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The place was very dirty. There were finger prints all over the bathroom doors. The high hairs were covered in old grease and sticky food and the strap was broken so I had to tie it in a knot to try to keep my child safe. We ordered and the waitress was friendly but the food was very processed. We got a good salad, and then my food came with a cheddar biscuit and gravy on the mashed potatoes and the chicken. Both were straight out of a packet. It’s not hard (or expensive) to make real gravy of any type. The biscuit was dried out and chewy – definitely day old! My friend complained about the biscuits and the waitress replaced hers with a doughy regular biscuit that just tasted like flour, and was covered with neon yellow ‘butter’? She didn’t offer to replace my dried out biscuit. We finished

our meal and left because the place was filthy and we didn’t want the baby to continue touching the high chair and table. To the owners: I’m sorry to be so harsh, but sometimes it’s hard to give an honest review to a persons face. A few changes and this place could be ‘The place to be!’ Please deep clean the restaurant with real cleansers. ‘Degreaser’ doesn’t work. The table was wiped down as we arrived and didn’t cut through any of the sticky food and grease. Simple green is a great cleaner! Murphy’s oil soap and some elbow grease will do good for the wood surfaces too. The pond out front is a very gross brown color. Please clean it. The atmosphere could be fun but it’s just not appealing and makes me worry about the cleanliness of your kitchen!

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