I will try to make this review short and sweet, but if you do not feel like reading much, simply stay away from the Code Fibo trading software! IT IS A SCAM!

However I will say the manual signals that code fibo can give somehow seem to win around 70% but that is not the problem, the problem is before you can use it they make you deposit with a broker, in which case I had to deposit $350 dollars and it signed me up with the broker automatically I did not have a choice, I simply was going to sign up to try out this ” free ” robot but turns out you have to deposit $350.00 dollars with a broker they choose for you, so after reading tons of great review I said what the heck and did it anyway because I felt this was legit and I was going to be very safe, something kept me up last night when I kept thinking about it because I had the robot on and it had been over 8 hours and it still had not placed any automatic trades for me, so this was a red light for me, I started doing more research and found out that all the places and people saying that code fibo is good are just actors, or being paid to do so, also the “professor Mathew Lewis” that is a university professor as he says in his videos, cannot be found anywhere at all as if he does not exist, I’m afraid to say that he is a hired actor.

You will see many “winners” on the screen that show the recent winners, however when you pay close attention you will see its the same few people over and over that are winning…. the funny part it that it was showing people winning in the past few minutes, the funny part is that the robot does not trade at night when all these people were doing these wins, or should I say the say 8 people “winning over and over” are for sure fake stats!

Now the broker they make you sign up with is the one of their choice and they make your deposit between $250.00 and $350.00 dollars depending on the broker…. after actually doing research about the broker they gave me called “glenridge capital” you can google them yourself, there is TONS of people that have yet to be paid from this broker!

You can see in the image below that after 24 hours, my balance is still the same, and the robot never took any trades, with the auto trade button on or off, it does not work – it may work for some people but they still will never get their withdraws so it does not matter!

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