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Visit a remote fishing village and kayak into a mangrove lagoon. All Rights Reserved. Discover all the treasures in the Sea of Cortez on this can’t-miss cruise! Diving San Carlos reports and photos have been provided by Feliza Rios (El Mar Diving Center), Mike Huhn (Ocean Sports San Carlos), Russ Fontaine, Johan Broere and Becky & Jim.Diving Report: August 10, 2016. A rising full moon illuminated the breaking waves on Roca Lobos as we neared our destination. Puerto Refugio or Port of Refuge is not a port; it’s a picturesque sheltered bay that spreads 2.5 miles across the north tip of Guardian Angel Island, an uninhabited behemoth. For all supplies, go 35 miles south to Bahia de los Angeles, better known as L.A. Bay, which has diesel, gas, groceries, restaurants, a hospital, an airport and 20 modest hotels serving a couple hundred trailer-boating fishermen who trucked here from Highway 1. The best plan is to store boats safely on the hard. And no time of year is better for recreation on the Sea than mid-October to late November. San Francisquito enjoys the solitude of lying 60 unpaved miles from Baja Highway 1, but it’s a popular stepping stone for all boats crossing the Sea of Cortez via the Midriff Islands within sight. For details, visit or visit their Turtle Center at 108 Ficus Street, La Paz, (612) 146-3553. The Sea of Cortez is a popular Mexico scuba diving destination, especially for whale fans. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez peak during the same time period with visibility sometimes in excess of 20 meters. In the second of our series on Mexico’s best dive destinations (see the first installment here), we’re exploring the renowned ‘aquarium of the world’ and a 20,000-year-old reef in the Sea of Cortez.. Overview. Sea water temperature all along the Sea of Cortez coast is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 20°C/68°F. I counted only 50 yacht slips, and they fill up fast. Just 44 miles from La Paz is Isla San Francisco, and in 10 years it was one of the very local places which I had never visited. The worst thing was, the narrator’s voice put me to sleep. Bahia Balandra about 11 miles north of La Paz is a very popular day anchorage, but with little protection in much of a blow. View point-based 7-day wind and wave forecasts in Sea of Cortez - South. The Sea of Cortez in Mexico is unlike most of the other dive sites in this area of the Pacific Ocean, the reef here is flourishing and incredibly colorful. range, with 100+ ft visibility. In making our plans for our desired anchorages we looked to mix new anchorages with those secure anchorages we had known before. There is a small tienda in town in a little pink house, just above the desalinization plant. Again it’s really not a port; it’s a small uninhabited bay with a dog-leg entrance, room for 40 boats to swing comfortably, nearly impregnable to storm winds and seas from all directions. The water Temperature went up to 27 degrees, the visibility was so much better and there was a lot more sea life. These charts replace the original soundings and charting of the Sea done by the USS Ranger in the late 1800’s. COVID-19 Test Requirements for Air Travel to the US, Know Your Mexican Peso - Mexican Paper Currency in, Stingrays, Jellyfish and Man-o-wars & Wound, Expats Living in Baja and Mexico in general, Living in Baja California Sur – The Basics, Identifying Genuine/Counterfeit Mexican Pesos. San Felipe Sea of Cortez Fishing is great all year round, you can come anytime, and have a great time fishing.. During the summertime that is when some of tropical storms hits the the Baja California Peninsula, doesn’t go as far to fully reach SF BC. When you live in a vacation destination like La Paz on the beautiful Sea of Cortez it seems rather silly to select a vacation destination somewhere else. Cabrales Boatyard in the harbor’s northwest corner specializes in yachts, uses 150-ton Travelifts with padded straps and coordinates with international boat movers to truck yachts up to the U.S. or down. And so the Sea of Cortez Nudibranch Project was born. Eeeesh – rookies! With the increase in boat traffic it becomes more important for skippers to know their ground tackle (anchoring gear) and to anchor courteously. Otherwise, some folks at Mazatlan might head north to the San Carlos area, which has two hurricane-hole marinas and dry storage yards. In addition, as a valued Sea Of Cortez Premiere Vacation Club guest, you can enjoy a pool and a poolside bar that are available on-site. Chapman’s, the bible for seamanship, recommends an anchoring scope of 5:1 to 10:1 (in heavy weather) with rode, 3:1 to 5:1 for most anchoring conditions with all-chain. Choose any offshore point in Sea of Cortez - South to view an accurate marine weather forecast. Refugio is one of the quietest places on earth – well, except for the cries of sea birds diving into huge fish boils every morning, and except at night for the rhythmic “spwoosh” of whales breathing as they traverse the Canal de Ballenas. The balance is due 90 days before the cruise begins; see Terms & Conditions for details. The Sea of Cortez, or Gulf of California as it is also known, is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean that separates the Baja California peninsula from the Mexican mainland. It serves as a divide between mainland Mexico and the Baja California Peninsula in northwestern Mexico.Other English names for the sea include the Gulf of California, the Vermilion Sea, and the Sea of Cortés, while its Spanish names include the Mar de Cortés, Golfo de California, and Mar Bermejo. Sea of Cortez – there were some lovely camera shots of underwater flora and fauna, but the program was all over the place – WW 2, Great Depression, Steinbeck, Dust Bowl, oh, and the Sea of Cortez. They have access to provisions, fuel, and a few diversionary side trips for whenever a hurricane isn’t breathing down your neck. Electronic charts are still based on these ancient positions and soundings and can be as much as a kilometer off in some locations. Mazatlan on the mainland side of the Sea of Cortez might not be considered a hurricane hole due to the frequency of cyclonic storms that curve off the Pacific and slam into this coast between 22 and 24 degrees North. › upper-sea-of-cortez-hide-outs Bahia Sargento (“sar-HEN-tow”) is a pristine 3-mile wide turquoise bay between two sparkling white sand spits. San Evaristo is a small, remote and poor fishing village on the Baja coast which although is just 40 miles from La Paz is a half a day trip over bone-jarring dirt road/trail distant from the city. Grupo Tortuguero of the Californias, an NGO based in La Paz, helps preserve the Seri’s nautical heritage, and together they now protect all five sea-turtle species that thrive in the Sea of Cortez. Although the draw of many divers and underwater photographers is the large animal action, most sites also present unique and interesting macro opportunities. Isla San Francisco is about 80 miles north of La Paz and provides hiking from this spectacular anchorage. Mexico's cost of living vs income - How do they do it? When the Norte blows, you have 30+ kts on your nose and it’s a bashingly numbing ride. Otherwise, if you’re still in La Paz, you should be cruising north to at least Puerto Escondido, which is another very popular hurricane hole. Remember your tides when laying out your anchor, in the southern Sea a dramatic lunar tide is about 1.5 meters, tide are more dramatic in the northern Sea. They’re nestled between four little islands, two fun diving reefs and two low peninsulas that slope down from the island’s rugged 3,000-foot peak. Go “Commuter Cruising” Instead. The fish are consumed by people, birds, dolphins, porpoises, sea lions, sperm whales, humpbacks, and Bryde’s whales to mention just a few. 2) All the water on the outside of the boat remains on the outside of the boat. Crowded anchorages are a change I have witnessed over the last decade. There is plenty of attraction to the pretty little bay for hiking, snorkeling and scuba diving. On returning to the boat we consulted our Sea of Cortez Cruising guides for the details and GPS points for the trip. It was very easy for us to burn three days in this new to us location. Tom's & Slade's Three Rules for a Successful Boating Adventure. The Gulf of California (Spanish: Golfo de California), also known as the Sea of Cortés (Mar de Cortés) or less commonly as the Vermilion Sea (Mar Bermejo), is a marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean that separates the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland. We were expecting a short duration norther to pick up, so we figured San Francisco would be a good place to hold up and explore for a day. Dive conditions range from 20 feet to 90 feet visibility, depending upon the location and season. regulators, BCD, computer, mask, wetsuit (we recommend 5mm or 7mm wetsuits), booties and fins (high- But none of these anchorages are what I would call ‘well protected’ in the summer and most would be unpleasant in a regular winter north wind. Each is not very far from a hurricane hole if you need to scoot there quickly. Finally in anchoring, know your swing radius. The wind faded on the afternoon of the second day in Isla San Francisco, so we made the 9 mile jaunt across the channel to the very secure anchorage of San Evaristo, with the plan of heading even further north the next morning. It has a vast coastline of over 4000 km (2500 mi) and borders four states: Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora and Sinaloa. Most anchorages in the Sea are 6 to 8 meters deep with good holding. Buy a cruising guide and read it. This is a result of diving where the sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet. That is why a large number of Sea of Cortez Charters along the coast of the Sea of Cortez are mainly pangas and small boats of medium size. But unlike typical Mexican pangueros, they seldom initiate contact with outsiders, except during their annual Sea Turtle Ceremony. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The water temp is usually between 74F - 84F in the Sea of Cortez and the visibility ranges from 50 - 100+ ft. As a warning to other looking to spend ‘just a few weeks’ in the Sea, well it just doesn’t work out that way. All four provide rare protection from summer southerlies, and are graced by crystal turquoise waters and white sand bottoms. We recommend a 5 mm wetsuit and a hooded vest is always a smart addition to your dive kit. Sea Of Cortez Premiere Vacation Club Hotel features a 24 hour front desk, a concierge, and room service. Those days haven’t made it to the Sea of Cortez yet, but anchor courteously. Roughly speaking, if it would take a good throw to toss a beer to your neighbor, you should be far enough apart. Water Conditions: There is year-round diving in the Sea of Cortez off Baja Sur, but the best time is late June to early November. A north wind came up and after swimming all summer in +86° degree water we dipped a big toe and decided it was time to start heading south again. Spend a week in different parts of the large main bay, while three small adjacent coves are fun dinghy expeditions. For example, most of us anywhere in the lower and mid latitudes of the Sea of Cortez should already have slip reservations in at least one of the hurricane-refuge marinas at La Paz or Puerto Escondido in Baja California Sur, or at San Carlos in Sonora. There are two main areas for diving: La Paz and Cabo Pulmo. These guides are both useful and entertaining. It is always the skipper’s purgative to put out as much chain or rode as he or she thinks necessary, providing he doesn’t swing into another boat. (don’t anchor on the intake!) The lower and mid latitudes of the Sea of Cortez are vulnerable to tropical-storm winds and torrential rains that flood coastal areas, so if you’re not already hunkered down in one of those hurricane holes I think the best alternative is the upper third of the Sea of Cortez – north of a line between Santa Rosalia and Guaymas. Winter winds on the Sea of Cortez are affected by weather conditions in the Gulf of Alaska and northerlies are common. Sea lions are present all year round. Summer ended while we were in Agua Verde. With more than 5,000 species of macro-invertebrates, the Sea of Cortez is thought to be one of the most diverse seas on the planet. The Sea of Cortez has been called the Vermilion Sea. Between San Evaristo and Agua Verde are several interesting anchorages, including the stunning Los Gatos. At this time they come to feed on the plankton blooms so do not expect great visibility. Enter Sargento Bay from the northwest, swing wide of the little reef off Punta Sargento, anchor off the northern beach in 15 to 18 feet of clear water. The Sea of Cortez. Here you find three small marinas, two fuel docks with diesel and gas, seven haul-out yard, good provisioning, hospitals, chandlers, an international airport, air-conditioned movie theatres, and scads of restaurants featuring the region’s mainstay – shrimp. That night we strolled the moonlit beach and made a rough sail plan. With a classic 86-foot wooden ship as our base and kayaks on board, you’ll explore between La Paz and Loreto, enjoying incredible experiences by land and sea. The ocean brings currents rich with nutrients for marine animals. We ask for a deposit of $1,000 per person to reserve your cabin. We were bucking some into the preverbal ‘noserly’ as we motored north but it was a fertile section of sea as we pulled a 25lb yellow fin tuna and a bull dorado of about equal size from the Sea on the jaunt. Because of the abundance of large marine life, relatively good visibility and usually mild current, the Sea of Cortez is an excellent place to learn or improve your wide-angle technique. In our 8 day adventure we observed A ”Tom's & Slade’s Three Basic Rules for a Successful Sail Adventure” and had a great time exploring new locations in the Sea of Cortez. 3) Nothing breaks that won't heal in three weeks or less. The average term of boat ownership is three years; I’ve enjoyed this sport for 45 years. At the end of November, temperatures start cooling and visibility goes down. The absolute best months are September and October, when the seas are flat, visibility peaks at 60 feet or more and surface temperatures hit a toasty 85F. This night there were only two other sailboats anchored there. The days are still warm enough to inspire you to take a swim, while the nights cool off nicely so you can rest up for the day ahead. For about 4 hours a day, you have perfect sailing conditions. Water of all shades of blue sits against an arid desert backdrop and an assortment of islands. The soup of phytoplankton feeds invertebrates that are gobbled up by more than 800 kinds of vertebrates including fish, blue and fin whales. The first week of November is still early in the cruising season and you can count on most of the anchorages having plenty of room. ... definitely one of the most amazing sites in the Sea of Cortez. <>/p>, A Engineering & Design a product of ©2015, Anchored on the tranquil Sea of Cortez at sunset, Agua Verde is a well sheltered and popular anchorage, just south of Loreto. Lobos is a fairly large anchorage, one of our Veleros de Baja sail races had more than 20 boats from 8 meters to 80 meters anchored there and it is smooth in all but a rare westerly blow. Sargento lies within the indigenous Seri tribal reservation – all sacred land including Tiburon Island, where the Seri people believe their spirits live. Our next destination was Agua Verde. The soup of phytoplankton feeds invertebrates that are gobbled up by more than 800 kinds of vertebrates including fish, blue and fin whales. There is an additional larger anchorage on the southern side, but in a honkin’ norther can be a bit rough. The Sea of Cortez is a special place situated between Baja, Mexico and the mainland. The 8-day Exploring the Sea of Cortez: A Living Sea & Desert Isles cruise includes a National Geographic crew with more than 25 years of experience in the region. Cruising Ports: the Central American Route, Coolest Dive Spots around the Sea of Cortez, 5 Easy Pieces – La Paz to Puerto Escondido in the Sea of Cortez, Not Ready to Unplug Permanently? No one seemed to know just where to land this thing. You can buy fresh water from the plant manager, but don’t expect it to be a speedy process. Set in the brilliant turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez, our adventure brings you up close to the wonders of Baja. The trip started with a good omen, a large pod of dolphins escorted us north for a good kilometer right outside the entrance to the harbor. Are Carnavals an Endangered Species in Baja? In season a chorus of Honda 2000’s joins in from the smaller craft. Boats of dissimilar anchoring (rode vs.: chain) or hull design (sail, multi hull or power) should take more care when anchoring close. The La Paz whale shraks trip is from October till end of April. Cruise Baja, California, in April and December, a prime season for this stunning landscape. i.e. Very few hurricanes can travel up the narrow north-south length of the Sea of Cortez, nor can they jump over the Baja California peninsula and reform with sufficient strength to travel north again. But those days are gone. Sea of Cortez: UnCruise Safari Endeavor Ship - See 68 traveler reviews, 77 candid photos, and great deals for Baja California, Mexico, at Tripadvisor. Most boaters have no idea how small the circle of swing really is. The nearest hurricane hole is 53 miles northwest at Puerto Don Juan near L.A. Bay. Even with the tide that is over a 10:1 anchoring ratio. Difficulty: Novice – Intermediate. After 10 years of orbiting from our home port in La Paz there were still destinations within our one week time frame that we had yet to visit. The days are still warm enough to inspire you to take a swim, while the nights cool off nicely so you can rest up for the day ahead. When I sailed the Mediterranean the anchorages were so crowded we put out fenders at night. Seas generated by northerlies of 20 to 30 knots often are sizeable and of a “short period,” as describes them. The Baja peninsula is home to unique flora and fauna that have evolved in near isolation, so it's no surprise that the Sea of Cortez divin… Exploring the Sea of Cortez: A Living Sea & Desert Isles. With some safe anchorages hours apart, being an ‘anchorage hog’ could cost someone else dearly. ALWAYS check your Map Datum when changing electronic charts in the Sea of Cortez; they change from chart to chart. In years gone by I too have been known to anchor in the middle to scare off others who might want to join my secluded location. Trails abound on the island and a two hour walk will take you above the anchorage for a spectacular view in all directions with the southern beach hundreds of feet straight below you. The east side of the island offers some excellent snorkeling and shallow to moderate dives. No fishing or exploring ashore without a Seri guide, easily hired on VHF 16 in Kino Bay or Chuenque. A Whale of an Adventure in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Notarios in Mexico vs: Notaries in the United States, Anchoring & Anchorages in the Sea of Cortez, Handling Military Checkpoints when Driving in Mexico, Map of the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico, Feliz Cumpleanos – How You Say Happy Birthday in Mexico, Dia de la Constitucion - Constitution Day, February 5, Saving the Sea Turtles of the Sea of Cortez, US Consulate in Tijuana & Consular Agent in Los Cabos, Translation of the Baja California Sur COVID-19 Health Laws, Accident & Illness Mexico Travel Insurance, Marine Services in La Paz on the Sea of Cortez, The Sea Lions of Los Islotes - An Imagery Book by, Know Your Mexican Peso - Mexican Paper Currency in Circulation. Los Gatos is between Agua Verde and San Evaristo, but provides limited shelter when the winds blow from anywhere but the southwest, Although your not likely to use one this large, the Bruce anchor is the favorite among long time cruiser, but there are some modern permutations, Dia de la Candelaria - Candle Mass Day in Mexico, COVID-19 Test Requirements for Air Travel to the US and Canada. We escaped La Paz late in the afternoon and made our get-away to Caleta Lobos, just about 5 miles north of the entrance to the Ensenada de La Paz. The prices were fair when we visited, so don’t barter hard, it takes a lot to get supplies out to them. I believe it is essential to have at least two cruising guides to the Sea of Cortez. But because the tidal range is extreme this far north (23’ max at springs), the enclosed commercial port actually shrink at low tides, providing almost no room for moorings or anchoring. Nearly 50 small anchoring spots lie between Refugio and L.A. Bay. (I started when my anchor weighed more than I did) We racked up some good cruising miles within the Sea this year, making several trips north from La Paz, each a little further into our unknown. With a max depth of 35 ft, great visibility, coral heads, walls covered with gorgonians and hundreds of schooling fish Swanne Reef is an excellent dive site. Having never been quite such a captive audience to bad conditions prior to this trip, I was actually pretty blown away to discover just how many nudibranch species one will find on twenty consecutive macro dives. Distinguished by their native dress (“traje”), the Seri often camp ashore here. Tucked inside like a cluster of jewels in a purse you’ll find nine pristine anchoring areas, providing swinging room for about 20 boats total. La Reyna. But it’s mid July, so recreational boaters who are in the Sea of Cortez right now should have solid plans about where they’ll spend the peak months of this hurricane season (August, September, October) in safety and comfort. The Sea of Cortez is located between the Baja Peninsula and the mainland of Mexico. The Sea of Cortez is a fantastic ecosystem that very few people get to explore. But it’s “luck of the draw,” and even those marinas usually get booked full by now. The north side anchorage is well protected, but relatively small and gets deep quickly. Sea of Cortez. All the obvious stuff!! The U.S. border is only 65 miles north, so hundreds of gringos find it practical to keep their boats here over the summer while they scoot home. The wind forecasts shown here are from NOAA's GFS model. Guests arriving by vehicle have access to free parking. This results in a high diversity of smaller species, but have no fear, there are some large species spectacles as well. While the corals are underwhelming and visibility was not the best during our trip, there were plenty of animals to keep us entertained, including lots of sea lions. In the Sea of Cortez, the wind either doesn’t blow at all, or it blows like crazy from exactly where you want to go. Puerto Penasco, Sonora, in the northeast corner of the Sea of Cortez is an actual port, finally, population 27,000. The Log From The Sea Of Cortez The Narrative Portion Of The Book Sea Of Cortez By John E. Steinbeck and E.F. Ricketts 1941 here Reissued with a Profile About Ed Ricketts by John Steinbeck | Jan 1, 1975 You almost always are accompanied by the drone of a motor yachts generator through the night in the popular places. Sea of Cortez - Midriff Islands: Revillagigedo - Socorro Islands: Explore Baja: With clear, deep waters, abundant sea life, golden sandy beaches and inspiring vistas, the Sea of Cortez - known as the Gulf of California - is a breathtaking destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, boating, and exploring diverse marine creatures. Agua Verde is certainly one of the more popular anchorages; just a partial day’s sail south of Escondido or Loreto, boats headed south often take rest here. We were ‘advised’ on the radio in one calm anchorage of about 7 meters that the neighboring boat had out over 75 meters of chain on a 12 meter power boat. I like to lay out about a 5:1 all-chain; I wouldn’t sleep as sound with Chapman’s suggested 3:1. Expect water temperatures on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas to be between 5 °F and 10 °F lower (2.7 to 5.5 °C) compared to the Sea of Cortez. There are even Pre-Columbian cave paintings within a short hike from the north anchorage. The Sea of Cortez is a marginal sea located in the Pacific Ocean. Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez peak during the same time period with visibility sometimes in excess of 20 meters. The summer heat breaks, the humidity drops dramatically and yet the waters of the Sea are still incredibly warm and inviting. A dirt airstrip (1,200 yards) gets an occasional fly-in fishing group, and two rustic camp grounds on the south beach may have limited gasoline and water. With a proper 5:1 scope in 7 meters of water you have 35 meters of chain out. They are steep and square, as … All this is within a 3-mile radius. “In Season” it is now rare to wake to being the only boat in an anchorage, even the more remote ones. Best San Felipe Fishing Charters in the Sea of Cortez Baja California Mexico. Most years, boaters berthed in the popular marinas tucked back into Sabalo Lagoon have reported no problem. It is a good day’s sail from La Paz. In the lulls you drift aimlessly in circles, listening to sails flog. San Francisquito is a gorgeous multiple-anchorage destination 75 nautical miles up the Baja coast from Santa Rosalia. My personal favorites are “The Mexico Boating Guide” by Rains and “Sea of Cortez – A Cruiser’s Guidebook” by Breeding/Bansmer. Having summered over here 10 times on several different boats, I’ve distilled my list down to four favorite places to hide out during hurricane season in the upper Sea of Cortez. Diving San Carlos Reports. If you’re not summering over in the marina there, then I think you should plan to continue past Santa Rosalia (not a hurricane hole) to reach summer safety farther north. The fish are consumed by people, birds, dolphins, porpoises, sea lions, sperm whales, humpbacks, and Bryde’s whales to mention just a few. In many anchorages through much of the year the winds can shift 180° after sunset. Here, in the Sea of Cortez and Cabo San Lucas area, water temperature and visibility can vary from day to day and even site to site. When I found Ricardo four years ago, he took me where none of the other local boats had –- a little-known seamount, less than 30 minutes from the dock. The warmest water temperature Sea of Cortez now is 18.3°C/64.9°F (in La Paz), and the coldest sea surface temperature today is 15.8°C/60.4°F (in Puerto Penasco). In the shallow tidal lagoon behind this beach you may see Seri families setting hand-made fishing nets. The Original Baja Peninsula Travel and Living Online Magazine. 1) All the people on the inside of the boat return on the inside of the boat. There are some secret hot springs in the area too, but we will force you to converse with the locals here, rather than divulge these secrets on the internet. See map. The Sea of Cortez has been called the Vermilion Sea. There are only three reasons to have out that much chain: 1) you are expecting hurricane force winds 2) you have no idea what you are doing and the capabilities of your gear or don’t have the correct gear 3) you’re just plain an inconsiderate “anchorage hog”. Copyright © 2018 Point Loma Publishing. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Sea of Cortez is certainly my main attraction to living in Baja California Sur. In addition to hazard, anchorages and other boating tips both guides provide local lore and more. Large adults are known to show up in the spring months of April and May which is also a time that sees large schools of yellowfin tuna, and schooling scalloped hammerheads. As per usual in the winter Sea, we had a nice wind from the NNW to propel us under sail back down the coast. When you have tension on the chain, set your anchor with a slow but firm reverse of the engines, not doing 4kt running yank in reverse and hitting the end of the chain with a loud "CLANK" as I saw a boat do in San Evaristo this trip. Signs of climate change in the Sea of Cortez seem to be evident in the fish that are now found here in San Carlos. A 1-mile outer beach roadstead is good in north wind. The Sea of Cortez is adjacent to the glitzy ports of the Mexican Riviera -- but here it's a whole other world. The weather had certainly changed and the summer we had spent enjoying the Sea drew to a close as we made way to anchor back in Lobos the final night of our journey.

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