Push Mower Wont Start? Let Me Help You! GOOD TIPS & TRICKS!

So we all have those days where the dang push mower just will not start, and after you try to pull it a good 5-10 times to start it, your arm hurts and you quickly may get out of breath and lose your energy, unless you’re some kind of superman. If you do not have this kind of problem ever, or never have, you must have some kind of super special mower, and in that case, millions of people would like to know exactly how you are doing what you are doing! LOL


Most of us have had issues starting our push mower, however, I am not some kind of special magician and I do not have any kind of magical spell, I do have a bit of advice that may help you get that dang thing started


This is how you do it, let’s get it started! 

The first thing that can make starting a push mower difficult when it is not already easily starting, is that you have to hold down the throttle bar, as well as try to pull the string to make it start. So what you need to do is take a bungee strap, rope, or something that hold down the metal throttle bar so that you do not have to hold it down with you hand while trying to start your push mower. Simply just tie the throttle bar you hold down to keep the mower running while you try to start the mower.

Another good tip is making sure that your mower is not flooded, you may have primed your mower too much or tried too many times to start it, in this case just give it a couple hours break and come back and try it all over again. Make sure that you are priming the mower with the prime bulb the correct amount of times. Usually its 3-5 depending on what brand of push mower you have and what the manufacturer recommends. Also check your choke lever on the mower, making sure that it is in the correct position to start the push mower.

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One of the best, last things you can add to these other steps, is while trying to start your mower, lodge the front of your mower under some big rocks or maybe even under a solid part of your car (making sure it’s not a spot that could tear up your car) that way when your try to pull start your mower its not trying to move all over the place or flip around.

Hopefully, these tips help you out to get your mower started! Good luck!