Speed Up Your Computer – Video #1

This is the first video of our video series on how to speed up your computer without you spending a cent! Enjoy and make sure to watch the other videos in the series on how to speed up your computer.


What we accomplished in this video is very simple, we went to the start menu, then we did a search for “RUN”  Once the RUN dialog box popped up on our screen, we then typed in %TEMP% and clicked OK. The computer then pulled up another box full of all our computers TEMP or temporary files that your computer makes automatically when you do something, i recommend that you complete this action at least once every couple of months. Once you have the box full of temp files open, you can highlight them all and then right click and then click delete – No worries, your computer will not allow you to delete any of the files in the TEMP folder if they are necessary for your computer to operate properly.
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