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Update at 10.30 am, 19 December: After a night of wrangling and behind-the-scenes arguments, the United Nations conference agreed to “take note” of the Copenhagen accord … The Copenhagen failure was broadly acknowledged.1 There are enduring problems that seem to make a gap between the will to act and real actions. Copenhagen Accord are not yet certain, but some initial, ten-tative conclusions can be reached about the direction that the Copenhagen Accord seems to lead us in global climate gover-nance. the Copenhagen Accord. )#J��H)��Ƣ�CD]������F�r����f�F��S��46�|}��?����Gxi��� After describing what exactly the Copenhagen Accord does and does not do, this article will lay out some initial impli-cations for international climate law and governance. She suggested that the aim in Copenhagen was to forge a political vision that will guide global actions and lead to a new legally-binding treaty – the Copenhagen accord – as soon as possible. Absent the resistance of Bolivia, Tuvalu, Sudan, and T. he road To openhagen. stream Failure raises doubts about UN’s role Moreover, the steps countries needed to take to strike a deal began to look achievable. @��{�H�`\t���hB�3(�͉�ӱgJÅ�D�����n%D��>��9�!=�p���� �l� ���� �=����nB�Fpv�;�{9�Qu��֕��Rh\ɥJ"��E����2�t��.J);�����$��|ڀ�� The Copenhagen Accord contained several key elements on which there was strong convergence of the views of governments. The CBC reports that the accord reached today, "is not binding and does not set new greenhouse-gas reduction targets. <> ]��̴�� endstream *7��SH)m�ؙ@J+�7�$RF 9 Bilder Photo Gallery: The Failure of Copenhagen 1 / 9 He Yefei, who represented China at the decisive round of negotiations, seemed more interested in playing for time than finding an agreement. )���f)�p���HE�@%6��L�DHGMa�ܭ�W��o7����.�9Ƃl>�F���9��.��f&���23��ƅQ6��� ��m����wWj�: . Copenhagen failure 'disappointing', 'shameful' Swedish PM Fredrik Reinfeldt was disappointed with the outcome at 'BrokenHagen'. endobj Brent Patterson. <> The Copenhagen Accord is a political (as opposed to legal) agreement of a novel form. In this line of thinking, the Accord epitomizes a failure to have a real binding agreement in Copenhagen. Regardless, it is important to understand exactly what happened in Copenhagen— and what did not. Copenhagen - a failure before it started? 4 0 obj The UN process was stretched to breaking-point, with no consensus on any pressing issues. �j�}�i�*͊q4� ��+!p9���+���v)x��$R&�\�T�Ƶ`��T�Wg We'll have more analysis soon, but the news is not good. The failure in Copenhagen was a failure, above all, in Washington. More than 110 countries have signed up to the Copenhagen Accord on fighting global warming, but the United Nations said on Wednesday their … The failure of the Senate to act before Copenhagen clearly limited the Obama administration's ability to negotiate a more comprehensive agreement. 6 0 obj <> 'Karsten Neuhoff makes an interesting case in showing that the failure to adopt a comprehensive climate agreement in Copenhagen may have been the result of some fundamental underlying changes. Sweden, for the European Union (EU), called for an inclusive Copenhagen agreement, encompassing non-Annex I parties, covering all building blocks based on the principles of the Convention. The Copenhagen Accord was a second, minimalistic attempt to hide that second failure of climate negotiations—and it failed too, only because of the opposition of six countries. endobj Instead, the Copenhagen accord … About usTake ActionCampaignsAnalysisUpdatesContact Us, Donate nowRenew your supportOther ways to give, The Council of Canadians 200-240 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 1X4, Tel. I am now back in Ottawa and seeing the reports about the Copenhagen Accord. endobj endobj endstream It would not have been a resounding success, but it would have been an honest ending that would not have been termed a failure. 09 COPENHAGEN ACCORD CoP-15 C openhagen climate talks were indeed historic. 15 0 obj That was applauded by … … When compar-ing the Copenhagen Accord to the Cancun Agree-ments (see Table 1), it is evident that the Cancun Agreements main achievement is the import of essential elements from the “Copenhagen was at the brink of failure due to poor leadership combined with an unconvincing level of ambition”, said Kim Carstensen, Leader of WWF’s Global Climate Initiative. Copenhagen Accord is branded "abject failure" by activists After two weeks of discussion in Copenhagen, an outline plan to tackle climate change was finally hammered out. '��6�&)���k��� ���R�\�$RZk���H��Us�j�����t�t��Ș��x��S�����&_��O�R'��4@X�����/EF3a�ݑ�X7� m�rэ| ���/�T?�:CӜ��4�6N�;��T��I��+�t�����1��Â�/@�A���C�~�]m��Y��v��0�o�վnP��U�,ã"�rk�l��R(n�,���gx���V��0Rw�l5+�����,AM':�(�úD�RT��C�پl|�_�Y�n�����w7k�k׷'O')?�!daB�[]�~;������Hv�]� m��#�F ��/w ���wm�i����hE��Y���4������ Any legal status. For their failure. 9 0 obj Certainly the Accord represents something less than the US-proposed alternative to a global treaty, “pledge and review,” which was an outcome publicly … Moreover, the Conference of the Parties (COP) (the main decision maker) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) did not feel able to do any more than “take note” of the Accord. endobj Failure would mean political humiliation at home and ultimately a potentially disastrous rise in the world’s temperature. The CBC reports that the accord reached today, "is not binding and does not set new greenhouse-gas reduction targets. <> By John Dillon, Dorothy McDougall and Ian Thomson he UN climate summit in Copenhagen December 2009 has been variously described as a “failure… Copenhagen, Denmark – The UN climate talks in Copenhagen were inches away from total failure and ended with an outcome far too weak to tackle dangerous climate change, WWF said today. Copenhagen was a spectacular failure on many levels. 2.2 Inequitable carbon budgets The Copenhagen Accord The formula was simple and ethical: rich countries would cut emissions by 40 per cent below 1990 levels, by 2020, and put new money on the table. Instead, countries are to set their own emission-reduction commitments, which would not be legally binding." . 8 0 obj Copenhagen Accord and Discord: COP-15 and the Many Roads to Mexico Institute for 21st Century Energy | U.S. Chamber of Commerce January 2010 M any of you are probably a bit confused by the outcome of endobj Copenhagen Accord. %PDF-1.5 �w�Y_Kε�i]����+�I���"��]� I am now back in Ottawa and seeing the reports about the Copenhagen Accord. x���mo�8���w�Kذ�H��"���"���8��Q�\9g;�˷�JJE�C��X۱G=�OÙ!��}d?�������,��'���K����7�$���~y�F�� &��ֲ�)�Kv��훜��˯o��3��V*��*�-~����\ �����X7Ǖ���ۿ�}���{굕)�2�6�B��+���%�ߟ���� tه�/������JاfE�s]L�뚳�fua��~e������W:;nv qFB[^��jx�����[~�?BJ��&���pal)�\*)�4���Lu>6�r"��� �b����Ȝ�^�������M�_�k�)�gLJz�2���Bf�c�2�������)����-�����t�z?��ɽ�O+ʼnnc��M�����"�A����9D�N����e�D�#�,U��i�6CK�Cx�j��"���_��BL�}�{o������)[#q�#�X}��n_S1[�p�s*�I�:ǝM��! In this week's Green Room, she says climate negotiations need to adopt a new 7 0 obj 2.2 Inequitable carbon budgets The Copenhagen Accord has confirmed that the current ‘grandfathering’ practice, expressed through Ý7' mx�.%,�\�i� q.D)�r^�$R�(���t��9n���xeI�N�;���2�g�W�9�F5��� ��m�ȏC���@��PI�ȁ�Rpp�>����o�H�~�K!����rL*��,�t��*�D����5y?��^ܶߺ��#�%�+�� <> <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Copenhagen Accord, but simply ―took note‖ of it, the future of climate diplomacy is unclear. Even before the conference commenced, it was clear that neither track was going to result in an agreed position, which is why the Danish Prime Minister, the host of the conference, started work on a draft "political" agreement involving "friends of the chair" such as Prime Minister Rudd, even before the conference started. Certainly the Accord represents something less than the US-proposed alternative to a global treaty, “pledge and review,” which was an outcome publicly opposed by most of the environmental community.

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