Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean!

Lets start off by saying that there are many different suggestions as of how to keep your pool clean the SIMPLE way. Before getting a pool something i never thought about was adding all kinds of chemicals, always cleaning the pool with a net, constantly changing filters, doing tests to make sure all the chemicals were at the correct level and so on….. thinking about all that makes you not to want a pool after all that! If you do not keep a pool clean correctly, you will spend more time cleaning the pool than you will getting to swim in it….. But for this article I am going to assume that you already have some kind of pool.


The pool that I currently have is an above ground 22 foot wide Intex pool, and sure they are usually known as more of a crappy brand, but when you are on a budget, for what you get to work with all under 1,000 dollars for the pool, pump, cover, some floaties, chemicals so on about 1,000 dollars will cover that all…



If your pool looks like this ^^^^^its not to late, although to make it alot easier you are better off to empty out all of the water, and start over. Make sure before you fill it up again that you have scrubbed or power washed out all of the pool to make sure there is no left over algae that will have a good start on you to be able to attack fast right when you fill it back up.

To not make this to boring, we are going to make this very simple, and basic so without knowing about chemicals and levels and all that stuff, you can keep your pool pretty dang

download (1)clean for the summer without having a degree in science about algae! LOL





1. If you have a top to cover your pool, use it. One of the biggest things that will turn your pool green fast is having a bunch of leaves, grass, or anything else floating around in your download (2)pool, and a pool cover will help to keep all of that out. But do not worry, if you do not have a pool cover, I never use mine because I find it a pain to use and I have a deck built up over part of my above ground pool so it would make it basically impossible to get the top of that came with it anyway.

2. Lets assume now that you do not have a cover or that you find it a pain the the butt to download (3)put on, you MUST make sure to keep all the debris like leaves and grass clippings that have blew it and anything else out of your pool water, this is a must! Stuff that should not be in your pool like leaves will turn your pool water green in a matter of a couple of days!

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3. Most pool anymore and the above ground ones that you will now buy at walmart or almost anywhere are all going to salt water systems, which I like because it is much more natural feeling, does not stink and wont make your skin all dry when you get out of the pool. One of the main things is to make sure that you have enough salt in your pool, from my experience it is better to make more than not enough. We have a 10,500 gallon 22 foot above ground pool as I said and when we filled it up we put 6 big bags of pool salt in the pool as we were filling it up. We not add a bag every week or every 10 days (about 4 times per month)


4. Now something that I did not realize would help all that much but it does is to have a Tidalwave 2water fall, I bet your rolling your eyes thinking, how can I afford a water fall?  Well im not some rich guy either, but you can have a pretty dang good water fall for about 200 dollars, or you can spend less if you dont want a big of a one as i made.  What I did is i went to lowes and purchased the largest “pond pump” they have in stock.  Which it cost about $130 dollars, and thing pump I got is a BEAST! It throws out water like a fire hydrant! I LOVE IT. Then i bought a 4 inch wide pvc pipe that is about 4 foot long, and then i bought some timber posts and had some 2x4s laying around. I first built a frame that which i dug 2 holes and put the posts in the holes, then took a 2×4 and screwed it to both of the posts to help make it most sturdy, then i cut the 2×4 in more pieces to make it to where i could sit the PVC pipe on the 2×4 and the end of the pvc pipe would be tilting towards the pool, but about a foot in the air above the pool, and about a foot hanging over the edge of the pool. I attached the pvc pipe to the basic frame I made, put the hose that came with the pump in the end of the pvc pipe, and Wa Lah! You now have a homemade water fall!  It may not look fancy, but you can paint it, or make it look fancy if you really want, but the most important thing is to have it to where it works good. What this does is helps keep the water moving all the time, in my case the way i have mine it helps keep the pool water moving in a constant circle to keep chemicals stirred up, and it helps circle the water so that your poop pump can access all the water and clean it alot more of it.

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5. Plain and simple, Make sure you keep your pool pump running all the time! ALSO make sure that your filter in the pump is ALWAYS clean! Very simple so do it!

6. Last thing….. Everytime after it rains, or once a week, I will dump a bag of shock in the brandsonsale-store_2271_6788462pool! What shock does is it is basically a high amount of chlorine all at one time and it will kill any germs or growths starting to grow in your pool so that your pool pump can get all the dead algae then floating around and suck it all up and let your filter you just cleaned do the job!


Something that you do not have to do, but I think it was my best investment for my pool EVER! It cost me about 300 dollars and it is a gift from God! It is called an Aqua bot! 714KRoZYpGL._SX466_

I purchases my from

and it works like charm, once all the algae or anything you have killed from the shock drops to the bottom of the pool, this thing will suck everything off the bottom of the pool! It has a motor in it that makes it move around and go all around your pool and it will suck up every last bit of the crap on the bottom of your pool! When it is done you can take it out of the pool and empty out its cloth bag that is inside it and BAM, your done, pool floor and water has been filtered for you! Again you do not have to get this but I highly recommend something like this, I love it and it makes a world of a difference!

I really hope all of this helps you, after having my pool now on the third year it is july and our pool has been full for about 2 months now and it has not went green ONCE just because everything i have just told you is everything that I am doing myself so I know it all works great. As with almost everything, it is better to prevent a problem than to try to fix it after the problem has already happened! Help to prevent your pool turning green instead of trying to clean up a green mess once it is to late!

The first 2 years I had this pool I could not keep it clean for more than a day or two! Because I was not doing everything that I am doing now! If you have a pool you deserve to be able to swim in nice clean water and enjoy it!