Culver’s. Jefferson street. Jefferson City Mo. Sucks!

Sad how we was treated today in the drive thru. We had a new goat we picked up in south missouri and always love Culver’s and wanted to go through the drive through on way home to get home before dark, our goat was making noise, duh goats make noise. The rude lady at the drive through when trying to order told me to stop making stupid noises and order or leave. So we did just that and left and went elsewhere! How sad! You’re so proud of your Midwest beef you advertise, is this how you treat farmers? I will never return and I will make sure this is well known about. I’m figured by your employees behavior and in unprofessionalism. Have always been a big Culver’s supporter and I never leave bad reviews, however the way we was treated in the drive thru today was enough to turn me and much family away.

My mom was with us as well she ended up calling and speaking some some manager who was very unprofessional and said nothing will be done. We can call corporate and make a big fuss but nothing will happen but if we want to come in he will give us a hug we need to suck it up. Buddy, you will reap what you sow. If you want to be smart mouth then enjoy yourself!

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