So, what is the best place to buy, sell, trade, advertise & more online?

This was my website and It is not longer up and running, the costs to keep it going was much more than what I was earning in revenue…. I follow the 3 year rule, if a business is not profitable within 3 years, its a hobby not a business – that is what happened with my website swapaholic as you can read below….. but thanks to those who supported me along the way.  God bless

When this question is asked, so many different opinions can be applied to this question. Everyone has their own places they like to use, and places that they are used to using and to be honest, most people simply do not like change, they do not like change one bit! In fact almost 100% of people do not like change in their lives, so often we as human beings get scared quite often when the word “change” comes around because like I said, we do not like change!

Craigslist will usually come up in peoples mouths when asked the best place to post a classified ad, but the problem I see and many people are seeing with craigslist anymore, are the correct steps were not taken when it comes to security of CL as well as what was done to stop spammers grabbing your email and your phone number and getting more spam calls and emails than you would from real people interested in your ad, that is what truly sucks about craigslist over all is the scams and spammers!


There are many people out there that will do what they can to get any kind of info you give them online and use it to their advantage to give themselves person gain, the sad part is that is the case with craigslist.


When asked “What is the best place to find good deals and have them shipped to me online?”  the answer is almost always EBAY, now while ebay is a good place to find deals online, scams are also there where you will pay people for their item and you will get something in the mail that is nothing like the listed description said it would be, which of course sucks and there is usually not much you can do about it. When talking about being a seller on ebay, you can lose alot of money being a seller, from a first hand experience I can tell you why most people lose money selling on ebay. First of all ebay revolves around everything being shipped or mailed, so when a normal person like me or you try to sell items, there is always someone else in the world that will be able to sell the same items cheaper because they can buy the items at a much cheaper price, not fair? Life is never fair! So you may be thinking, what is the point to buying and selling to try to make a few extra bucks each month to help pay for bills? The answer is sell locally, because anymore people like to do deals face to face and see the items before they have to pay you, which is not the case with ebay, on ebay you pay first then hope you get your item and hope that it is not damaged.

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So that pushes us back to using craigslist, but wait, I just said craigslist is so full of spam and scammers so why should we use it?  While it is the largest place to post classified ads online, that does not mean it is the best place to buy and sell online, that is like saying China has the most people so it must be the best place to live? That is not really the case!

So lets take a look at my personal favorite place to buy, sell, trade, advertise and now even look for jobs online. This website is always fair and 100% free to those that are buying, those that are selling, those that are trading, and those just posting or browsing around looking for a good deal or maybe a new job they may be interested in. The website is called Swapaholic. I like how the site looks and how it always loads fast. It is new but i have never had a problem with anyone trying to scam me because they know they will have to meet me face to face and the chance of them trying to scam me in front of my face is alot lower than someone getting my money then are able to ship a load of crap to me.

10524458_10152571419749170_1330719197_n was launched around September of 2013 and it is growing fast, its home grounds is in Missouri, but it is very quickly spreading fast to the North, South, to the East and to the West!  You can sign up for a free account in seconds, it just asks you to make a username, your email and password then you are into the website. You can then post any kind of ad for free and then from your account you can also change your details or you can edit your ads, pause your ads, delete your ads and much more. Also instead of having to post a new ad every day to keep your ad at the top, there is a bump feature which allows you to bump you ad to the top of all the other ads every 24 hours to keep on letting new eyes see it! You can also feature your ad on the home page for only 1 dollar, and that is the only thing you will ever pay for and that is optional, not something you have to do, but i like to do it and I seem to sell my items much faster, is highly recommended by me and I think it is a place that you will enjoy and start talking your friends into using once you see how easy it is to use!