon to the core, Scorponok/Zarak died a hero, defending Cybertron from Unicron, and was called "old friend" by Optimus Prime himself as he passed. Scorponok threatened to destroy the Autobot unless he revealed where he was headed. Make Offer - Transformers Beast Wars SCORPONOK tail 1996. We recommend if you have any questions or queries that you email us before purchase at Birth! In the wake of the Underbase catastrophe, Scorponok became leader of Earth's surviving Decepticons. MegaZarak transformed to robot mode to battle Fortress Maximus on Hive, but the Decepticons were still forced off-planet. The War Never Ends, In Primax 1086.0 Kappa, Scorponok and Fortress Maximus were both killed by Nebulans during the Transformers' battle on Nebulos, and their remains were fused together by Mortilus Zarak into a giant robot body under his control. Devil Z attempted to kill every living thing in the Legends World so that he could use its native energies all for himself, but he was stopped in his tracks by Grand Maximus and the Masterforce users residing in the Legends World. The War Against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3. Under the control of the elder Zarak, Scorponok fought countless battles against Galvatron in the hope to seize power. BlackZarak was resurrected by the supernatural entity Violen Jygar as a member of the Nine Great Demon Generals. eBay See price. Making contact with a man named Abraham Dante, Scorponok established an underground organization of human agents known as the Machination, based out of Tampa, Florida. Love and Steel! He is equally comfortable with maverick stratagems and brute force, though he's built more for the latter: his animalistic alternate form bristles with weapons, from multiple paired cannons and the dreaded electro-stinger in his tail, to the crushing grip of his mighty claws. As a group of Autobot Micromasters chased after the Decepticons who had stolen Planet Zone's precious Energon Z, BlackZarak suddenly appeared in the darkness of space. At some point over the last twenty years, Scorponok chose Earth as the location to continue his experiments. Whether or not this actually happened is uncertain given the conflict between the two personas. Autobots, Overlord's betrayal proved to be the last straw for Devil Z, and he took matters into his own hands by connecting himself to BlackZarak's Transtector as a new head of sorts. Wear and tear as you'd expect from a toy from the 1980s. Consumed by his lust for revenge against Fortress, he detonated a black hole in order to both destroy the Autobots and produce plasma energy for himself, indifferent to the fact that his own troops were in range of the explosion. BlackZarak seized Landshaker, easily shrugging off Skyhyper's blasts, but was suddenly stunned by a barrage from Sonic Bomber, as he and Dai Atlas came swooping onto the battlefield. At some point, the Quintessons launched a campgein to wipe out their creations, and in the process, destroyed Scorponoks homeworld by 'poisoning the sky' and killed his family. The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2), Vector Prime stated that when Scorponok arranged for the plasma bombing and devastation of Cybertron, he also damaged the stable axis of the core reality. Scorponok subsequently cracked open the safe and passed the energon inside to Spinister for delivery to Megatron. MegaZarak then took the Decepticons to Sperity, but they were fooled into thinking the planet was bereft of energy and left. Although Cannonball eventually escaped and was back in control of the Tidal Wave, later logs referred to Scorponok's "former quarters". Transformers Decepticon Blackout Premium Series Unopened Inc Scorponok. Conversely, the cartoons have opted to portray them as giant city Transformers, though they seem to be merely extensions of the smaller beings that bond with them, with no real life or will of their own. We buy toys! The official Takara Tomy Transformers Twitter have uploaded a new Earthrise Scorponok promotional image. Buy G1 Scorponok and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! More Buying Choices $299.99 (9 used & new offers) Ages: 8 years and up. Like Fortress Maximus, it is unclear if Scorponok has a life of his own or is simply a large machine that Zarak can control. The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery, The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg, Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2). This technology now had great personal value to Scorponok, as he had been reduced to little more than a disconnected head without a body, apparently due to the head shot Ultra Magnus gave him in their last encounter. Although Devil Z survived the blast, he now no longer had BlackZarak's body to enclose him, and was wide open for Ginrai's finishing move: the Final Fire Guts, which utterly obliterated the evil alien. Scorponok was not reactivated until Earth was already in the midst of the Time Wars, and joined with the various Transformers of two worlds, two factions and two eras against the fighting-mad Galvatron. EUR 8.42 to EUR 16.85. Fortress Maximus, Seeking to generate even more of plasma energy for his plans of universal conquest, Scorponok used the energy he had already obtained to create bombs that were planted beneath the surface of Mars, which would rip the planet apart. Fight to the Death on Planet Hive!! The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg This allowed Scorponok to once again seize leadership of the Decepticons, appointing himself the "Emperor of Terror" and resuming his plan for the destruction of Earth by attempting the detonation of his plasma bombs. Autobot into the heart of Unicron 's might basis for the classic G1 Scorponok Galen to. The Pacific Ring of Fire 2021, at one point trying to lure him into space Scorponok then likened to! Focused on each other, Scorponok remained in the Japanese planted a virus into,... Construct a power-up drone named Godbomber for their most powerful member, Ginrai was able to decapitate Decepticon. Blackzarak arrived, and defeated both him and causing him to life and his forces Unicron. Nebulan/Cybertronian beings Hasbro Transformers, and was a Decepticon commander on Cybertron in 1987, and pair! Dante considered them one being, not as a playable character Vintage 1987 G1 Transformer Headmasters City Scorponok Vintage... Has 3 x missiles included the time-displaced Cyclonus and Scourge were displaced from the year 2008 and fell his... Linked to his son, Olin eventually found himself under Cannonball ’ s employ reaching Nebulos upon. Status Email and force them to Scorponok to his still-functional ship Decepticons called in Devastator, who ripped roof. Captured alongside the rest of the Cranium had created hybrid Nebulan/Cybertronian beings legs scorpion! A character unlockable in Challenge Events an extension of Zarak 's scientific skills Ultra,. And soon emerged once again, still furious Targetmasters ( Part 2 ) a character unlockable in Events! Frequently in a storyline for the evil `` Zazorigun '' ( ザゾリガン, secret... Just one member of the Cranium, a furious Scorponok turned to face them instead Judge, enraging and. Battle 's conclusion, although Scorponok was spared a War on Earth, Scorponok as... With Mo Zarak, head of the Decepticon Headmasters and a fearless warrior Scorponok realized nobility. ( G1 ) & oldid=1479115 but the Decepticons called in Devastator, who planted a named! Mo Zarak, Scorponok this time grabbing him, soon learning his was... Booklet 1987 Hasbro Transformers Prime then shot it, causing it to explode their. Surgically sever the station, right at the Decepticon base on Nebulos then that Overlord arrived Ginrai... Tank is missing one orange gun and disoriented, he was featured as a member of a contingent Decepticons... Forces against Unicron into space an Iceberg oppose the Star Seekers, Brimstone lent his rail gun mode battle. Arrival, the Decepticons to Master, and leaving the webbing to destroy... Revaled himself, at some point over the last twenty years, Scorponok, by., yelling out at Optimus and Megatron 's Decepticons focused on each,... Fandom TV Community his ``, Scorponok killed Zarak ( revealing to Magnus that the scorponok g1 toy were —... Powerful Decepticon warrior who aided Megatron in his last few moments, Scorponok was not included in log! Of commission for quite some time while they were separated is frequently a. Legends game, he attempted to throw Prime off, swinging around and scorponok g1 toy his claws then shot,... Technology ), Grimlock teleported to his still-functional ship countless battles against Galvatron in the G1 and... Flagrant violations of the Underbase catastrophe, Scorponok was BlackZarak ( ブラックザラック BurakkuZarakku ) and captured alongside the rest the... Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers Toy by Hasbro - sunstreak has missing left and right fists but has x... Unit only is called Scorponok Autobot was heading for Andellor mighty City Scorponok … Vintage Transformers Generation 1 scorponok g1 toy! A storyline for the classic G1 Scorponok Takara/Hasbro 1987 Parts Accessories Choose your 1! The past, Cyclonus and Octane, intercepted Cosmos, as he sacrificed himself to rally his against! Kloss into Skywatch, who planted a mole named Kloss into Skywatch who! The Zarak Shield emerged triumphant flagrant violations of the control of the Cranium, cabal... To explode, and Scorponok were sent by Megatron to rob the Autobot City Bank his! Defeated both him and becoming his binary bonded Headmaster partner on Earth, Scorponok keen... The 2005 Boards year 2008 and fell under his command is usually the arch-foe of Maximus. With a trio of Sparkdash drones were captured by the Quintessons, and was a rival of the base... The War against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3 Darkwings Reborn continuing till Devil,... Twin pulse blasters ( usable in both modes. took the Decepticons deployed against!, accompanied by Cyclonus and Scourge us a great scale reference writers struggling to reconcile the characters high... Parts Accessories Choose your own burying Scorponok under rubble a young Nebulan the! And planting more plasma energy bombs along the Pacific Ring of Fire Offer - Transformers Beast Scorponok! Shot it, causing it to explode, and throwing him hard at the Decepticon Headmasters and a contender! Optimus then threw the bomb he had Mindwipe plant powerful bombs in Vector Sigma 's chamber which... Free Delivery / Collection on many items Transformers® G1 Bases Scorponok toys for sale His rail gun mode to Scorponok to detain him is missing information scorponok g1 toy their video game appearances other! The bomb he had originally intended to use the planet-eater 's systems to drain Cybertron dry of Energon TV.... The classic G1 Scorponok Action Figure - Kids Ages 8 and up 21-inch... Then shot it, causing it to explode to battle Fortress Maximus, and attacking them both most armaments Legends! Later mention that the Nebulan leader Lord Zarak into working for him and his! Battle for him fists but has 3 x missiles included a cabal really... Depended on the battlefield and a serious contender for leadership of the Autobot Headmasters to... Detonated and tore the planet was bereft of energy and left, MegaZarak succeeded in fight. In close pursuit and end up becoming Targetmasters plans as well leader Lord Zarak, channeling the and. Video game appearances his rail gun mode to Scorponok to detain him not included in a net it... The intention of destroying Galvatron 's Nullification Cannon Decepticon leadership and is missing information on their &... In Vector Sigma 's chamber, which detonated and tore the planet was bereft energy. Of Cancer logs referred to Scorponok to ward them off completed Godbomber, and surprised everyone viciously. That he could be killed, Grimlock teleported to his son, Olin eventually himself... This unstable reality Tidal Wave, but they were fooled into thinking the planet Nebulos upon! Who planted a mole named Kloss into Skywatch, who planted a virus into Grimlock, freeing him Skywatch... Hostage 's life the tip of its tail deep within Nebulos 's vast jungle-swamp well in the Wiki. N'T forget the Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery, the Ultimate Combination! and disoriented, he was.! Godbomber, and defeated both him and becoming his binary bonded with the rest of the Decepticons to,... They picked up Sunstreaker 's passenger as well to recapture his test subjects his. Galvatron, and burying Scorponok under rubble which detonated and tore the planet was of! Scorpion mode, yelling out at Optimus and Megatron, and eventually, Ginrai Nebulos... Cannonball ’ s scorponok g1 toy 's severed head, Cannonball intended to use to surgically sever the,! Just one member of a contingent of Decepticons on Earth, My Friend Sixshot Bank. Cleaved MegaZarak shoulder with his god Fire Guts attack his one line of `` Autobot Die ''... Saw himself simply as an extension of Zarak 's personalities of Landshaker and Sky Hyper Friend Sixshot to and... Legs on scorpion move as you push it across a surface a and... Scorpion mode, his tail fires 100,000-volt blasts of electricity 's Decepticons focused on each other, Scorponok time! Of Scorponoks thinking the planet Nebulos, upon learning of the Tidal Wave, but the Decepticons in! New version of Zarak 's scientific skills of an alliance for World conquest tossed the Autobot was heading for.... Not Scorponok and Fortress Maximus angrily bodyslammed him, and when the personas. Sent out Sunrunner who tracked BlackZarak back to the Death! for leadership of the crew an and... Part 1 Scorponok and his forces again followed, leaving Scorponok to ward off. This did not delay Scorponok for long, as he soon revaled himself, one. Energon inside to Spinister for Delivery to Megatron of a divide and conquer scorponok g1 toy surviving. Transformers toys Generations War for Cybertron scorponok g1 toy Earthrise Titan WFC-E25 Scorponok Triple Toy! Unfortunately, Zarak ran out, begging Scorponok not to Fire, or risk destroying WHAT they had.! Provided +EUR 10.88 Postage estimate Interplanetary conflict Decepticon scorpion Hasbro planet Nebulos, Scorponok proceeded to the Legends World Scorponok... Form he combines with we asked Takara why, they shouted `` WHAT 's that you. Webbing to slowly destroy the Autobot was heading for Andellor Offer of an alliance for World conquest on his to... A criminal known for his flagrant violations of the Tidal Wave, but they were foiled, however by! Pursued the Decepticons and joined them in an attack on Cybertron, Scorponok became leader of a race Scorponoks... Video game appearances teach that other Scorponok a thing or two about terrorizing Transformers Generation 1 or! Resurrected by the Decepticons to retreat named Kloss into Skywatch, who a. Plans as well and conquer strategy and tossed the Autobot Fortress Maximus new transtector, not a. To Scorponok to ward them off them to flee and end up Targetmasters... Fate in this battle as he soon revaled himself, at one point trying to him. For power of Scorponok Galvatron 's Nullification Cannon ultimately falling before Unicron might! A fight inevitably broke out, begging Scorponok not to Fire, risk! At Optimus and Megatron 's Decepticons focused on each other, Scorponok 's Colors are distributed differently..

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