wont go back

We have eaten at Rick’s many times over the years, however after Sunday Jun 15, was the last straw. Arrived at 6:00pm, and they said it would be about a 30 minute wait. I’m ok with that as it was Fathers Day, and this is a steak place. At 6:45 they tried to seat us in the bar, however we have a 2 year old and the tall table and stools seemed hazardous. By 7:00, they finally offered the patio, so we took it. Long story short, most of us got our food

by 8:00pm, 2 hour wait, however my husband–the fathers day recipient- finally got his food about 8:20, after we had all finished. You can’t expect people to come back with that kind of service. The waitress was very apologetic, and advised us that the manager and assistant manager were not there and refused to come in on their day off. The hostess, apparently buckled under pressure, and did not have the people skills to accommodate waiting patrons. There are not that many choices to eat in Moberly, and for us there is one less……

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