How To Make A Home Made County Style Kitchen Table

Me and Shayla spent a few days making a table that we really wanted, a table with this size and design retails for nearly $1,300 dollars, but we found some plans online that really were not very good plans, but we went for it anyway and had to make a lot of decisions ourselves with this project but we got it on video in case we ever want to make it again, this video will make things easier, as well as for any of you who want to make your own, 10 person table, here you go! Good luck!


The video below shows what you need and how to make it. But a list of some of the things you need are

1. 9 or 10 2x4s (eight foot)
2. 9 or 10 2x6s (eight foot)
3. Stain &/Or Paint
4. Liquid Nails (With Caulking Gun)
5. Square
6. Tape Measure
7. 2.5 Inch Screws
8. Pen or Pencil (something to mark on wood)
9. Jig Mini Kit (To angle Screws)
10. Pocket Hole Screws (Or you can use your other screws)  (Around 100 total screws needed)
11. Miter Saw or Table Saw
12. Drill

Hope you are able to make this awesome table!


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