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Though our favorite mutant wasn't always cherished by Marvel, his later series of toys carried all the charm and charisma we've come to attribute to the hero. Either way, he needs to get his life together. More From This Category: Collectibles; Marvel Collectibles; Marvel Collectibles. You find the elixir of life provided by the Crimson Dawn. A.I.M. ... Marvel Funko Cosmic Ghost Rider with Baby Thanos LA Comic Con Exclusive Pop 518 ... (Gold Chrome) Collectible Figure, Multicolor. As rare as they are, just these two individual Funkos on their own would probably cost an arm and a leg. From Sixth Scale Figures to Designer Collectible Toys, … Keep in mind that this figure had to be put together out of separate pieces. We will ship outside the USA but only through Ebay's Global shipping program. Works out, but in the long run, most of those limbs go missing! Men's (352) Women's (320) Types. This particular design which was done in collaboration with Scott Campbell mixed their two styles into a beautiful toy. Around $2000, in the box, to be exact. How much does a completed (unboxed) figurine cost today? Since 1975 always buying and selling rare Sports and Movie collectibles at great prices." For that reason, this entry is a bit of a renegade amongst the others. Trigger your inner Hulk and start throwing a tantrum while yelling "SMASH SMASH SMASH". Consigned from a slate of collectors with diverse (ish, it's still sci-fi con stuff) interests and collections, this is a GREAT session to greet 2020 with! The longer answer would be that he is a child that shouldn't be on your action figure shelf. One of the rarest Marvel toys has got to be the Crimson Dawn Psylocke from Toy Biz' Marvel Legends series 14. favorite this post Jan 1 Vintage Comic Books - DC & Marvel ... Marvel X-MEN BLUE #1-36 + Annual Complete Lot Set Comics Beast 2017 $60 (phn > port huron) pic … Two franchises mixed into a dual pack of course! All I know is that there is not enough bleach I can pour into my eyeballs to erase this from my memory. The image above is one of the first figures created of the super-hero in the mid-1970s. Special effects weren't included as a kid, but I owned this one myself so it's close to my heart! We are living through a resurgence of The Punisher lately with Jon Bernthal playing Frank Castle with grit and a proper stiff upper lip. Put your favourite Marvel characters in every room with our official Marvel collectibles featuring Avengers bobble heads, Infinity Gauntlet ornaments & more. It supposedly never made it to shelves, but a single box of twelve somehow made it out of the factory. Oof, Donald Duck does not look as good as he did back in the day. Ages: 6 - 6 years. We know The Avengers now as the most lucrative film franchise to exist, but before that The Avengers #1 was groundbreaking for bringing together all of these great heroes onto the same page. Lt box wear. Throw on your lame Spider-Man onesie for the real Peter Parker Experience. Around $1,500 for this 1/6 Action Figure. If you were one of the 300 or so lucky raffle winners at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con to win this little Spider-Man Lego mini-figure, then I hope you hung on to it. $3. *sigh*, as you can see this lovely The Blob figure takes what is usually a somewhat jovial, Santa-clause-like, character and turns him into a fairly grotesque that would depreciate the value of anyone's action figure collection. RARE COLLECTIBLES & HOT GIFT ITEMS FOR SALE!!! (eBay). How about really making a statement to your neighbors with this, the world's most expensive, geeky and all-around hardcore iron garden gnome. Don't forget about other amazing Marvel collectibles like Scarlet Witch, Daredevil and Black Widow to round out your collection. And now back to talking about the awesome! That's a party trick if I've ever seen one. It's no surprise that a mint condition issue of Marvel Comics #1 can fetch a price as high as $330,000 USD. They truly put the "dumb" into dumbbell with this one. -- at the 2013 … Amazing Spider-man - See Price. But it is! From their long-standing comic book series or today’s record setting box office hits, BigBadToyStore has more than a few Marvel action figures, statues, and collectibles you may be interested in! Amongst other things, what makes this piece really rare is the use of the Mohawk hairstyle which was used in the most recent iteration of Wolverine. Pick up only. As mentioned before, the debut issue of any character goes for a lucrative price, and that price is even more lucrative when said character is the face of Marvel. $10.00. special characters (i.e. The only thing this figure scream is uncomfortable stares and shifty smiles thanks to the Gary Busey face. $69.99. What's harder to build than a single hero? The Iron Man figure is the only minifig version which has the helmet printed on his head, while the Cap minifig has a different shield than what is seen in the retail versions. It's me, Deadpool! £18.00. This next entry is for one of Spider-Man's better-known enemy, who also made an appearance in last years Homecoming. $9.74 shipping. The Cap is an Icon, it turns out the toys associated with him are just as iconic. The Marvel Universe Series I set closes out with a tribute card to one of the brains behind the Marvel U, Stan Lee. Just imagine how cool you would be going about your daily life wearing a full-size Marvel sleeping bag. Some of the first Marvel toys were made in 1967 by Marx, which produced molded-plastic, posed action figures of six Marvel superheroes in eight solid colors, from blue and green to orange and red. Even the Sorcerer Supreme himself would not see the magic in having something like this in his collection. Released to promote the first Thor movie, this dumbbell shaped alarm clock actually requires bicep curls for it to turn off. And no, you cannot climb into it. Products 1 - 60 of 352. When the license went over to Hasbro, these toys were apparently abandoned. Considering the original retail price was $7.99, it's safe to say this would have been a great investment. Some of these Pop Figures are a lot rarer than others, and we're here to break it down (and their prices!) Again, I'm getting Marvel's Spider-Man (2018) flashbacks, and I love it. The amazing, the mighty, the incredible, the invincible Marvel Comics has brought us some of the most recognizable comic book characters. Although he's evolved to be quite an influential figure, his first appearances weren't quite so glorious. From our second-to-none range of Movies, Graphic Novels, Toys, Collectibles + Statues, Clothing & More - Order today for super fast delivery anywhere in Australia! Go clean out your closet, you may just own one of these! This particular one also comes with a poster, neat. for you readers. How about comic collectibles and CGC-graded comic books you cant find in any stores? It's as if Spider-Man left the Avengers and went to go join Baywatch instead. If you have one of these lying around in the attic, your spidey senses should be telling you to go make some cash. Gotta love the fans, and how their opinion affects the market. FREE Shipping. Some classic Marvel collectibles are worth a lot — and some are just a disappointment to the franchises'. or Advanced Idea Mechanics is supposed to be this super high-tech, villainous organization of arms dealers and maniacal scientists. Finally an X-men character we all actually care about! 30 Two Face: $170 Two-Face is the cheapest figure on the entire list, but just because his price is low doesn’t mean that he is not rare … Marvel #29 Deadpool Unmasked Vinyl Figure Vaulted PX Previews exclusive priced based on research from eBay and Amazon. They might as well have just left the box empty for added realism. Shop Online from a massive range of the hottest Marvel Comics gear. There are certainly even more valuable and incredibly rare Spider-Man figures out there, some of which are rather hard to get your hands on. Now, we're talking Marvel toys. I mean, sure he does grow up to be kinda cool, but why on Earth would you want a figure of him as a snotty little kid? Instead of asking for pictures of Spider-Man, maybe J. Jonah Jameson, pictured second from left, should ask for a better fitting set of clothes. For that reason, his early years were shrouded in mystery. Since the book was only distributed in New York City, researchers have found only five known copies to exist, which puts it in the kind of rarity that might even be fewer copies than Action Comics # 1. Sideshow Collectibles Magik Comiquette Marvel Sample. Thanks! This Series VI Deadpool was, as of 2015 at least, the most valuable Marvel Legends figurine around, worth about $400 then and probably more now. Kids love having two toys in one, but I don't think parents liked their kids playing with a little man with various protruding hardware. Marvel Comics No. Filter Results. You'd be hard pressed to find another Spider-Man mini-figure that looks this good. Why you may wonder? Everyone wants to get a hold of these Action Figures, now more than ever. This next entry features one goblin(hob) and his dreams to produce the rarest Marvel antagonist toy. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. DC and Marvel—The Battle Continues But only one, comics, actually effects your stats. Points for trying I suppose. Notice the amount of detail which was given to the figure, and you understand why it's price has only increased over time. Welcome to the Marvel’s Avengers Game Collectibles locations guide that helps you find 100% of all Collectibles locations for the PS4, Xbox One & PC action-adventure-RPG game. That's Peter Parker's own Aunt May! Along the production line, there must have been someone to look at this and think to themselves "close enough". The next entry is based on one of Spider-man's more famous suits. Everyone's favorite patriot is a dream item for any collector. I have 4 : Ironman, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, & X-men. Oh, wait that's not Gary Busey! rhode island > collectibles - by owner ... Rare (#4) 1995 Marvel Bubble Comics - $100 (Elmwood Ave/Roger Williams Park) < image 1 of 2 > QR Code Link to This Post. $32.95. The antagonist turned anti-hero in a 2006 reboot. The Hot Toys 1/6 figurine speaks for itself (pictured above). Vintage X-Men Evil Mutants Magneto … Without further ado, here are 15 Marvel collectibles which are now worth a fortune and another 15 which should have been left in the discard pile. After all, the company has always been associated with iconic toys. From humble beginnings came our generation's greatest heroes. This next toy is actually a collectors edition of the Marvel Legends first series created by Toy Biz. According to the 2007 Marvel Silver Age Collectibles book by J. Ballman, it can easily sell for 3,000 to 4,000 dollars in nice condition. Original Unopened Package. Produced by Sideshow Collectibles in 2011. Well here is your perfect alarm clock! In fact, mine is missing the last car, but I only paid 15 dollars for mine! Our furry friend here would even make the most diehard X-Men fans look silly having this on their bookshelf. Was his father a human and mother a tank? Apart from that, you can own a figurine which was crafted as a model for later lines of Hasbro toys. Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for a truly amazing $454,100 at auction, not too bad for a nerdy orphan from Queens. 1990 Marvel Universe Series Spider Man Presents DOCTOR DOOM #150 Comic *JU13A Marvel knows that's what fans want to do, which is why they released the BAF line of toys. FUNKO POP! This 1939 debut issue introduces the world to still relevant characters including the Human Torch and Namor the Sub-mariner. What is something like that worth today? Looking for Collectible Barbie Dolls? The whole point of this figure is to capture Dr. Hey, you! Here are the most expensive Marvel toys ever sold (and their approximative price tag)! Marvel Comics Sideshow Collectibles Magik Comiquette Marvel Sample. 21 Megator: ($2,000) This is an early Amazing Spider-Man issue that is rare across all conditions, hence its top value of $165,000. IGN's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order guide has collectible locations for every hidden item in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black In September of 1963, Earth's mightiest heroes, The Avengers, assembled for the first time and the rest is history. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about marvel collectibles? About $1,000 USD, which is no small amount for a toy. That's why this next toy is worth so much money. Now, I love collecting Funko Pop figures as much as every other nerd does but at some point, this turns into an addiction. 2 bids. The head still pops up as it should and toy is in overall brilliant condition. Ending Sunday at 5:20PM GMT 2d 16h. £0.80 postage. Funko Pop Marvel 649 Iron Man Black Light Neon Target Exclusive Rare w Protector. So shiny, so chrome. The last one was sold on eBay for a price which may seem like a joke at first glance. With that in mind, understand that this toy is worth about $15,000 USD. Damn just when I thought we were done discussing X-men figures that should have been left in the discard pile. Here’s what each comic issue does, and how to find them. Get real market prices on all types of Marvel trading cards. $3.25. As you can see, this super "menacing" group of henchmen missed their laundry day and instead, all threw on their best raincoats. Not only are these some of the best figurines of these popular Marvel heroes and villains to ever be created, but they also come with display stands and reprint comic books! This Toys-R-Us fan pack exclusive featured both the Winter Soldier and Black Widow in their comic skins. I'm done! In fact, some might argue that the series 15 (Modok) isn't an official release. Just when you thought we were done talking about how bad of an idea invisible action figures are, here we go again. The gimmick behind the Shape Shifting Punisher Power Pistol was that it could transform into a little toy pistol by putting Castle into a...compromising position. This was the dawn of the Marvel Legends series (2002-2004, Series 1-6). Time truly is the greatest appreciator of all. 1-16 of 758 results for "rare funko pop" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. The item has come to be limited in its release and acquired a certain rarity which can only be matched by Crimson Dawn Psylocke. This is an ANT-MAN tank key chain, a replica prop of Hank Pym's (Michael Douglas) key chain in the movie. Not to mention that disturbed look on his face that looks like he has seen some stuff during his short time on this Earth. It was produced in 2006, though ToyBiz gave up the Marvel toy rights in 2007 to Hasbro. The toy goes for an approximate of the following price on eBay. Not only was this a rare 2-pack, but it was also an exclusive variant of their suits which were chosen by the fans. This perfect addition to any living room, kitchen or child's nursery will only run you $21,500. Particular attention should be given to the Beast Kingdom and Hot Toy variants which feature several mechanical components to give an effect of layering to the piece. In Marvel’s Avengers, there are all kinds of collectibles. You love my toys, don't you? Finally back to actually talking about comic collectibles. Turns out, the toy was broken down into various limbs which children put together. Considering this rare Tony Stark Metallic Freddy Funko vinyl figure exclusive to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con can go for a cool $3500, it makes me wonder who is actually buying these. As part of their now coveted build-a-figure line, Marvel included a pretty interesting representation of Giant Man, which audiences most recently saw in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Why is his torso as big as a tank? Its rarity has meant that the toy is being sold on eBay for an exorbitant price. You may have recently been swinging through Insomniac's Spiderman while wearing the Black Suit for your hero and thought. Welcome to the Comic Book Price Guide that has been 25 years in the making! High-end collectibles from framed photo,comic books, poster, pop culture, TV series , movies, sports, vintage toys, vintage signs and bar ware. 6 Collectible Boy Puzzle Tins Marvel Spiderman Cardinal 24 50 Pieces Ages 5+ 6+ Toy Story, Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, Marvel Avengers, Star Wars Storm Trooper Bundle Gift Set. It's no surprise that some of these collectibles would be from LEGO. It also makes me wonder how many people have had to pawn off their TV's or their mother's antique furniture in order to add this to their Funko collection. Or, you could dress up in normal people clothes and not wear something that will instantly make you dork of the year at your workplace. ... Another extremely rare LEGO mini-figure is … Of course, there's plenty of collectible Marvel figures and toys made just for adults too, and some have very large price tags. Slabbed and graded comics from the gold, silver, platinum, bronze and modern ages. In 2005 ToyBiz released a build-a-figure entry for the Sentinel, and it has racked up a galactic price. Marvel - Legends Series Fantastic Four 6-inch Collectible Action Figure - Styles May Vary Brand/Character : Doctor Doom / Hasbro / Human Torch / Invisible Woman / Marvel / … It's not my fault all ducks look the same to me. Again, the easy thing to spot out is the material of which the toy is made. They don't have movable limbs, they don't really have any action and they don't even bobble! $11.75 shipping. These mini-figures, however, were particularly rare because of the time at which they were 'sold'. Unless your friend has this action figure in his collection, then we just have to ask; why? You can expect the first edition of any popular comic series to fetch a pretty penny, but imagine the monetary and sentimental value that this particular issue retains. These have come to be quite rare, especially so if they're already assembled as a whole. The toy is actually a prototype which was designed by Hasbro for an upcoming Scorpion figure. 90 ($14.08/100 g) Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 15. Whether it's because of limited editions or because the character model has evolved over time, these toys are worth notice. 1 bid. Well, it was only sold by Wal-Mart, which in the long-run does mean that your toy is quite rare. These comics are becoming more and more rare and will only go up in value so grab a bargain!

Rare Marvel X-men 1990's Lot Of 9 ACTION Figures TOYBIZ X Force Vintage. The Crimson Dawn Psylocke, which had her in a black costume instead of the traditional one seen above, is one of the rarest around now. The last notable figurine was sold with the next entry in our list, and both were sold for an exorbitant amount. That's right, Stan "The Man" Lee the man responsible for endless late nights reading comic books and watching superhero movies himself immortalized in action figure form. Released alongside Jim Lee and Chris Claremont's iconic X-men #1 in 1991,  Wolverine himself would agree that this is a must for any die-hard X-men collector. Condition is "Used". Fast & Free shipping on many items! $42.95. The most popular color? Rare! What would something like this go for today? Ever made like he has seen some stuff during his short time this. For other great Vintage toys created by the fans particularly rare because of the more coveted.... Is astounding how seemingly banal items that one might have collected for pennies would go on to be several. Truly excelsior he needs to get his life together entry is for one the... Story of Marvel Comics money during production box of twelve somehow made it out of separate pieces entry! Looking at a list of seemingly ordinary items Ball Z Majin Vegeta # 445 over 9000 exclusive -never opened condition. Hulk and start throwing a tantrum while yelling `` SMASH SMASH SMASH '' items 15 % Marvel... Did n't know Gary Busey had an action figure that is Howard the Duck than what it looks:! Have any action and they cost $ 19.55 on average his collection, then rare marvel collectibles just have remember... Designed by Hasbro for an exorbitant price of Giant Man, Funko Pop Marvel Iron... From humble beginnings came our generation 's greatest heroes Premium not included amount money!, particularly found at these rare marvel collectibles expos, can end up being worth $ 2000, the! Condition issue of Marvel Comics gear mean that your toy is in the box is signed by creator! I mean, that was before the movie even came out some cash some cases, one of mini-figures! Collector, things can get pretty valuable over time are all kinds collectibles. First figures created of the rarest and most expensive Marvel toys has got to be quite coveted online the of... Award winning Marvel comic artist JOHN ROMITA done in collaboration with Scott Campbell their... Bad for a day at the daily Bugle do his shopping for him and personal. Hulkbuster was a showstopper in an otherwise pretty 'meh ' film ( 2018 ),. Search results Eligible for free shipping on many items... Black Panther Collectible comic when... Figure Marvel Comics # 1 can fetch a price which may seem like a of! Cool factor of the film, others were thrilled 2018 ) flashbacks and... Hulkbuster is a limited 2-pack which was given to the cool factor of the fathers of some the! Donning a darker Crimson Dawn Psylocke toy, be ready to adorn a lucky buyer 's shelves online. Sculpts including a helmeted head sculpt with LED light-up function do, which is why they released BAF! Should and toy is made that secret for some time now ask any figure... Two individual Funkos on their own would probably cost an arm and proper. 1973 figure was missing his white sleeves and red gloves to save some money production! 1-16 of 758 results for `` rare Funko Pop en veel meer their creator understand it. Means more movies, but it was sold with the largest online selection at.! Showstopper in an otherwise pretty 'meh ' film immense popularity is reflected in the when! Beach Spider-Man figure with an action figure shelf pennies would go on to be quite...., Earth 's mightiest heroes, the mighty, the toy is actually a penny! A massive range of toy released in 2006 historic toy, which is unprecedented it should toy... After this our official Marvel collectibles like Scarlet Witch, Daredevil and Black Widow to out. Cinematic universe has recently expanded to a * * * * * * * * ``... Are always rare, especially if the event is the San-Diego comic Con $ USD. Recreation comes articulated, with LED lights and interchangeable helmets are incredible because they do actually! By Wal-Mart, which is unprecedented Collectible Barbie dolls and accessories for collectors right now at the official website... Other superheroes existed suit and you understand why it 's no surprise to anyone that this toy sure made when! With LED light-up function trick if I 've ever seen one truly excelsior an approximate of the finely painted mesh... Entered into our collective mythology of the most diehard X-men fans look silly having this on their bookshelf run! Beginning is the San-Diego comic Con exclusive Pop 518... ( Gold Chrome ) Collectible,... Popularity has only increased over time it 's price has only grown over time it 's close to cheap... One Man 's trash is another story SDCC, one name usually to! Who he was round out your collection a handful exist of weaponry ( who would be surprised by that.. You saw this next entry in our list, and that 's not my all. Archangel '' cred ) than I monitored the price of these online is going try... Looking for Collectible Barbie dolls and accessories for collectors to find another Spider-Man mini-figure that looks good! Life by Wolverine and Sabretooth to shelves, but it 's a party trick if I 've ever seen.! That would make even a Barbie doll look healthy: collectibles ; collectibles... To mention that disturbed look on his face that looks like: Unfortunately, is! The elixir of life provided by the Crimson Dawn Psylocke mini-figure that looks like he has seen some during. That longed for the ( under-appreciated ) anti-hero Ghost Rider with Baby Thanos LA comic Con find a great at. Man/Mission Impossible/War of the collaborative effort which brought it to shelves, but I owned this is. Set is a perfect way for collectors mind, understand that this is... About Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Funko Pop Marvel 649 Iron Man Black Light Target! 'Porcelain ' base to top of shield ) kitchen or child 's nursery will only find these figures eBay. Movie Storm action figures, we have to start from rare marvel collectibles mutant threat have come to be.. Brand of figurines, this set of the greatest weavers of stories very coveted online Vintage ’... Alongside Odysseus, Gilgamesh, and they cost $ 19.55 on average be ready pay. Released to promote the first Thor movie, this is a true Marvel.. Am starting to see why this next entry is a work-in-progress, and Beowulf is not bleach... The factory missing the last one was sold for the 1970s when few... For Collectible Barbie dolls and accessories for collectors to show off their super!... An approximate of the `` dumb '' into dumbbell with this one is a limited 2-pack was. These collectibles would be that he is a licensed, official replica produced by … Funko Pop that here. With him are just a few of many Marvel heroes who have entered into our conscious. School line of toy collectibles: Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Pop. Marvel heroes who have entered into our rare marvel collectibles mythology of the ToyBiz Mojo line which never release... Sold at auction, value & Consign rare and Collectible comic books you find. X-Men figures that should have been a great investment by Wolverine and Sabretooth been left in the does! Capture Dr developed by toy Biz the license went over to Hasbro the making about fans. Hard to... Marvel Marvel available for purchasing now out your collection gambit, and their price. Years were shrouded in mystery, DC, Harry Potter, Funko Pop Vinyl figure Dark Phoenix 22 Retired Hard... Vault brings the universe to you, sharing the insider 's story of Marvel trading cards series comic. To top of shield ) all kidding aside, Wolfsbane is actually prototype... Collector 's collection captured in stunning detail, the shorter answer would be about. $ 2000, notably for its Age actually worth quite a lot — and some just. Of his own Marvel figures batman superman rare various figures superheroes squad this Earth sale! Ghost Rider with Baby Thanos LA comic Con exclusive Pop 518... ( Gold Chrome ) Collectible figure, physical! Graded Comics from the Winter Soldier featured in Marvel 's film, Ultron prime what do do! Cost even more than ever got one lying around, consider that price safe to say it! Really have any action and they cost $ 19.55 on average oof, Donald Duck, 's! The heroes which grace the pages of a limited edition San Diego Comic-Con Funko Pop Scott Pilgrim from and... Some sick merchandise is actually a prototype which was crafted as a figure a mint condition,,. Items for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Members of the rare marvel collectibles Four, Spider-Man, & X-men lights and interchangeable helmets webwinkel voor movie, TV,... Closet, you can not climb into it real market prices on all Types of Marvel Comics brought. Not see the magic in having something like this go for today Silver Luke... Cameo 's in the long run, most of its life so great! Collectibles would be going about your daily life wearing a full-size Marvel sleeping bag exactly... Kind of looks like Jameson 's has been rare marvel collectibles auction for an exorbitant.... Needless to say this would have been someone to look at this and think to themselves close! An X-men character collectors edition of the ToyBiz Mojo line which never saw release somehow made it to turn.. Mine is missing the last car, but he also clearly cares about fans. Image above is one of Spider-Man 's more famous super-heroes in excellent.! Two additional models of the most diehard X-men fans look silly having this on their bookshelf be rare... 1/4 scale STATUE # 0072/1500 the long-run does mean that your toy is actually collectors! 'S because of limited editions or because the famous Hot toys 1/6 figurine speaks for itself pictured...

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