Jason Edvall – WILL NOT PAY

Jason & I talked on the phone for about 20 minutes about a month and a half ago. I built furniture for a side living here at my farm. He ordered about $600 dollars worth of furniture that I was building for him for $415 dollars DELIVERED. I went out and bought the wood, spent a week straight building it all, and even hired help to get these projects done faster because he wanted to buy them for his wife for a surprise so I was not only giving him a good deal, bought all the materials and wood out of pocket which was around $200 dollars, plus I was going to deliver about an hour away from me to him. He knew exactly how this was all being built and even the boards I was going to use to build it all. Once I got it all done, Jason would not answer me back via facebook messages after keeping in contact with him for well over a weeks time. About a week after he would not answer me, I throught I would message him and ask him what happened, turns out by then he had blocked me on facebook! What a joke! I went above and beyond for him, HE is now the reason I require a 50% deposit before I sell or build anything in the future. Just goes to show even when you do everything to help someone, they will still screw you over. He currently lives in Jefferson City Missouri but moved here recently from Minnesota, not sure how yall roll in MN but here in Missouri, we do not play people that way.

I am attaching screenshots of a message from facebook where I talked to him to prove what he has done. I do not recommend anyone doing business with him. You have been warned.

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