2017-2018 and beyond – Bitcoin Predictions

Whats up? I thought I would make a post about my end of the year bitcoin predictions since recently bitcoin has skyrocketed to over $9,000 dollars per coin! Right now as I am typing this the current bitcoin price as of 11/26/2017 right now is $9,730 dollars. If you watch my youtube channel (NOXAD) You will see I am now in the bitcoin game for long-term – and by long-term, I mean many years or even the next 10 years!


Bitcoin has gone up a few thousand dollars in just the past couple months, and right now it keeps going up and up and I am doing everything I can to get more bitcoin every chance I can get, because I know it will keep going up and be worth a million dollars per coin sometime in the future, and that should be no surprise to many of you. At one point and time, about 2 years ago when I first heard about Bitcoin, I had a few bitcoin that was paid to me for some work I did on a website, and at the time bitcoin was worth about $300 to $400 each. For me at the time, it was just another way to get paid like Paypal or anything else, so I sold the bitcoin and got the cash in my bank. About 6 months later I started hearing more and more about bitcoin so thought I would look into it, It was around $1,000 dollars and I was like WOW – In less than a year it went from $400 or so dollars to over $1,000 dollars per coin, that is some good gains, and that was earlier this year of 2017.
2017-2018 and beyond –  Bitcoin Predictions

I am happy I got back into bitcoin and have been buying 5 and 10 dollars worth since this January when I could afford it – since then I have had to sell a lot to pay bills when I needed cash, so as of right now I have only about 0.01 bitcoins, but still that is not terrible – when bitcoin hits a million each that would give me about 100,000 dollars for my 10% of a bitcoin that I own. I am hoping somehow I can catch up and manage to get a full coin within the next year, but if not at least a half a coin because now that bitcoin has gone up so far over 8,000 dollars THIS YEAR alone, if the trend continues, anyone with bitcoin in the future will be SUPER happy that they kept it. (if you want to buy bitcoin, its easy sign up for an account on coinbase.com and start buying coins when your ready, the sooner the better)

For a few months I was buying BTC when it was low and selling when it went back up, but lately, it just continues to fly high so I stopped trading and I am just holding the bitcoin now because the growth is massive! I also have a very low amount of ether and litecoin just in case they go big in the future I have some I got very cheap.

Anyway, enough of that, let me give you my short term and long term bitcoin predictions… here we go….


Bitcoin will easily reach 10,000 dollars but a maximum of 12,000 dollars by the end of this year (2017)

It will go on to hit around 15k to 17k in March around my birthday March 27th.
2017-2018 and beyond –  Bitcoin Predictions

I see BTC hitting $25k by the end of 2018

I see BTC hitting $50k by the end of 2019

By 2023 I see BTC hitting 400k to 500k

Finally which is long ways away, about 10 years, but I see Bitcoin being able to soar to over a million dollars per coin around 2027.

I wish you all lots of luck in bitcoin and hopefully, my predictions come true! Good luck! 

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