5 Ways to Enjoy Virtual Reality

Technology is probably one of the best creations beings Have made. Not only is a technology capable of connecting people but also gives us exposure to sounds, sights, and feelings that we have not experienced in our lifetimes.5 Ways to Enjoy Virtual Reality

With Virtual Reality, technology now Allows us to experience an in an imaginary setting environment near life. As per Wikipedia, Virtual reality (VR) typically describes computer technologies which use virtual reality headsets to create the realistic pictures, sounds and other senses that replicate a true environment or make an imaginary setting.

Though VR is still New to the general public, there is a lot of ways to enjoy VR. Here are some of the virtual environments and activities that you can encounter:

1. Flying

Ever dreamed of flying? Well, Here’s your opportunity. Using VR glasses, you’ll be able to fly. VR glasses presents to individuals a picture or video which helps wearers build enthusiasm and the momentum for the whole experience. Apart from that, if you would like to experience flying, you may try out this new invention made by the investigators of Zurich University’s Interaction Design Program called Birdly. Birdly is a Virtual Reality console that allows a man to lie on a full, cross-shaped device and gives people the sensation of flying across state sides or over buildings.

2. Swimming

In other Cases, a VR headset will allow you to experience swimming. But it’s more than that. Additionally, it will allow you to feel what it’s like to be swimming in oceans with heaps of sharks, fish, and whales swimming around you. You will certainly feel because you’ll be able to see and hear the beauty and sounds of those sea creatures like being underwater.

3. Roller Coaster

If you in the home sitting on your couch and have got nothing to do, why do not ride a roller coaster? Yes, it is just that easy once you have your VR headset! Start feeling the gravity twists and turns down. There are VR headsets that have built-in games where you can experience an extreme roller coaster ride. There’s also a simulator called “No Limits 2” that will enable you to experience roller coasters on a whole new level.


4. Skydiving

Skydiving Is an extreme sport some people can only dream about doing since it is expensive. If you’re searching for a cheaper (and also much safer) way to experience skydiving, then VR is the way. Fly up to high altitudes with “Volo Airport,” a physics simulator that allows people hang on to their life and experience skydiving.

5. Flight Zombies

If You are the type of person who’s fascinated by the thought of a zombie Apocalypse VR is the way.So, if you wish to experience what it’s like to be in a scene of “The Walking Dead,” download “Zombie Shooter.” It’s free on Apple and allows players to Shoot and kill zombies that are pursuing them through the VR headset.

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