Cosmo’s Restaurant & Bar – orange beach alabama

Disappointed & Confused!

We have had great experiences in the past. This is one of favorite places in Orange Beach, AL. However , our recent visit on July 25 left us disappointed & confused. We were told we had a wait time of 11/2 hrs. After waiting a little of 2 hrs, we noticed the table we were to be seated at had been empty for several minutes. We ended up having to alert them that our table was available. Once we got seated at our table it took 11/2 hrs to get our food. We maybe saw our waitress 1 time during that time that made our wait seem even longer since we were not being checked on nor receiving updates. When we did get our food it was not what we were used to and very unsatisfactory. Maybe because it was a total of 31/2 hrs from first arriving until getting food. The seafood bisque seemed to be the Alfredo sauce put in a bowl with chunks of seafood in it. Super rich & not like soup at all. The food overall was average at best, not at all what we expect from Cosmos. I think a good waitress experience and food would have gone a long way for extended wait. No apologies either!

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