A Disappointing Cockroach Experience at Red Roof Inn, Branson MO

Warning: roaches and bad customer service. During a recent visit to Branson, Missouri, my encounter with Red Roof Inn on November 15th, 2023, was far from the welcoming and comfortable stay I had anticipated. This experience serves as a cautionary tale for travelers considering this establishment.

A Disappointing Cockroach Experience at Red Roof Inn, Branson MO
Cockroach we found right upon walking into room

Lackluster Welcome at Check-In

Upon arriving late at the Red Roof Inn in Branson, the first sign of a less-than-ideal stay was the reception at the front desk. The employee’s lack of a warm greeting or personable interaction set a disappointing tone for our visit.

Unsettling Discovery in the Room

The real concern arose moments after entering our room. A family member immediately spotted a cockroach scurrying across the table. Further inspection confirmed our fears – it was indeed a cockroach, and as is often the case, where there’s one, there are usually more.

A Disappointing Cockroach Experience at Red Roof Inn, Branson MO

Inadequate Response from Staff

Equipped with photographic evidence of the roach, we reached out to the front desk via the room phone and then in person. The staff’s reaction was underwhelming. They denied any previous issues with roaches, showed no interest in the photographic evidence, and, most notably, offered no apology for the inconvenience.

Lack of Professionalism and Concern

The front desk’s response was not only unapologetic but also dismissive. They advised us to contact Hotels.com for a refund and seemed indifferent to our decision to cut short our planned 4-night stay. The lack of surprise or concern from the staff, particularly the front desk owner, was strikingly unprofessional.

A Disappointing Cockroach Experience at Red Roof Inn, Branson MO
Cockroach on the metal bracket

The Struggle for Alternative Accommodation

Our decision to leave the Red Roof Inn led to a late-night scramble to find alternative accommodation in Branson. The challenge of securing a room at midnight was daunting, but fortunately, we managed to find another hotel willing to accommodate us.

A Caution for Branson Travelers

The experience at Red Roof Inn in Branson was a massive letdown, marked by poor customer service, a concerning lack of cleanliness, and an overall unprofessional approach. This incident serves as a warning to travelers visiting Branson: be cautious when considering a stay at this establishment. The indifference to guest comfort and satisfaction was evident, making it a place to potentially avoid in your travel plans.

The Importance of Customer Service in Hospitality

The encounter at Red Roof Inn Branson highlighted a crucial aspect of the hospitality industry: the significance of customer service. The initial interaction with the front desk is often the first impression guests have of a hotel, and in our case, this was unfortunately negative. The lack of a friendly greeting and personable demeanor from the staff was a missed opportunity to make guests feel welcomed and valued.

Dealing with Unforeseen Issues

Encountering a pest like a cockroach in a hotel room is undeniably distressing for any guest. How the hotel staff handles such situations can significantly impact the overall experience. In our situation, the staff’s denial of the problem and their apparent indifference to resolving it only exacerbated our discomfort. A proactive approach, including an immediate inspection and offer to change rooms, could have made a significant difference.

The Response to Customer Complaints

The most striking aspect of this experience was the staff’s response to our complaint. The absence of an apology or any semblance of concern was not just disappointing but also unprofessional. In the hospitality industry, acknowledging and addressing guest concerns is paramount. The staff’s approach in this instance was contrary to these basic tenets of customer service.

The Impact on Our Stay in Branson

This experience at Red Roof Inn significantly impacted our stay in Branson. The inconvenience of searching for another hotel late at night was an unwelcome addition to our travel itinerary. It underscored the importance of reliable accommodation and responsive customer service, especially in a tourist-centric city like Branson.

A Word of Caution to Fellow Travelers

Based on our experience, I advise fellow travelers to Branson to be cautious when considering a stay at the Red Roof Inn. While every guest’s experience may vary, our encounter raises concerns about the establishment’s commitment to cleanliness and guest satisfaction. It’s always advisable to read recent reviews and perhaps have backup accommodation options, especially during peak travel seasons.

The Need for Better Standards

In conclusion, our experience at Red Roof Inn Branson was a stark reminder of the essential role that customer service and cleanliness play in the hospitality industry. For travelers to Branson, or any destination, such experiences emphasize the need to choose accommodations that prioritize guest satisfaction and maintain high standards of service and cleanliness. As for Red Roof Inn, one hopes that our feedback serves as a catalyst for improvement, ensuring future guests do not encounter similar disappointments.

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