Speed Up Your Computer – Video #2

This is the second video in the “Speed up your computer” series, make sure you check out the other videos in the series!  Speed up your computer without spending a single cent!


As a good rule of thumb, you should always keep at least 15% of your hard drive space free to make sure your computer runs good as it should, sometimes you need to have more of your hard drive clean.

First way (beginner) Go to start, then navigate to your control panel. You then need to find “Programs” or “Programs and features”  Once you have arrived there then you want to find uninstall or remove programs.  You will then be taken to a list of all the programs your computer recognizes as programs, and from there you may start deleting things you no longer want or need. (NEVER remove or uninstall anything if do not 100% for sure  know what the program is you could end up deleting things that are important that your computer needs to function properly)

Second Way (Advanced Users) Go to your start menu, then find “Computer” or “My Computer” and then locate your hard drive, which is normally in most cases drive “C”  From there you can find
a folder called “program files” and that will show all the things you have installed on your computer, from there you can delete what you do not want or need any longer. Once again never delete anything if you are unsure of what it is.

Once you have completed the tasks and made sure your recycle bin is emptied
I recommend that you then restart your computer.

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