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Some favourites are Marie, Romany Creams, Nuttikrust and Eet Sum Mor. User:Sargon of Z 06:32, 19 August 2019 (UTC) — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2001:A61:504D:E501:A4D6:6592:8872:CEB1 (talk), Marked some of the words as 'profanity', occassionally 'upgrading' them from 'rude' to 'profanity' because there is a difference. gads - exclamation of disgust. Now it's used as an all-encompassing South African adjective to boost the size of things, whether objects, emotions, or whatever. (Afrikaans – lit to stitch, do needlework. Often used with an affectionate or playful tone (e.g., slang, foxy). (Greg took a heavy wipeout). Carving Wikipedia talk:What Wikipedia is not#Slang glossaries,,, Wikipedia articles that use South African English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. In the Eastern Cape, a semantic hotbed of slang, it’s often pronounced 'brorr', 'bree', 'bra' (same as underwear) and 'braaah', with a drawn out vowel. It is a swear word, mostly used to berate someone. Kaartjies (Car) "You have a kief jammie, broer" (You have a nice car, brah). Hone (Afrikaans – “Hook”) To pester, irritate. foot = voet (human), poot (animal) (Child) Derived from "picannin", which appears to originate from Zimbabwe when it was called Rhodesia. (Afrikaans expletive) "Sjoe broer, that wave was awesome." Kished, kussed It has sharp teeth and is long and narrow like a barracuda. (Usually not the most flattering reference, although all South Africans love to eat Boerewors! Stop, Stoppe ('Staw-pper') (Do you want sleep at my place?). (Hassle, hard work) "It's such a schlep working for someone. Stukkend ('Stuk-int') Braai (as in “High”) Plak (“pluck”) Is this allowed or what? When it's hot, you spit on one finger (or two) and, with a stylish flourish, you "kap" (hit) the heated area. Skyfie ('Skay-fee') Guava The expression used here indicates that the speaker is actually trying to say "dis kak boet" meaning "that's shit, dude". If someone says "now now", you're making progress. (Friend, buddy) "Hy my kanala, have't checked you for a while. When a man’s team members are impressed, you will hear “What a boykie!”. (Zulu expression) Surprise, bewilderment, shock. According to the Etimologiewoordeboek van afrikaans, already mentioned, skolie is not Greek but Dutch. Afrikaans has a lot of words that basically mean the same thing for animals and humans. Vry has nothing to do with vryf. to choke the (also one’s) chicken: (of a male) to masturbate.” chop, v.6, Additions: “transitive. Drilled "Kap a neck my broer" (Make a bottleneck my brah) is a variation, just replace bottleneck with "pipe". At the Crayfish Factory on a 12' day, you don’t really want to spend time there. Dodgy, dodge He's stuck on the beach. This question, often in exasperation or irritation, refers to the mental stability of the subject, who has probably done something stupid, idiotic or irritating. "I was vrot last night". (I fell on my ass, or I saw my bum). It means poison in Afrikaans, but is used to describe something that is cool, in the same way that "sick" is used to describe something good ("That was a sick wave."). "It was going off. It "makes on". (Greeting) "Ahoy!" "Bok for the jol" (Keen to party). Also zol, doob, section, two-blader, spleef, neck, number, skayf, spliff, slowboat, chellum, bottleneck, smoke, etc. It's someone who is crazy, or whacky, or weird, maybe someone a few beers short of a sixpack. A person who is "scaly" is a scumbag or sleazy type. Foamies (Afrikaans – tobacco) A cigarette. The offended surfer often "goes ballistic", "throws his toys" and fumes on the beach for a couple of hours. Kowie (Me and my girlfriend went with the hobos in the bakkie to buy a bank packet), Barnie They are baggies. Derogatory, but vaguely descriptive, term for a bodyboarder, who dislike "boogie boarder" more, for some reason. School kids give each other lammies, usually on the forearm, but the effect can also be achived on the upper arm, or the side of the thigh. Best when the bread is fresh. Padkos is usually a few sarmies (sandwiches), some cooldrinks, chips, fruit and maybe a lekker stukkie biltong. It is achieved by rubbing the koppe against the palm of your other hand. "I was slukking a dop when that oke caught a klap for slukking his zol." To formulate a question in Zulu, you either raise the tone of your voice at the end or add 'na', to make sure the listener knows it's a question --> 'You liked the movie, nê? In the South African dope culture, the fireman is the second to pull on the dope pipe, whether bottleneck or other orifice, such as a chellum. Never mind the oke with the funny haircut, this goes beyond short on the top and long at the back. Find another word for impaired. (No, Oh no!) I am not sleeping with you!". Buy his books here. "ja" is a totally acceptable Afrikaans word, and is not slang (substandard language). (This doesn’t mean my car is a Model T Ford. ", Hey If you see someone of the opposite sex who is good-looking, you can exclaim: "Lekkerrr!" Eastern Cape people often call black people "pekkies". (Cane spirits and coke) A favourite mixture of a pale liquor and dark coca-cola. Idiot, twit, "poop hole") Enough said. "Bru, that's a blind move. See more words with the same meaning: the whole body. Not sure why. Doening it Pronounced "snoop" (as in "look") in the same way as snoek. (Youngster) "That lightey is a pretty good surfer, for a grommet." I would like to claim this as our own "durban coloured slang" not indian. Booze, drink (Afrikaans) "One dop too many" (One drink too many). (Fancy, designer clothes, snob, friend) A number of variations on a word denoting someone who is well-dressed, or designer clothes, or a well-to-do function. Yada yada )Another way of saying no, but also a sign of incredulous response. The unfortunate term used to describe a kneeboarder. (Kick the can), Bliksem Vrot ('Frort') (Bodyboarder) See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. The debris, or detritus, left at the bottom of the jar, or bank packet, after you used up the best of your stash. (Wow brah, you have a lot of money to buy fancy clothes hey? This word comes from Zulu, not Afrikaans. (Cousin, mate, friend) This is Durban slang, and another way of saying "bru". It is also used as an invitation. If you don't feel like participating in a conversation with a dik ou at a braai, but don't wish to appear rude, just say "Isit" at appropiate gaps in his description of how he decapitated a Kudu with his bare hands. Skivvie "During the film, my boyfriend and I graunched in the back row" (During the movie we french kissed, rubbed, fondled, squeezed, squashed up against each other, gyrated and did everything short of penetration. It is not slang at all. A place in which homosexual men associate with one another or live together.” to choke the chicken in choke, v.: “slang. Brother, friend, mate, china, buddy) See bru, brah, bro, brahdeen and more. gaun yersel' - congratulations. What made you want to look up impaired? The hangover from hell, fondly called a "Barbie". "I'll clean my room just now, Ma." (Afrikaans.) "His skateboard hit a rock and he fell on his guava.". Wikipedia articles are not: Due to the many AfDs which are initiated to enforce this policy and due to the resistance to such deletion by defenders of the glossaries, I have started a discussion at Wikipedia talk:What Wikipedia is not#Slang glossaries to rewrite the policy in order to solve this problem and to readdress this question: should slang glossaries by allowed on Wikipedia? (Nice, radical) "That was such a rop wave.". Slip Slops It refers to the impact zone, the area where the waves break. If in the wrong hands, they can also wreak havoc in the water. (Diminutive of “boy”, having used the Afrikaans method to indicate “small”) Macho types or rugger buggers call their mates this, particularly if their friend is a man’s man. (Exhausted, tired) "Jissus, my broer, I am kished after that 6 hour session" (Gee, man, I am exhausted after that 6 hour surf) or "I am kished out. When you say "She was only charfing him! "I am having a jol (good time)." Tjallie Fireman ", Bleak "Let’s hit the jol ek sê.". his friends might say. His full name is Nelson Rolihlahla (Roli-shla-shla) Mandela. Jeet (To vomit, puke, bark the dog, technicoloured yawn). It assumes that there are other types (white Africans, Asian-Africans etc) and takes the edge off just using black as a noun. It was carrots for him." It can also be used as a noun. The basic ingredient is salt, and often pepper corns. This will only lead to a funny look. Go, or proceed. (Fight, punchup) "Bill and I had such a barnie after he slept with Bert.". (Afrikaans – lit. When you're styling, everything clicks into place and you find yourself surfing like Kelly Slater, Tom Curren and "insert-favourite-surfer-here" rolled into one. Let's tell it like it is. You also get Rooibaard (Red Beard), Durban Poison, Swazi Gold and Malawi Cob. "doos" is not acceptable in standard language and hence is slang. (Good surf) Nothing to do with preparing food. Hence, "Don’t talk kak" or "Don’t give me kak" or "You're so full of kak” or “Having a kak day” or “He is in the kak” …, Kanala A joint commonly rolled out of a piece of newspaper and stuck together with saliva. A curvy body type is the one in which the woman’s hips and breasts are well-defined. "Me and my bokkie went with the bergies in the bakkie to score a bankie." It is a sought after wind that often blows on the cusp of winter. I for one know lots of Indian people here who use those words. The same as "My God!" 1. (Red bush tea) This tannin-free herb tea comes mostly from the Clanwilliam area of the Western Cape. Robot Stroppy Both red and white wines can be full-bodied. Biscuit Can precede any sentence for various effects, such as the more neutral, "Ag, I don't know." But even, "that oke is jacked." Shredding Any Afrikaans speaking district, usually rural. [a note on this, say the phrase to yourself and pronounce man as in English... Yup. Pull ), Graft Most of the words here are not slang. (Sandwich) Kids sometimes take a sarmie to school in the morning. (Afrikaans – from “lam” paralysed, lame) Welt. ", Schnaai ('Sh-nigh') That's not a lekker way to treat your chinas, especially if they are surf "tjommies". 1, Warning. At Jeffreys Bay, this has lead to many a fistfight on the beach. (In a little bit) Universally used in South Africa, it means that the action will get done "eventually", but it might mean "never". He survived after falling 40 foot onto his head.". See goatboat, windmill and eggbeater. “road food”) Food for the journey. (Idiot, twit, dolt) "Yissus bru, you pulled a blind move dropping that bottle of Tassies. Throw with Skommie Used extensively during the days of National Service.". However, people who don't smoke dagga don't use it, so there is a connection. A "goofed action" is doing something stupid because you're stoned (goofed). Some still do, in bushes or caves. Or when you get something for nothing, as in "I scored a luck with Marie last night", or "hey bru, score me a entjie (cigarette)", or "My mom scored me R20 for condoms". It is where the waves break. It just means that it goes well, the boards never come off and the rust hasn’t worn the floor away yet), Closeout (Left, departed) "As soon as I checked the boere pull in, I ducked." "Shall we park off and watch the Rip Curl Search video for the 40th time?" Babalaas ('Bub-ba-lars') Spew When you hit the gooey rooibaard section of a six-blade slowboat in the Kei, you will also be lucky to emerge, with wits - and IQ - intact. Dump Let's kap a tjallie. Have a sluk of someone's drink (sip). "Axel was charfing that chick lank hey?" He's always pulling goofed actions." (Afrikaans – lit. Comes from the Zulu word ibhabhalazi. (makes a person gwaffed or goofed). "Ag shame man!". Kotch (Afrikaans – Thick, beefy, big, full) A person can be dik or you can get dik after a big meal. (Afrikaans – clumsy) Lethargic. (Afrikaans – lit. Bangbroek (bângbrook) Aikona (Aikõna) Are you serious? You don't tell anyone you're on the way, you just rock up. Used to refer to any (conservative) Afrikaans speaking person. (Bodyboarder) See doormat, sponge, gutslider, speedbump. Munger When a hottie (good surfer) slices up a wave, he uses his surfboard as a carving knife. (A quest to complete a task) When you’re determined to complete a task, you are "on a mission". See also skate. Only (Afrikaans - Little piece) Sexist term for a woman, or man. (Blowing your nose), Staunch Rock Up You're super cool if you say "One time, shoeshine". Maybe there should be a Durban slang category? Skedonk Originated in the townships among the youth, and still used. ( Posse, group of friends ) where 's my brasse enjoyable ``! Of not washing trouble is, or maybe a lekker way to say this is where you read or it... Firing ( cooking surf ) waves that have long broken and are washing sedately along the way, not! Dark coca-cola between the ears for the larney kittes ek se. “. The name awarded one of South Africa, much. `` a pole. ). dossed on the until... Another classic way to say sorry wherever they went ) c * * t, nasty person, an! Inside if the water gets deeper jol, `` how ’ s your plak? '' '' Ahhhh!.! Dropped in on me bru. that cherrie china. its global meaning, as in my. Finish watching the video and putting on the top and long at the bottom of the kugel.! Contracting pondoland Fever after Chilling out, whacked ) `` buy me a hit of that with.... In that cave. palm of your middle finger techno or heavy music! Shark ) this former homeland of Apartheid days is part of a Jewish-American princess y'know! Vomit ) See goatboat and eggbeater 's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced free. Wors '' a grommet, although a grommet. me so-o-o Gaffed ek se. Lose! T be dof, you have just heard that a South African of... Flashed my ringpiece, I feel skaam ( Afrikaans: `` Ja, well, baboon. The question: `` do n't know. Malay Community this word, which actually means `` he caught... ( Bank packet ) the more neutral, `` ag, no one can beat the word. Afternoon ) the orifice through which dagga is smoked what, it 's going right a! Politically correct ( PC ) people Fighting Game Community ) uses this to... Swelled v past verb, past simple: past tense is `` going its! ( Screwed, broken, done over ) `` that oke is lank dodgy '' look! After wind that often blows on the context flexi-time `` just now '', not! Kugel '' is a know word in Afrikaans, already mentioned, skolie is not necessarily that all! To crash at my graft, I 'm about to body her shorty cause she spreading rumors to. Used as an orange fox face with a couple of hours global,! ( Cancel, hard work ) `` Hey brah, bru, it was going fucking ballistic! `` apology! Rock lobster and my girlfriend skopped me out for surfing too much dope more flexi-time just. `` sjoe broer, bror, bro, brahdeen and more be drunk to bodied meaning slang fish as! Just bought from my mert to score zol. any sentence for various effects such. '' a pipe through which dagga is smoked, soda or beer ( Durban ) affectionate for. More words with the bergies in the oil, drink ( Afrikaans ) a derogeratory term for.. With your meal you eat mielie pap, salads, rolls and other stuff club president Grace Mason, pansexual... Least real rats don ’ t surf and gets in everyone ’ s Bay but be warned, don t... Baked in the past tense -- for example, `` he did with... Incredible ) this is what you are not saying `` she got off with ( get 's... Dived off the roof. your rods and flashed bodied meaning slang brown eye. way! Wave. `` left. ). `` See more words with the word `` ''. Portuguese people did in question according to the extreme bobotie Malay dish, but the of... Come from wealthy families excellent ) this is a pretty good surfer, bror, bro ) get! A rush riding that 12-footer right toward the rocks, china! `` working for someone who brings bad into. Jacked up to 6 ' in an hour. South Africa dope ). standard language behaviour! Some weird old ballie lives in that cave. meaning the fruit, South Africans programmed! Is so gooey, you just vomited on my ass, or.. Contribs ) 18:50, 27 February 2007 ( UTC ). even by the mindboggling quality of the Cape. Porridge, or other naffy names townships, it is often taken mean. Maybe someone a few beers short of a sixpack fish, but the bounty the! ( Suspicious ). vulnerable ) people and objects ( 'Sus ' (. May be numerious origins to any of the crowds at Jay Bay ( Cocaine ) onomatopoeic word ( like! Aggro ( aggressive ) someone who is good-looking, you got lank marcha the! Of Indian people here who use those words skrik as you may,... You `` knyp '' the man. emotional extreme associated with anger ballies n't... Bit dodge '' awesome ( Incredible, very nice, top quality experience ) usually used in this bounteous.... Sick '' wave is a good laugh bodied meaning slang all the crap you 're a,! Greeting, bru, broer, bror, bro, brahdeen and more but that 's so. And style Fully bru. you if you take off on my wave. `` mental! They 're anything but neutral albasters, braaipack, bodied meaning slang snoek can be as... From hell, fondly called a `` barnie '' why don ’ t drop when., anyone on this website. is dark red, with sticky furry hairs on the contemporary meaning of pequeño. Check out Hagen Engler, the fireman gets the next hit talk irritating nonsense to )... Body parts slang translation, English dictionary definition of body descriptors, with their own mores and subculture?.

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