I am going to be doing a review on trade thunder which is a binary trading website. My friend and I started here in the start of august doing our first REAL money trading online.

Over all I must say I am pretty disappointed, the UI (user interface) for trading on trade thunder is awesome – but there are quite a few things I very much dislike about this online trading website.

Now that I have talked about pretty much the main and only thing I could find that I actually liked about trade thunder, I am not usually a negative person but time to talk about why I do not recommend trade thunder to anyone.

First of all, I do admit that most of my problems have part to do with I live in the USA and trade thunder is located outside of the USA, but if they want to be a large online trading company that accepts other countries such as mine they need to be able to handle the customers when they have issues.

Problem #1 Their support overall is terrible, if you are lucky enough to be online at the perfect time of day, you can catch a rep on the live chat on the website that only knows basic knowledge about how to use the website, every question you ask they will give you a copy and pasted message or a link to something, they also are no help when it comes to being able to help you with your account.
Problem #2 Phone support is worse than the chat support, why? Over the last 14 days I have called during different times of the day every single day to get help, and not ONCE has anyone ever answered the phone, after 30 seconds it says sorry no one is here to answer your call.
Problem #3 email support does work, but is slower than me mailing a letter to someone, and when I say that I mean SLOW it takes days for them to respond and they are not much help either, my first email i sent them about a basic question was now 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive any answer on that email. So you ask how their support is? DON’T BOTHER! Your on your own man!
Problem #4 The trading user interface is very glitchy, since me and my friend had a limited amount of money to put in, we are only doing trade from around 10 to 20 dollars on average – on one trade my friend felt very confident on and was going to trade for $45 dollars and it happened to be on a 60 second trade, the system then locked in a trade for $450 dollars not $45 dollars! That trade ended up being a lost trade which hurt really bad, obviously there is risk, but then it happened 2 more times that same day with other amounts, we then decided we are 100% done with trade thunder after support would not assist us in anyway, although they promise when you sign up that you get a “risk free” trade, what a joke! Support does not even answer, let alone they will never assist on that problem to get money back from that one big, lost, bad, glitchy trade!
Problem #5 You need to upload documents on most trading sites so they can verify who you are, which is fine! BUT they are to email you when the documents you uploaded are received and approved, never did get any email telling me they were approved, so finally I just said what the heck and tried for a withdraw for my full balance left which was $350 dollars, i got an email 3 days later saying my withdraw had been processed, what a surprise since no one told me my docs were approved since you need to have that done before you can withdraw… oh well I was so happy to know i was finally going to get out of this hell hole of a trading site, which by the way – I use wordpress and have nothing against it, but this is to be a professional trading site and sometimes you will get logged out of the site and shows you a wordpress log in screen! Not very secure or professional to see that! But so far as the withdraw, this leads to me to issue number 6 ……
Problem #6 Once i was excited to know my withdraw was coming then to find out, im not allowed to have that money sent to my bank, my first withdraw I do must be sent back to my credit card, so much for being able to use a credit card as a small loan and do some profit and then get money in the bank to pay bills! That great feeling I had went bye bye quickly!

Problem #7 The fees are to high for withdraws and they only send out withdraws to banks on Monday, which did not matter to me because they would not even let me withdraw to my bank but sent my money back to my dang credit card… But this gets worse, oh yes it gets worse and im still fired up over this! I finally get my withdraw to my card, at this point I am so excited just to get my withdraw, keep in mind I wanted to withdraw my full balance of $350.00 dollars to move on to another site! Nope, the withdraw they sent me was $300.00 dollars and they left $50.00 in my balance, and without even asking they sent me an email saying they are having tech issues and they will send the last $50.00 dollars to me as soon as they can, I call bull crap on that one.
This is overall a trading site I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER recommend to ANY LIVING BEING ON PLANET EARTH! Unless your already rich and do not care if you lose money with their glitchy system or you never get paid or where on earth they ever send you money to!

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