Time To Lose Weight part 2

Add, do not subtract!

So many people think that they just try to starve themselves and lose weight….


Well, that usually will not work, plus it is no fun, actually… It really sucks! You will always be hungry, your body will not be getting enough calories, protein, vitamins and other key nutrients you need to function and be a normal person. So am I saying eat as much as I can? Absolutely not. I am saying you need to change what you eat, not take away and eat less of what you already do eat. Instead of opening a bad of chips for a snack, try eating an apple and a slice of cheese?  That is exactly what you want to do, especially when you are starting out, there is NO NEED to waste your time and sit there and write down how many calories you are taking in, and how many you need to burn….that is just a waste of time and I do not know about you but I am here to lose weight, not waste anymore of my precious time!

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so all in all, do not try to eat less, that will not work, but you need to eat less of the junk food and high calorie stuff, and eat more stuff that is good for you like you know you should! Take care of your body!