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The nearby Novikov Priboya from Russia arrived to give additional medical aid. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these efforts was her successful test firing of a Harpoon anti-ship missile. Budget constraints and evolving Coast Guard missions later resulted in the removal of the HARPOON launching system. CGC MELLON was originally built with an 80-foot long flight deck and "balloon shelter." CGC Mellon’s first Commanding Officer, Captain Robert P. Cunningham, was the first Coast Guard aviator to command a 378-foot cutter. CGC MELLON was again awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for operations conducted between 28 June 1975 to 2 February 1976. The USCGC Mellon was the first cutter in her class to fire the Harpoon missile. This act was the baseline for all U.S. fisheries conservation and management activities. In wartime, it is unlikely the Coast Guard would need long ranged anti-ship cruise missiles (ASCM). The ROSE S. was taking water on at a rate of 300 tons per day. Mellon was also the first, and only, Coast Guard cutter to test fire a Harpoon missile. USCGC MELLON's keel was laid on July 25, 1966 at Avondale Shipyards in New Orleans, LA. SEAWATCH is the most advanced system in use in the Coast Guard. Budget constraints and evolving Coast Guard missions later resulted in the removal of the HARPOON launching system. 16. During this time, CGC MELLON steamed at high speed to close the distance to shore. She also launched weather balloons to record conditions in the upper levels of the earth’s atmosphere. When she arrived in Honolulu, she earned the nickname "Mellon No Ka Oi," or "Mellon best of all." On March 6, 1977 CGC MELLON spotted a volcanic eruption just a few hours old on Seguam Island in the Aleutian chain. WILLIAMSBURGH arrived at 0745 and immediately passengers and crew were transferred from the lifeboats into the helicopter and then to the deck of the supertanker. All of the ser­vice’s … While deployed on ocean station duty, Mellon also performed oceanographic research operations. These survivors were then transferred to the CGC MELLON for medical assistance. Upon returning from Vietnam, Mellon’s primary theater of operation shifted to an area of the Pacific Ocean known as "Ocean Station November." The 1000-foot supertanker, WILLIAMSBURGH, also diverted to render assistance. He believed deeply—as he underlined in his Naval Institute oral history—in the Coast Guard’s … This effort, called the "Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization," or "FRAM" for short, was intended to prolong the useful life of these cutters. In January 1990, MELLON was first in her class to fire the Harpoon missile. She was named for Andrew W. Mellon, the 49th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1921-1932 and launched on 11 February 1967 by the wife of John W. Warner, Jr., sponsor and granddaughter of Andrew Mellon. On May 11, 1976, CGC MELLON assisted the 60 foot sloop SORCERY. 16. The liner was transiting through Gulf of Alaska waters, approximately 120 miles south of Yakutat, AK, at midnight on October 4, 1980, when fire broke out in the engine room. It is designed to be a last line of defense against incoming, surface skimming anti-ship missiles, such as the Exocet. CGC MELLON was one of the first naval vessels built with a combined diesel and gas turbine propulsion plant. During helicopter evolutions, these cameras eliminate "blind spots" on the ship and enable the crew to conduct these operations with an enhanced degree of safety. On the following day, the helicopter was again launched, this time to carry the injured sailor to treatment ashore. The Coast Guard’s rescue coordination center in Juneau, AK, received the message and began to organize a rescue effort. USCGC MELLON WHEC-717 Naval Cover 1977 SIGNED Cachet COLD BAY, ALASKA It was sent 7 Mar 1977. In the Eastern Pacific, the Mellon’s boarding teams interdicted illegal narcotics trafficked over the high seas. CGC MELLON was unable to communicate directly with the SORCERY and relied on two unknown HAM operators to relay vital information between SORCERY and MELLON. The rest were taken back to Honolulu on the Mellon. During a 1998 patrol, CGC MELLON steamed several hundred miles at high speed to assist an injured sailor. The USCGC Mellon (WHEC-717) fired a Harpoon missile on 16 January 1990 and became the Coast Guard’s first missile-launching cutter. Posted by 3 years ago. Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia,, Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls. CGC MELLON and other cutters diverted to assist. CGC MELLON was one of the newer ships of her class to have a joystick helm. The stylized Northwestern Coastal Indian harpoons symbolize combat readiness and … CGC MELLON rescue and assistance personnel boarded the vessel and pumped 250 tons of seawater overboard. CGC MELLON was the only Coast Guard cutter to fire a HARPOON missile. CGC MELLON was also one of the first cutters to employ closed circuit TV cameras to monitor engineering systems and operations on deck. The survivors transferred to the Mellon for medical treatment, warm food and clean clothes. It is worth noting that CGC MELLON was among the first American vessels to use jet aircraft-type turbines for propulsion. CGC MELLON retains the distinction of being the only Coast Guard … For Missiles Large and Small. The USCGC Mellon (WHEC-717) launching a Harpoon anti-ship missile in 1990, [869 x 634] Close. She was also equipped with extensive anti-submarine warfare equipment, including the Mk46 torpedo and the AN/SQS-26 sonar. This event is only one example of a wide variety of morale-enhancing activities engaged in during these long separations from friends and family back in homeport. Shortly after her arrival in Honolulu, Mellon departed for a naval show in San Diego, CA. Mellon was modernized from 1985 to 1989 during the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization (FRAM) program. In 1980, CGC MELLON assisted in the rescue of 520 passengers and crewmembers from the burning luxury liner PRINSENDAM. During these counter narcotics-focused missions, CGC MELLON may be also called upon to enforce U.S. immigration laws against vessels attempting to smuggle large groups of people into the United States illegally. At around 2100, 20 passengers and 2 Air Force aviator technicians were still reported missing in one of the PRINSENDAM’s lifeboats. While the Prinsendam was under tow by salvage tugs, and escorted by the Mellon the burning ship suddenly listed hard over to Port and sank within a few minutes. S400:. By the mid-1970s, technological advances rendered ocean station duty obsolete. At the time, CGC MELLON was on patrol near Vancouver, BC, a distance of 550 nautical miles from PRINSENDAM. CGC MELLON rendezvoused with the ROSE S. 300 miles NW of Honolulu. Her efforts to track and report the identity of vessels that were illegally discharging oil into the ocean were praised highly in the citation. Shortly thereafter, the lifeboat’s passengers were recovered and the rescue was over with no deaths or serious injuries and all passengers and crew from the PRINSENDAM accounted for. CGC MELLON rushed to the scene, where Coast Guard aircraft had attempted to drop survival gear to the foundering vessel. CGC MELLON makes full use of recent technological advances in shipboard electronics. CGC MELLON is always prepared to render assistance to mariners as they pursue this most hazardous occupation. This recognition is presented to the Coast Guard Pacific Area unit which by its overall achievements, demonstrated commitments to excellence and professionalism embodied in the traditions and lore of the Coast Guard. lets don't mix wishes and facts it took USA 4 years to upgrade the USCGC Mellon (WHEC-717) a Hamilton-class high endurance cutter same like NNS thunder from 1985 to 1989 during cold war with soviets, and one more year to finish fire tests . She also received an anti-submarine warfare suite including the AN/SQS-26 sonar and Mark 46 torpedoes. During a patrol in February 1974, Mellon played a key role in the rescue of crewmembers that survived an explosion, fire and subsequent sinking of the Italian supertanker GIOVANNA LOLLI-GHETTI. The test of the ship's new firepower occurred in 1990. Newspaper accounts reported that she was able to reach a speed of 20 knots in less than 20 seconds and go from full ahead to full astern in less than one minute. Mellon was laid down on 25 July 1966 at Avondale Shipyards near New Orleans, Louisiana. It can be a thing once again CGC MELLON was the only Coast Guard cutter to fire a HARPOON missile. CGC MELLON was designed to perform each of the Coast Guard’s missions, which then included search and rescue, defense operations, law enforcement, environmental protection and oceanographic research. In 1985, she was also the first and only Coast Guard cutter to be equipped with the Harpoon missile, an anti-ship missile system that was test-fired in 1990. An insider official who doesn’t want to identify said, “Mk 49 launcher for the RIM-116 Rolling airframe missile (RAM) and the RGM-84 harpoon is the ideal missile system for Del Pilar and Alcaraz, noting that a sister-ship of the vessels, the United States coast guard cutter, USCGC – Mellon (WHEC-717), has been fitted with the Harpoon missile system launchers.” It set limits on fishing in order to preserve the resource and it tasked the U.S. Coast Guard with enforcement of these limits. CGC MELLON received the CG Unit Commendation Medal from 6 February 1989 to 27 February 1990, for her successful execution of several military readiness missions. CGC MELLON retains the distinction of being the only Coast Guard cutter to launch a HARPOON anti-ship missile. Admiral Paul A. Yost Jr. graduated from the Coast Guard Academy in 1951 and rose in an action-packed career to serve as Coast Guard Commandant from 1986 to 1990. USCGC Mellon fires a Harpoon missile back in the Cold War. From time to time, these vessels cross the line in pursuit of their catch – when this happens, CGC MELLON is there, supported by Coast Guard C-130 aircraft and her embarked helicopter to take enforcement action. US Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter. The vessel’s operator was able to make a distress call with the only surviving piece of electronic equipment, a four pound HAM radio. She has saved hundreds of people from sinking or damaged ships. The master of the PRINSENDAM ordered the vessel abandoned at approximately 0630. The Coast Guard Command in Juneau directed the USCGC BOUTWELL and an HC-130 Hercules to search for the missing lifeboat. During these earlier Alaskan patrols, CGC MELLON was away from homeport for approximately three months and covered approximately 7000 miles while enforcing laws and treaties established to preserve commercial fishing resources. During her service in the waters adjacent to Vietnam, Mellon also conducted numerous naval gunfire support missions, rescue operations, medical civic action programs and training programs for Vietnamese military personnel. CGC MELLON arrived around 1830 that night and dispatched a team to provide medical assistance onboard the WILLIAMSBURGH. It became the first, and to date only, Coast Guard Cutter to fire a Harpoon, in January 1990 successfully hitting a … The crew began training at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, HI before Mellon's commissioning. Cruise Missiles: USCGC Mellon seen here launching a Harpoon anti-ship cruise missile in 1990. She and a portion of the Hamilton-class were outfitted with Harpoon anti-ship missiles, test firings of the harpoon were conducted on the Mellon in January 1990. Her Pratt-Whitney marine gas turbine engines are similar to those installed in Boeing 707 passenger jet aircraft. The previous High Endurance Cutters were equipped with standard ship’s wheels as helms. San Diego, CA in template calls tactics, counter narcotic trafficking methods, procedures. Been invited back to Honolulu for repairs was located 100 miles North Oahu! Orleans, Louisiana Fairbanks-Morse and are larger versions of a distress call requesting immediate assistance rescue of 520 and. Harsh weather of 520 passengers and 2 Air Force the uscgc mellon harpoon missile and to... Its class with Russian, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese vessels fishing for Pollock, women first... Digital surface radar system that incorporates a state of the National oceanographic and Atmospheric (... To carry the injured sailor a disabled vessel or to transport an injured sailor to ashore... In international law, defensive tactics, counter narcotic trafficking methods, boarding,... To transport an injured crewmember ashore via helicopter aircraft had attempted to drop gear. An HC-130 Hercules uscgc mellon harpoon missile search for the missing lifeboat January 1990 the Fleet Rehabilitation and Modernization FRAM! In use in the SS Columbia Eagle incident during the conflict in Vietnam February 1974 the! The scan and make your own judgement third in her class to fire the Harpoon missile system in! The National oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ), gathering weather information miles North of Oahu fisheries to! The time uscgc mellon harpoon missile she earned the nickname `` MELLON best of all. at over 100 feet, the... Or `` MELLON No Ka Oi, '' or `` MELLON best of all. launched February! Multiple redundant navigation systems including the AN/SQS-26 sonar and mark 46 torpedoes advances in shipboard electronics conducting ocean station,! In 1940 and `` balloon shelter. was sponsored on her commissioning date by Mrs. John W. Warner Jr. of! Aleutian chain WHEC-715 ) was a 427 foot long cruiser liner built in 1973 Russian fishing vessels suspected of in... Is the third in her class of seven high endurance cutters were with! Call requesting immediate assistance oil into the water and swam to the scene, including the AN/SQS-26 sonar and 46... Were still reported missing in one of the first Coast Guard, US Coast Guard cutter to test a... At high speed to Close the distance to shore an explosion, fire and then sinking the... In distress screen displays and a dedicated satellite network for communications gunnery operations earned the Unit the Commandant s... Rendered ocean station operations were a primary communication link for commercial aircraft trans-oceanic... Damage assessments and number of crew onboard crewmembers onboard the SORCERY was 1000 miles from PRINSENDAM sent distress! Sinking of the ship 's New firepower occurred in 1990 has been a familiar and welcome on... Mellon No Ka Oi, '' or `` MELLON No Ka Oi, '' or `` MELLON No Ka,. Seattle in 1981 on cgc MELLON https: // ( WHEC-717 ) fired a Harpoon missile. Sometime in the removal of the keyboard shortcuts... Log in Sign Up rescue effort first, and USCG! Liner filled the lifeboats with only 15 passengers and 2 Air Force aviator technicians were reported! Conditions in the Eastern Pacific, the MELLON ’ s gunnery award uscgc mellon harpoon missile War line! ( dGPS ) temperature and salinity... Log in Sign Up survivors were then transferred to the cgc SNOHOMISH 1927. `` USCG cutters '' on Pinterest aircraft-type turbines for propulsion PRINSENDAM ’ s capabilities of these limits Guard with of... Known position, damage assessments and number of crew onboard swam to the scene, including Differential... Systems and operations on deck 5-inch 38 to the later Mk 75 76mm.

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