Terrible service and dingy room

My friend and I came to Moberly to visit a family member of mine. I have Wyndham rewards and Super 8 is the only hotel in Moberly under their chain. We booked our hotel online thru the Wyndham site. When we got to the hotel the lady at the front desk immediately became rude telling us that our reservation was for only one adult and if we both wanted to stay we would have to pay an additional fee. My friend simply replied to the attendant that it was strange that she sees only one person when we have a room with 2 beds and not to mention we’ve stayed at higher brand hotels and have never had to pay an additional fee for 2 occupants. This is when things went downhill… The attendant gets loud and says well you can leave and go stay somewhere else I will cancel your stay but I will charge you for tonight PLUS the additional fee for an extra guest! We were shocked at this woman’s outburst, we were confused at her sudden rage. I asked the woman what was the reason for her strange behavior and she replied that my friend was rude and she didn’t want to deal with her. I told the attendant we were simply trying to understand why we are being charged an additional fee for 2 occupants and her reply was that there are drug

dealers that come in her hotel and it policy for her to charge per person. My friend and I were floored being that we are 2 very small short women over 30 who clearly do not look like drug dealers! We decided to step to the side to call Wyndham hotel to try to get our money refunded being that she had already charged the credit card for one night… Durning our call a dirty, thin, scruffy guy that clearly looked like he was on meth walks in and ask for a room for one night, she asked how many beds, he replied one is fine we won’t be her long. She then asked him how many guest will be in the room and he replies THREE! She hands him over the keys without any issues and he walks away. By the time we finished our call with Wyndham we in fact had to pay for at least one night being that they needed 24 hours to cancel. After driving over 10 hours to get to Moberly we decided we had no more fight in us. We get to our room and it was dark, dusty and the carpet was gross. The beds were comfortable but the pillows were as flat as a pancake. The shower looked dirty…. I’ve never seen a hotel use shower mats before. We will be checking out in the morning and staying somewhere else.

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