I don’t get it

I’ve been here a few times and each time the place is packed, yet each time my food is less than good. I have been perplexed as to why the place is always full. Maybe I was ordering the wrong things. So, each time I’ve ordered different items from the menu. Again, each time there is some level of disappointment with each visit. This past visit was the blueberry pancakes. There were hardly any in them! I could accept if there weren’t as many blueberries in the pancakes as if I were

at home, but I was literally picking apart the pancakes to find the blueberries here. They do not know how to cook bacon – it’s burnt to a crisp every time, to the point of no flavor. I don’t like the food here. The service is okay. The staff is always friendly and the coffee is good. But I sure don’t understand why the place is full all the time. Take your chances, I suppose, but for me, I’d pass this one up.

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