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twitter. Broadblue 346 (2) Broadblue 345 (1) Broadblue 435 (1) Broadblue 405 (1) Broadblue Prestige 38 (1) Broadblue 385 S3 (1) 2021 Lagoon 42. Offering a wealth of practical advice and a dynamic mix of in-depth boat, gear and equipment news, Sailing Today is written cover to cover by sailors, for sailors. Broadblue 346. Broadblue Catamarans. Combine that with a modest displacement and you have a nice recipe for speed – particularly in the 25kt gusts. The Broadblue 346 is small enough to make a passage through the French canals to the Mediterranean, but robust enough to carry a Category A RCD certificate, all with 2m headroom throughout the boat. One of the key factors in her design was that she was no more than 5m wide as this means you can take her through the French canals – an important consideration for those who don’t feel inclined to wrestle with the vagaries of the Bay of Biscay. Nevertheless, there is a certain pleasing compactness to her shape. Sailing Today is the magazine for cruising sailors who love to sail the coast of Britain, across the Channel to northern Europe and beyond. fits the bill, however, as, Boat test: Jimmy Cornell’s Outremer 4E catamaran. © 2021 Chelsea Magazine Company | The Broadblue 346 is an ideal catamaran for families and couples, this model is small enough to make a passage through the French canals, but robust enough to carry a Category A (Ocean) status, all with 2m headroom throughout the boat. It was quite clear to me that the Broadblue 346 has come about as the result of a long period of evolution which has ensured that the current model has been carefully and thoughtfully refined. Designed by Darren Newton with the design office of Dazcat, the family cruiser Broadblue 346 is built in Szczecin and combines well-established boatbuilding with a surprising length of just over 10 meters. Home; About Broadblue. Sailing into Santorini. A pair of winches can do all the work from here and on the yacht I tested one of the winches was electric which took all of the hard work out of hoisting the mainsail. Broadblue 38 for sale in Emsworth United Kingdom. Predictably, she neither pointed as high as a monohull in the same cruising genre nor did she tack as crisply. Storage for all of your supplies is excellent. Many sleek, more modern yachts built as recently as 2021 are available from professional yacht dealers and brokerages around the world. The other consequence is that access to the engine is excellent. This catamaran is easily handled for families and those who prefer to be just passengers. 346 Home. This seems a bit baffling, although it works just fine and is apparently due to the width constraints in here at waterline level due to the substantial ‘step’ in the hulls. We tested the 346 on a blustery, bright march day on Chichester Harbour with a breeze as sharp as a razor and a clarity of light that made you feel like the contrast had been turned up. $210,000 Long Distance Live Aboard Catamaran Owner's Version - 3 Cabin The Broadblue 385 is built to Category A (Ocean) standards - designed to be self-sufficient for extended voyages. Trouver Broadblue 346 multicoques et plus d'offres de bateaux d'occasion et neufs sur BEST-Boats24. The owner’s ensuite was quite unusual as the first thing you are confronted with when you step in this relatively narrow space is the toilet, with the shower set right forward in the bow. There is a saloon table to port combined with ample bench seating augmented by some rather nifty flip-out stools. Boats for Sale of Interest; Selection of boats that may be of interest from the list of boats available for sale above. Destinations . August 2020 Chartering Update. There are removable davits set into the bathing platform for the dinghy and this is such a huge space that a modest dinghy could just be pulled up on to the platform and lashed in place on a coastal passage.

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