capital one

I was approved for a capitol one credit card of 300 dollars they told me on the phone they would send me a package in the mail showing me what I had to do i received the package with in 4 days in it photo id proof of address any bill and take the letter with me to the post office before I did that I called capitol one and asked them if I could use my photo health card as that’s all I had they said yes of course they didn’t say they only except health cards from Quebec so on December 18 I went to my post office which I have family who work there who no me showed them everything signed my paper and went home on the 28 of december still no card so I called they tell

me it was sent out it would be late because of the holidays call back January 7 if you still haven’t received it so I did same story it’s in the mail today January 11 no card still I call them tonight they tell me I can’t use my health card I was falsely mislead and lied to and it’s not fair nore right it wasn’t my fault it’s your company’s fault my health card and myself are the same person I had family to verify who I am I should be untitled to my card and I feel because of misleading information and being told various of stories about my card I feel my credit limit should be used a bit I don’t think any company should run like this it’s wrong and unjust

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