Artfire has horrible asshole customer service. As someone who is a successful seller on Etsy, I wanted to branch out and try othe things. Two months ago I signed up sucks!! sucks!! Customer support is rude and talks to you like your an idiot. I refuse to pay 20 dollars a month for a shit service that takes my money.

Lowes moberly mo

One lady that typically works at register by the back door is so rude. Never paid attention to her name but she is probably around 50 years old. Never says

Classic buildings

Sent a message on time on the website trying to get a basic building quote. Want to set up meetings and stuff which I told them I am not ready

fake puppy scam

i run a website where people can sell dogs online, I found out they were using my website and were posting scams for fake dogs which I do not tolerate,

this place offers promtions for facebook etc, its been 4 days since i purchased, they do not answer any support emails, I even opened a case against them for my

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