Curbers: These unlicensed dealers, get junk cars and then sell them from parking lots. They advertise through local newspapers and online ads. Curbers do not disclose the vehicle’s history to the buyer, often hiding a lien, accident damage or rolled back odometers. Sometimes, the car turns out to be stolen.

How to spot the scam: They have the same phone number listed for many cars and ask, “Which car?” when you call. Curbers will say that they are selling the vehicle for a friend and will come up with a sad story. They will also rush you into buying and will request that you meet them at a parking lot. Cash is typically requested as payment. They may also want you to lie on the transfer form. Be sure to see if the name or location on the vehicle documents match the curber’s ID. Remember, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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