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Fun recycling facts for kids in Australia. (Source: Recycling just a single aluminum can saves enough energy to catch up on your favorite album on your music device and recycling 100 aluminum cans saves enough energy to keep the lights on in your bedroom for two weeks. 94% of the U.S. population has access to some type of recycling program, 47. These fun recycling facts will impress kids and teachers at school, family and friends with your recycling knowledge. Recycling avoids all the damage done to the environment due to the harvesting of trees, mining for minerals and drilling for petroleum. Recycling Facts: Plastic Vs Glass While plastic and glass are both recyclable materials, there are many advantages to using plastic over glass for packaging. Service updates relating to Coronavirus / Covid-19 Find out more > In order to give you the best experience, our website uses cookies. Other Recycling Facts As per the Deconstruction Institute, every year, the U.S. building deconstruction and demolition industry produces around 125 million tons of debris that go to landfills, and only 2% of total building material waste is recycled. [Read our post: What Is a Circular Economy?]. 17 shocking facts about recycling in the UK 1. 11. Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. "Recycling rate of municipal solid waste (MSW) collected by local authorities in Wales from 2000 to 2019." See our Sustainable Materials Management web area for relevant information and our S… Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for, We hope you find these facts to be as interesting as we do! [Read our post: What Is Recycling Contamination?]. A whopping twenty-two percent of Americans report not having enough recycling information, and 18 percent admit they don’t understand what can and can’t be recycled. Recycling a stack of newspaper just 3 feet high saves one tree. Statista. 26. This post was originally written May 2019 and updated Sept. 2020. In 2014, The U.S. generated 258 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW), 45. 5. | Interesting Facts REDUX Recycling in Offenbach resumes operation Since the fire in May 2019 we are pleased to inform you that recycling of device and household batteries will resume at our Offenbach am Main site on 2 September 2019 an we will recommence processing of stocks. The 11 facts you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page. The average person has the opportunity to recycle more than, 39. By continuing, you accept that you are happy for us to use these cookies. The Agency uses this information to measure the success of materials management programs across the country and to characterize the national waste stream. The Global Recycling Foundation noted that in 2017, we used a year's worth of these resources in only seven months, and if this trend continues we will eventually run out of these precious resources. If you're interested in learning how RoadRunner can help your business recycle more, then,,,,,,, In 2007, 1.8 million tons of e-waste ended up in landfills, 43. Uncategorized The U.S. produces approximately 34 million tons of food waste each year. (The Facts) Recycling provides many benefits, and not only the obvious benefits such as reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill and reducing the amount of waste that ends up in the oceans killing marine life. Landfills  also account for the largest man-made source of methane gas in the United States—A powerful greenhouse gas that is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in the atmosphere. Chemicals and greenhouse gasses such as Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are released from the … The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year, 31. Over 11 million tons of recyclable clothing, shoes, and textiles make their way into landfills each year. (Source: Americans use more than 67 million tons of paper per year, or about 580 pounds per person. Around 80% of retailers and grocers recycle cardboard, 4. The Facts and Figures data looks at generation, recycling, composting, combustion with energy recovery, and landfilling for a variety of materials and products. If we’re able to get the rate to 75%, the effect will be like removing 50 million passenger cars from U.S. roads. Electronic waste totals approximately 2% of the waste stream in the U.S, 50. Less than 10% of plastic generation from the U.S. Municipal Solid Waste stream is recycled. That's enough to fill two Empire State Buildings every three weeks, 26. Updated October 10, 2019 Plastic recycling has become an increasingly important sector of recycling, but it would be hard to declare it a great success story from an environmental perspective. Fact 37: Recycling helps to conserve our natural resources like coal, oil and gas. Recycling plastic saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator, 21. Plastics – the Facts 2019 An analysis of European plastics production, demand and waste data. Plastics - the Facts 2019 FINAL web version Plastics the facts2019 14102019.pdf (4.803,64 KB) An analysis of European plastics production, demand and waste data. (Source: A single recycled plastic bottle saves enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for 4 hours. Unfortunately, improper recycling practices come at a price known as contamination, which is an issue that significantly reduces the value of recyclable materials and, most often, deems them unrecyclable and destined for landfill. Why is Recycling Important? Sending waste to landfill is problematic for several reasons, but, most importantly, because doing so creates innumerable environmental and health problems in local communities. Laut einer Umfrage im Jahr 2019 ist ein Umdenken der Gesellschaft im Zusammenhang mit dem Recycling erkennbar: ... Bruttojahresverdienst in der Branche Entsorgung und Recycling in Deutschland bis 2019. Jobs created by recycling in the United States is equal to $37 billion in yearly payouts. Doing your part to reduce your waste, reuse items when possible and recycle materials when appropriate, helps lessen your impact on our environment. Every time a ton of paper is recycled it saves 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4,000 kilowatts of energy and 7,000 gallons of water. Fortunately, with environmental issues becoming an increasing concern across the globe, many people are already motivated to do the right thing for the planet. Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, 18. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times, 16. The U.S. recycling rate is around 34.5%. And, while the majority of individuals have good intentions when recycling, 62 percent of Americans worry that a lack of knowledge is causing them to do so incorrectly. 50 Interesting Recycling Facts. 70% of corrugated cardboard is recovered for recycling. 9. Alle Statistiken einblenden (10) Hausmüllrecycling EU - Abfallbehandlung nach Ländern 2019. Anteil von Recycling-Material an der Neuproduktion in Deutschland 2018. Fact 34: One ton of recycled cardboard saves 46 gallons of oil. (Source: Making recycled paper instead of new paper uses 64 percent less energy and uses 58 percent less water. Food was the largest component at about 22%, 13. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Image Credit: jaylopez This is a guest article from Arabella Greatorex, from Exeter Family Activities, which has listings for playgroups, ideas for local days out, attractions, baby shopping, antenatal classes, breastfeeding support, baby activities and postnatal exercise classes.. When it comes to environmental impact and recycling, let’s look at how these two materials measure up. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity, 25. And, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our representatives should you or your business need more expertise around how to better manage your waste and recycling, sustainably. One of our representatives will be happy to walk you through how we can help your business recycle more and spend less. Recycling one aluminum can saves enough power to run your TV for 3 hours. Let us know it the comment section below, or reach out to us if you have any questions. Each ton of recycled paper can save 17 mature trees, 33. Recycling everything you could in your kitchen recycling bins could power a TV for six months, plenty of time to watch GOT! Americans throw away enough trash in an average year to circle the earth 24 times. Recycling generates 7-10 more jobs that landfills and waste to energy plants. Copyright © 2019 RoadRunner Recycling Inc. All Rights Reserved. Recycling a single glass bottle will save enough energy to power a laptop for half an hour. 6 Metal Recycling Facts Metal is one of the many materials that we use daily, from driving our car to work or the commuter train downtown; we use metal more than we think. Americans use 85 million tons of paper per year which is about 680 pounds per person, 28. 2.5 million plastic bottles are thrown away every hour in America, 14. Shelby Bell | Sep 23, 2020 | One ton of recycled cardboard saves 46 gallons of oil, 7. Recycling cardboard only takes 75% of the energy required to make new cardboard, 2. For instance, as garbage decomposes, it creates a toxic blend of liquids called leachate, which results in large amounts of pollution both in the air and in local water sources. Aluminum can be recycled using only 5% of the energy used to make the product from new materials, 39. To get started, begin your recycling education below by familiarizing yourself with the following facts. Luckily, with better information at our fingertips, we can all do our part in protecting the environment by educating ourselves, our customers, and our colleagues about the significance of effective and sustainable waste management practices as well as proper recycling techniques. Chart. One ton of recycled cardboard saves 9 cubic yards of landfill space, 8. (Source: Making new paper from recycled materials uses less energy than producing paper from virgin tree products and leaves more trees to absorb excess carbon dioxide. Only about 5% of food is diverted from landfill, 10. Discover more about the food waste industry. Just look at the phone you’re reading this on or the computer you’re surfing the web with—you use metal products (and recycled metal products, at that) every single day. Find out more facts and figures on plastic waste and its recycling in the EU with our infographic. Recycling properly creates valuable resources for U.S. manufacturing and can become a highly valuable export to countries such as China and India. Approximately 1 billion trees worth of paper are thrown away every year in the U.S. 35. Recycling protects natural resources Recycling reduces the overall market demand for virgin raw materials. The energy saved by recycling one plastic bottle will power your computer for 25minutes. You can recycle aluminum over and over again. Recycling creates about 1.1 million jobs in the United States. Recycling is a $200 billion industry in the U.S. Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for 3 hours, 40.

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