ebay – fees fees and more fees!

I put up an auction for my bass guitar for $1049. It sold. Ebay charged me over $94 in final value fees – Paypal charged me $31+ – shipping cost was $61 UPS ground – add it all up and it cost me over 17% to sell my item. I’m done with Ebay. What a ripoff! I tried calling Ebay to discuss if

these fees were legit – forget about it! You CANNOT get a real person on the phone and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to send an email to anyone at Ebay. They have truly mastered the art of sucking your money from your wallet without any possibility of accountability! I HATE EBAY & PAYPAL! It used to be a fun economical place to do business. Now it’s nothing more than a dirty con rat hole! I AM DONE WITH EBAY!

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