Speed Up Your Computer – Video #3

Ready to learn more easy tip to make your computer run faster!  Lets go! Enjoy! Check out the other 3 videos in this series also!


This video shows how you can disable multiple things that want to open, startup and run when you turn on your computer. Following this guide, will help your computer boot up much quicker.

Step 1: go to the start menu

Step 2:  Do a search for “RUN”

Step 3:  Once the run box pops up, you then want to type in “MSCONFIG”

Step 4:  Again, another box will pop up and you will need to click “selective startup”

Step 5:  Go to the tab that says “startup”

Step 6:  Uncheck all the things you DO NOT want to run when you turn on your computer, like most things computer related, if you DO NOT know what it is your unchecking, do not uncheck it, it could be something very important that your computer needs to run.

Step 7:  restart your computer to apply the changes!  Your computer should now boot up much quicker!

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