Mike Gomms – Facebook Scammer For Cannabis Seeds

Mike Gomms – Facebook Scammer For Cannabis Seeds

Mike Gomms is a scammer! The Dangers of Online Scams in the Cannabis Seed Market

In the age of the internet, buying products online has become commonplace, offering convenience and access to a variety of goods. However, this ease of access has also paved the way for scammers to exploit unsuspecting consumers. A troubling example of this is the recent scam involving medical cannabis seeds, which highlights the risks many face when engaging in online transactions for health-related products.

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Mike Gomms – Facebook Scammer For Cannabis Seeds

Mike Gomms: A Case Study of an Online Scammer

Mike Gomms is an individual who has recently been identified as a scammer in the medical cannabis community. His method involves using a fake Facebook profile to establish trust with potential buyers before taking their money and disappearing. In one reported case, a buyer was scammed out of $40 worth of Solana, a popular cryptocurrency, with promises of receiving medical cannabis seeds. After the transaction, all communications ceased, and the buyer was blocked, leaving them without recourse.

Mike Gomms – Facebook Scammer For Cannabis Seeds

The Facebook profile used by Mike Gomms appears legitimate at first glance, which is a common tactic employed by online scammers. They often use social media platforms to reach a broader audience and create a semblance of credibility. Unfortunately, once the transaction is completed, the scammer blocks the victim and removes any avenue for them to claim their money back or receive the promised goods.

Mike Gomms – Facebook Scammer For Cannabis Seeds

The Larger Problem and Community Reactions

This incident with Mike Gomms is not an isolated one. Numerous other individuals have come forward with similar stories, all pointing to a pattern of deceitful behavior. The cannabis community, especially those seeking medical cannabis for legitimate health reasons, has been vocal in trying to warn others about these fraudulent activities.

Victims and community members have shared screenshots and personal accounts in various forums and social media platforms to raise awareness. These efforts are crucial in helping others avoid falling prey to similar scams. The sharing of such experiences and the collective vigilance can serve as a powerful deterrent against potential scammers.

Protecting Yourself from Online Scams

When dealing with online transactions, especially for something as sensitive as medical cannabis, it is vital to take precautions:

  • Verify the Seller: Always research the seller’s background and look for reviews or testimonials from other buyers.
  • Use Secure Payment Methods: Opt for payment methods that offer buyer protection. Cryptocurrencies, while popular, do not typically provide recourse once a transaction is completed.
  • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of common scams within the community. Awareness can be your best defense.
Mike Gomms – Facebook Scammer For Cannabis Seeds

What to Do If You’re Scammed

If you find yourself a victim of an online scam, take immediate action:

  • Report the Scammer: Notify the platform used for the transaction. In the case of Facebook, report the profile.
  • Inform Your Payment Provider: If possible, contact your bank or payment service to inquire about any form of fraud protection that may apply.
  • Spread the Word: Share your experience with the community to prevent others from becoming victims.

While online platforms provide a valuable service, they also offer a fertile ground for scammers. Being cautious and informed can help minimize the risks and ensure that your online shopping experience, especially for critical items like medical cannabis, is safe and secure. For more information on how to handle and report online scams, visit the Facebook Safety Center.

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