Case 85xt 90xt 95xt Service Manual

after spending many hours and spending over 50 dollars, and getting scammed a few times on charges to find this manual, I finally have the correct manual! Case wants to charge you 500 dollars to buy this manual, that is a bunch of crap! Guess what…. Here is the PDF of the manual FOR FREE!


please in return like our page on facebook “NOXAD” and you can donate money to us for all our time to get you this file for free our PayPal email is     we just saved you from getting scammed like we did from websites that say they have it but will charge you and they do not really have the file! Also, from Case trying to charge you 500 dollars for it! Here is the file for free! thanks for the support

DOWNLOAD THE SERVICE MANUAL HERE! click link —>  Case 85XT, 90XT, 95XT

Case 85xt 90xt 95xt Service Manual

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