Final fees for shipping (The Great EBAY Rip-Off)

I know that I don’t stand alone, feeling that I am being ripped off by ebay every time I sell an item. They charge me a final value fee for my shipping. I have spent the better part of the last year calculating my “LOST” revenue, because of this illegal charge by EBAY! They equal into the hundreds of dollars! And I am small potatoes compared to some sellers. There should be a law against charging a final value fee for shipping. Should we as honest sellers be subject to being ripped off by the company we have supported for so many years. EBAY, you should be ashamed of yourselves

for taking (STEALING) money that is and never will money you earned. I never complain about the final value fees. I just ad them into the cost of the item. But the shipping is something I have no control over. Not only does EBAY take free money, but they pass it on to their partners in crime, PAYPAL! OH yeah, Paypal charges a fee for the shipping price too! Check your account. 10 cents here, 50 cents there, they think we as sellers are stupid and will never figure it out. WRONG!!!!!!!! If any other members feel this way, please post here and let your voices be heard!!!!!!!!!!

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