Welk Resort…. There are better places to stay

For one thing, my folks remained here each time they went to Branson, which was two or three times each year. Since my mother passed away, we took my father back to Branson and this is the place he needed to remain. It had been a couple of years since he remained there, yet it will be the last. For one thing, my father’s room which should be nearer to the lift as he is an elderly man of honor utilizing a stick and still has poor portability. Rather, we were down at the very end of the corridor, most distant far from the lifts. Besides, his room noticed smelly. The possess a scent reminiscent of wet cover hit you when you strolled in the room. We informed staff regarding this, however nothing was finished. Third, his room couldn’t be temperature controlled. It was either super cold or

hot. Another issue that we conveyed to staff’s consideration. Scratch cards wouldn’t work constantly and we needed to have them reissued a couple of times. Our room was not exactly as terrible, in spite of the fact that the temperature control as likewise an issue in our room. The air turned on as the night progressed, however amid the day it was hot. Modifying the temperature didn’t have any effect whatsoever. This is our second time at Branson since my mother passed away. The first occasion when he needed to go to the Welk Resort and we couldn’t get in so when we could get a reservation here for our next stay we were upbeat to have the capacity to take my father to a place that had awesome recollections. Never again. Marriott Willow Ridge we will be back!

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