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Why is Perk TV my favorite? Because this requires no thinking, or labor or time from you at all to make money. Many people give this up because they do not want to get a point for watching a video…. Well, that makes sense, a point is equal to about a cent, and the average video is about 3 minutes long… That means it takes about 5 hours to earn 1 dollar. BUT you do not HAVE TO watch the videos for FIVE hours to get the 100 points, the best thing about this application is that the videos will play over and over and go to the next video on its own, the app plays the videos for you! So why not just let your smart phone or tablet do the working for you while you go do whatever you want? You can even sleep and the videos will play on their own and make you points and you can cash the points in for prizes or even cold hard cash!    HOW TO SIGN UP —– Go to the apple app store or Google Play and download PERK TV. When you sign up it will ask you if you have a code, type in this code to get FREE points instantly and get a good head start! YOUR CODE – da31a707

How much can I make with PERK TV?????

You can make as much as you want, as we already covered you can make about 100 points in 5 hours, and 100 points is equal to about 10 cents while 1,000 points is equal to about 1 dollars USD. BUT, you do not have to do anything at all, you just let your devices play videos non stop and you will get a point or more for each video that is played, you DO NOT even have to watch the videos that are playing. Every now and then, usually every few hours a message will pop up on the screen and ask you if you are still watching… just click yes and the videos will start back up…. NOW Lets talk about how to REALLY make some cash for those of you that want to take this as far as you possible can… You can have up to FIVE devices on 1 account for Perk TV, which means you can have all 5 devices on your own account and they can all play videos at the same time on their own… Now lets do the math…

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We know we can make AT LEAST 100 points in 5 hours from 1 device. That is ABOUT 480-500 points PER DAY.

Now lets talk about running all those other devices… If we have 5 devices running non stop all the time…. that is about 2,500 points PER DAY! which is equal to about $2.50 per day using those 5 devices, now if you have faster internet and videos never really have to load this will help you alot and you will make even more points… Now lets figure out what we can make a month for those 5 devices running…. 30 days in a month at $2.50 per day on average. That totals up to about 75 dollars a month for doing NOTHING and again that is for us folks that don’t have super high speed internet, if you have really fast internet you can make well over 100 bucks a month for doing NOTHING AT ALL….


dont wait any longer… make that cash!!!!!


Go to google play or the apple app store and download PERK TV now and make sure to get 100 free points to type in this code when you sign up —  YOUR CODE – da31a707

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WARNING: Videos do take alot of data usage, so make sure you have unlimited internet if you are going to do this constantly, if you can only use so many gigs you may only want to do this for so long per day depending on how many gigs you are able to use.

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