Glore Psychiatric Museum

In June of 2015, Some of my family members and I took a trip to the Glore Psychiatric Museum In St. Joseph, Missouri. It was very interesting and I learned alot that I had no clue about, the biggest thing to be noticed is how much medicine and treatment has changed over the years, and much of what they did back then seems cruel to us now, but then they felt like they were actually helping those that had mental problems.

Here are some pictures of the inside, I highly recommend that you take a visit for yourself there is tons of things to see inside! Expect to be inside for at least a couple of hours if you actually want to see everything.

Before looking at the pictures below, you may want to check out this video about the Glore Museum

This wooden box was used to make patients stand up against their will, as you could imagine this could be extremely uncomfortable.


Machine used to change the temperature of the body to possible cure an illness that a patient had

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Below is a cage that they could be kept in for some longer periods of time.



A small figure showing that they could cut them to try to cure them of their mental sickness

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This is me evaluating someone that has been deceased (really a dummy of course LOL)


tie their hands together and make them lay down while someone dumped water on their face to try and get the metal illness better or out of them… crazy right?

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They could put these on the patients which I am sure you have seen before in movies to keep them from being able from using their arms and stop them from causing harm to themselves or others.


Below you will see all the things recovered from a womans body after she had passed… these were all of the things that she had swallowed…


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These all are just some of MANY things you can see and read all about at this great place to visit in Missouri! I recommend that visit and check it out for yourself!

Here is a link to their website with contact info and directions and more info.

Glore Psychiatric Museum