Swagbucks – Prizes and $$$$ – Tips & Tricks

you can use your computer, smart phone or tablet for this one, use their website on your computer or you can download the swagbucks app on your smart phone or tablet.


Swagbucks is the best one if you get bored really easily, they have many easy and fun ways to get points “swagbucks” and you can then get gift cards, money, or prizes by spending your swagbucks, its pretty simple. You can use their search engine, fill out surveys, and even play games against other people to win swagbucks, with swagbucks you will not make all that much money fast, but it is super easy and only requires a few minutes to day and then your done.


First off 1,000 swagbucks is equal to about 10 dollars. This site will by no means make you rich, and sometimes it takes a while to get alot of swagbucks worth you time, but once you are to the amount you need for the prize you want, it is awesome, get paid with paypal, amazon gift card, get free electronics and much more!

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the main way to earn swagbucks is by using their search, make their search engine your default search engine on your computer. The more you search the more chances you have of winning, you will randomly win random amounts of swagbucks just by your average search.

You can also fill out surverys, play games, and watch Swagbucks TV! You can watch fun videos and make up to 30 swagbucks per day just by watching videos that are actually entertaining! Every 10 videos you watch you will get a few swagbucks. If you have a smart phone you can download the swagbucks application as well as the app called SBTV “swagbucks tv” and the videos will play on their own and you can rack up points fast this way!

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2 things you want to make sure to do everyday on swagbucks is the NOSO “no obligation special offers” you will get 3 swagbucks just for looking at a bunch of ads, just click next multiple times and you will be awarded swagbucks. Also the MOST EASY THING you can do on the website, and you can do ONE each day is the DAILY POLL! There is a new question each day and you can choose your own answer, and no answer is wrong, no matter what you pick you will get 1 swagbuck! So search, play games, watch videos, do the NOSO and do the daily poll and you will be cashing out on cool prizes before you know it!



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