Good techniques to use keywords to rank your pages high

Good techniques to use keywords to rank your pages high 


After building your site and writing great content, you are now looking for ways that you can use keywords to make your blog rank in Google and other sites in the web. This means that you will have to optimize your blog to fit in the first pages of ranking. Google shows that when you use keywords in a certain way, your pages will get read by many people.

The initial step is choosing a keyword that has volume but not too much volume. This means that you avoid keywords that have a relative low search, you can opt for a term that is more popular and will get you in the first pages.



Keywords that are too popular are sometimes the cause of downward of most blogs or websites. Since they are popularly used does not make them automatic choice. In some cases the keyword may not be matching with your business, keep away from it.

If you have relevant keywords that are relevant to your business; you are more likely to rank in the first pages when people search the web. You should know that a keyword is only relevant and effective when it is driving traffic to your site.

Once you have settled on a certain keyword, it is good to do a background check how the keyword will work and how it can bring returns to your website. The research will also help you know the competition online and some on the strategies that you can use to rank high.

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The intent of the keyword is also very vital in getting your content rank in the first pages. You have to careful craft your keyword to the intent of the person that is searching the web. This will help your readers identify your pages with ease.

Finally all the keyword that you have used have to be optimized before you hit the publish button. Lastly avoid using a lot of image or flash content. This content is not visible to search engines. Images are great to use in your content but, you can get your content to rank high by having words to explain the images.



You also have to make sure that your website or blog is fast. This is another consideration that Google looks when ranking your pages.Duplicating and not using an URL will not make you rank first; make sure that you have an URL and make your keyword appear in your web description.